The Great Khan's Journal


Day 41:

Feeling pressure daily to do something that makes my life forward, even if it’s just as simple as editing my resume. The voice telling me you gotta do more with your time is getting stronger. With Khan I feel like absolute shit if I don’t spend time upgrading myself. Still, even though the drive is there, sometimes the action is not. I’m really trying my best to get more done, but I notice I miss a lot of opportunities. I’m hopeful this’ll improve in the coming weeks as ST2 settles in.


Yes, the subliminal can only do so much. You’ll find that once you start taking the slightest action, things will take off and begin to steam roll. It’s happening right now on my “The Ecstasy of Khan” stack. Things have been so busy that I haven’t had time to write an update. It all began with me buying a car…


Day 42:

Trying my best to always be taking small steps to move me in the right direction. Applying to new jobs, hitting the gym, and networking. Some days I get a lot done, others not so much. But even if I feel overwhelmed on my down days it’s getting easier to do at least one productive thing each day. When I was doing ST1, I noticed all the things that were wrong and now with ST2 taking action is getting easier. I’m looking forward to the snowball effect @SaintSovereign described.


Day 43 + 44:

I’ve noticed my baseline getting higher. Even on days were I’m not feeling my best, I’m still making an effort to improve my skills, mind, body, etc. I’m more aware of the decisions I’ve made that led me to where I am today and what I can do to make it better.

Feeling much less overwhelmed now than when I started Khan. That’s helped a lot with my procrastination. I have a problem not working on the big stuff that feels too daunting, but now I’m more able to force myself to grind it out and even enjoy the process. Most of the stuff I used to do to escape from dealing with my problems feels boring to me now.


Day 45 + 46:

I feel more and more driven to do difficult things. It’s incredible feeling enjoyment rather than pain in working through struggle. I’m able to tackle a bunch of stuff I’ve been putting off for so long. For me motivation has always been something that fades pretty quickly. Now I’m driven by the pleasure I get from conquering new projects. Khan really is living up to its name. I feel empowered to overcome all my problems rather than overwhelmed. I expect major changes to come in my life the coming months.


Past week:

Just got home from traveling with my family. There wasn’t a lot of time to listen to Khan during the day, but I kept up with ST2 as I slept.

Some things I noticed on my vacation. Much easier to be outgoing and social. I felt relaxed and confident the entire trip. Catching up with my family was great, but even talking with family friends I’ve never seen in my life was a breeze. I pushed myself to try as many new things as possible on our trip and I’m feeling great writing this now looking back at how I embraced uncomfortable shit that would’ve made me run before.

My mental state now is feeling strong right now. I’m considering going onto ST3 since I feel more action is really what’s needed for me to snowball into way bigger wins in my life. I feel really good about my baseline state right now, so I think it’s the right time. I’ll decide today or tomorrow while I catch up on everything that’s happened here.


It’s amazing. Me and some others also felt it was time to move to ST3 and we moved into it before finishing 30 days.

And ST3 is… wow


Wow, after reading through your experience with ST3 I’m feel pretty optimistic about where Khan’s taking me. Will start ST3 once I get home.



Day 1:
Whoa, you guys weren’t kidding about ST3. This one works FAST. It’s been less than 24 hours of listening and I can already notice changes happening. It’s a completely different feel from ST1 and ST2. ST1 was also fast, but it was a struggle with all the negative shit it brought out. ST2 was subtle for me, gradually changing the way I approach things.

ST3 is already helping me get over my procrastination. Starting things feels so much easier now. The best way I can describe it is that it’s smoothing out the path to getting what I want. Mentally I feel a calm, confidence going forward. The best sensation for me is that my mind isn’t stressed out about taking action anymore. I don’t feel overwhelmed, I don’t feel like things are difficult, all I feel is an assurance that I should keep on doing things that improve my life. Things are looking very good so far with ST3.

Comments/Results make no sense and not believable

My experience agrees with yours in everything you said about ST1, ST2, and ST3 @laughingprince

And that is how I feel right now.

I am almost 1 week into ST3, and it stayed consistently as good as the first 24hs. I didn’t get dips of energy or any days where I felt negativity.

It was all positive and action oriented.

Remember that ST3 is Khan Iron Throne. So it’s streamlined and pushed for action!

Enjoy it!

Oh, ST3 also has manifestation scripts in it. So notice if you see new opportunities when you take action, whether for money, women, success, or any other goals.

It’s interesting how it works.


Day 2:

I woke up today with the realization that I’m wasting so much time escaping my problems. I’ve known for a long time that watching TV shows, playing video games, looking at porn, etc. are big wastes of time. I’ve been trying for a while to cut down on the stuff that doesn’t help me improve myself.

But today was completely different. I had more than just the realization that I needed to change. I was actually able to take more action to cutting out escapism (this includes all the stuff I mentioned above plus my bad habit of mindlessly daydreaming) than I have in the past couple of months. It feels bad at first, because without all the free dopamine I can get online, I felt my life was really boring. I decided to go out and jog to the nearest mall, buy some new clothes, and talk to some girls. Damn, ST3 is making changes faster than I can believe.


Jesus, all of you guys getting to ST3 really make me want to get on Khan!! but I have about 3 and half months of EoG before that happens.


Patience my friend , one goal at a time !
Rome wasn’t built in a day !!!


@AMASH So am i correct in saying that both stage 1 and atage 3 of khan have iron throne ?


Khan ST3 and EoG ST3 are Iron Throne.
ST1 is focused on real deep healing. ST2 is focused on changing your beliefs on a deep level. ST3 is about giving you energy and drive to take massive action.


AMASH thanks for the clarification. Correct me if i am wrong I remember you writing in your journal that you believed that stage 1 had the iron throne script.


@AMASH the reason why I ask is that its only been a few days of khan for me on stage 1 and its pushing me to go and approach women in the most difficult situations. The confidence itself is unreal so there is more then just healing in this script. It must have the primal and emperor at its core or perhaps iron throne. My IDAF attitude is different from emperor like its the real me not an “emperor” if you get my drift.


Yes. Because I was using Primal Seduction Iron Throne before Khan ST1, I noticed that I was pushed to take action for the first 10 days. Then, the “breaking down” became very obvious, and I started to have alternating social days and anti-social days.

ST2 pushed me to action more. I’d say equal to PS Iron Throne.

ST3 pushes me to action more than PS Iron Throne, because it is in all areas of life, not just seduction. And I recover emotionally much better on ST3 from talking to a lot of people compared to what is normal for me, as an introvert.


Day 3:

There’s always been emotional ups and downs for me, but what I’ve noticed so far with ST3 is that I continue to take action even when I’m feeling like complete shit. On days where I feel like just staying at home and doing nothing, I still end up going out and making new connections. ST3 is doing some work on a deeper level. Even when I don’t feel confident, I can still act like it. Right now I’m not feeling the strong confidence others have described, but I did start ST3 on a low point. Either way, I’m impressed by how much ST3 is driving me even when I’m not at my best.


Days 4 and 5:

An interesting mental change I’ve noticed. I spend a lot less time spaced out. It’s like I don’t have time for daydreaming anymore. I’m a lot more aware and find it easier to live in the moment. I’ve making excuses. We all have bad days and I used to just accept not getting anything done whenever one of those hit me. Back in the ST1 days when I was in a slump, I’d just stay at home wasting time and wait for things to clear up. With ST3, feeling terrible doesn’t stop me. The drive is there and it’s getting stronger.