The Highway to Paradise City - Ultimate Artist and RegenerationQ


@PurpleRT73 have you checked out the new module releases? Rethinking your custom? :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed I’ve checked them out yesterday.

Not at all. The modules are awesome but I’m sticking to my original build.
Right now I have what I need.


October 13th:

Subconscious: “What are ya waiting for? Christmas?”

Executive and Limits Destroyer are my main Ultimas. I’m keeping up with mantaining my new habits.
Not missing a single day. Plus, I’m beginning to feel free, less clutter on my mind. Is this… freedom at last? Feels like a powerful combo.

Practice, practice, practice. I’m working hard to pursue my dream and achieve my artistic goals.
Spent two hours drawing, sketching with a intense passion. I’m not stopping at all.
This is it. I can achieve it, in time.

Also, to improve writing and polishing overall storytelling skills I’m starting to read The Writer’s Journey.
Sketching, practice, drafts, writing. Working on my own stuff.
Today was a good day, and a very productive one. Feel powerful to achieve what I need to do.


October 14th:

Two weeks of non-stop working out routine, along with cold showers, among other things. Not bad!
Keeping up with the constant drawing practice, sketching and will throw in digital art soon enough.
I’m feeling a bit more free, thanks to Limits Destroyer, also I’m very surprised to read Writer’s Journey, hell of a awesome book.

I’ve shared even more art in my account in the other site, honestly I would love some more visits and maybe more recognition. Although millions of users use it daily, didn’t expect it to be hard for others to stumble on my drawings.
Maybe I’m being impatient, gotta focus even more on my own stuff.

Productive day, average mood.


October 15th:

My habits are still on an awesome streak. Practice with both sketching and digital art with a stylus and a program. Today went to a have a breakfast with the folks at home, Limits Destroyer have helped me with social anxiety, nice experience. Didn’t had a sip of traditional hot cocoa in 10 months! It was more than enough time to break that.

Finished my tasks quickly again. Reading the book and applying it’s theory in trying to polish a old story with more indepth story. Hell of a book!

Currently struggling with some feelings of loneliness for a few days. It’s being a pain in the ass. I don’t know what I can do to make it go away, or at least numb it. Also I’m impatient for more visits in my account. Trying to avoid getting distracted by it.

On a positive note, my drawing skills have been improving at a nice pace. Today I wasn’t very creative but managed to practice with a new perspective. Good progress with Ultimate Artist (1 month, 3 days)
Another quick productive day with a touch of annoying feelings.


The Writer’s Journey. Yes, that book is waiting for me to start it and I need to read that and get things done ASAP. Thanks for the reminder.


Now that’s a very quotable review of The Executive :ok_hand:


One of the few books that keep surprising me with each page! Can’t describe it enough but I’m amazed. Do start it! It contains all the theory one needs to write a story with enough depth in all sense.

Protagonist, mentors, goals, story arcs, etc. Might even buy me a physical copy, probably in English as I’m reading it. I think the Spanish translation will fuck up in many important parts.

Thanks again! Executive is unique in every angle.


October 16th:

Busiest day for now, and finished all my goals by 2:00 p.m.
Thanks to the constant exposure to Executive I’m not only finishing my tasks for the day, at a faster and faster pace. And what can I say? Thanks to it I’m working on what I want in my life, for starters.

My habits are going great. Not missing out a single day, as expected.
Today I was more in a creative mood for sketching, trying new designs for a specific art style and completed my daily 40 minutes of practice. I’m beginning to get comfortable with digital art tools, such as coloring, select tools and shortcuts. Traditional drawing and digital design.

Nothing new on the online account. Barely one visit in three days, huh.
Was in a rough mood this morning but got better as I ran Limits Destroyer, spent more time in designing a story thanks to the teachings of Writer’s Journey, it was fun! Exciting to explore the creative paths of storytelling. Still polishing details with the protagonist and mentor but it’s way entertaining.

Got a compliment for my body, I’ve been losing weight at a moderate pace and improved my strength on my arms and legs. Slowly but surely.

Overall, the progress of today and this week, it’s been great. Travelling at a decent speed on my road to Paradise.


October 17th:

Decided to take it easy today, but still tackled the goals as usual.
Workout, shower, practice drawing for 40m, reading, etc.
I’ll add a new goal, play some chess to get better at it.

Today I was tired, but noticed that today was a good day, didn’t noticed until a few minutes ago that I was content.
Limits Destroyer improves my mood, it does removes the clutter as needed and been getting more confident as the time goes on.
Feeling optimistic at least. Finished my tasks in time.

Finally, a good Saturday!


October 18th:

Subconscious: “Y’know, today we’ll slack off. No discussion”
Remnants of Executive: “HOLD ON TO YER BUTT

Lazy morning, woke up thirsty, hungry and tired. Got better as hours flew by.
Had a nice mood in the afternoon, kept my habits in order despite not running Executive today.
Slow but steady progress, enjoying myself in drawing and thinking of backgrounds for my characters in a story I’m writing.

Today I was more social than usual, had a lovely time with the folks at home. However I’ll improve my sleep habits tonight, need some polish.
Half a month of never missing out working out and cold showers!
Practiced sketching another human figure and a classic car. My skills have improved greatly since last month.
Limits Destroyer has been helping me in reach out to others online. Slowly I’ve noticing there’s nothing to fear, therefore no limit.

In other note, parents are three-days away from starting the Stage 2 of Ectasy of Gold. How time flies!


October 19th:

This time woke up better. Kept my mood better and worked on the same goals. Going at a good pace.
Applying the theory learned with Writer’s Journey with adding background to a bunch of characters.

EoG brought big, chance with wealth. Good news! But have to be confidential about it. Still, great progress overall. Helping my pops with some tasks here and there.
This time I’ve practiced sketching a trailer, got surprised to see how UA makes the flow work. Keeping up great with the workout, almost three weeks!

Productive day and good way to begin the week, Purple off.
UA is a beast!


October 20th:

Slow morning, until I ran Executive and finished all my tasks by afternoon. I’ve been burning fat! Holy shit.
Worked on the exercises of Writer’s Journey (mentor, trickster, etc) showers and the usual practice. Been more chatty than usual. The page is doing fine, slow but without any issue.
Saw lots of mirror hours and got better sleep today finally, although for some reason I’ve been aroused quite a lot, must be the age I guess.

Gonna practice maybe 10 days more mechanical skills and volume perception and then continue the course where I left off, I wonder what’s next to learn with drawing, maybe digital art.

Limits Destroyer has improved my confidence more than before. Gonna stick with it a whole month.


October 21th:

Damn, Wednesday already?!

Finished up all the daily goals by 16:00. Ran Executive the morning as usual to finish my tasks.
Slept better and tried a new sketch with a diferent angle, along with scenery practice. A small tribute to a character from a game that changed my life.

Ultimate Artist lets the flow going, with some natural confidence in your hands as you sketch and creatve. Awesome feeling in my opinion.
Today is the 3-week mark of working out and showers. Nice!
Kept getting creative with Writer’s Journey exercises so it can help me with the whole plot. This is the most time I’ve spent on a story.

Today parents begin Stage 2 of Ectasy of Gold. Looking good so far, despite the delays thanks to the recession.
Overall, productive day and in a good mood.


I feel this as well. At the same time, I do like that the week is progressing smoothly. With the help of Executive and Commander I am getting things done!


There is a huge improvement in your drawing buddy.
Keep at it :+1:


October 22th:

Today was kinda rest day. Focused on resting, but despite that it feels good I’m aching for getting back
on track. Today I spent time in my current goals and possible paths for me and my family.
Still worked out and had a cold shower, only thing left is the 40m of practice and I’m done.
Art is gonna stay, that’s for sure! Although I’m thinking of swapping the custom sub.

Why the swap? I’m using the customsub it mostly for the body change now, however I can do it with working out and losing weight. Seeing that I’m going to be helping with representing the business with my father soon enough, along with the art career and opportunities, personal power & more I’ll go with EmperorQ.

Last time I used the v4. Plus, I want to feel that drive again of assertiveness and hella masculinity too, how’s on Q? I’ll soon find out.
Love a lot Emperor since it adapts nicely to my introverted self.

So, it’s gonna be EmperorQ, UA and probably Inner Circle for networking. Will begin soon enough with it. Later I’ll request the movement to the normal journals.

Slow day and lazy for my tastes, but kept the habits.
Thank you guys for the feedback of my drawings, very appreciated.


October 23th:

Glad to be back on track. Finished my tasks in order and without any issue at all.
Practiced the usual 40m of drawing, the focus was now on anatomy. Drawed the differences with the male body and the female one, gotta practice more with the curvy sides. Few days more and return to the teachings of the course.

Worked out as usual, app counted today the 23rd day of this streak. Cold showers too.
Losing weight, got another compliment! Also, noticed a new outline of muscles in my arms, that wasn’t present before! Great progress so far!

Writer’s Journey reading is going well. After spending time on it I focus on applying the theory learned and anwser the questions after each topic on it. Since I’m spending time drawing and sharing the art on the other site, I’m working to make the same on the writing.

I’ll polish the story some more and publish the first part on another site, hope to see feedback to improve it even more. Exciting!

Talked to some of my friends, everything’s cool. Ran Executive today and Limit Destroyer Ultima.
The stack is the same for now. Custom & UA. Although I’m giving a bit more of exposure before changing to the mighty EmperorQ. Feels good to be back on top.

Overall, productive day and felt good. Stoic but content.


October 24th:

Nothing really special today, did the habits without using Executive since I’m having the rest days of both Ultimas and my stack. Excited to start with Emperor soon enough.
Worked on the story, drawed as usual, hanged out with the family, everything’s cool.
Some old things came back from the past, but it’s expected 'cause of Mercury.

A calm Saturday. Good enough for my tastes.


October 25th:

Finally slept better than all this last week combined. Chilled out with the family, played some games, watched movies, etc. Resting from the stack and Ultimas. Tomorrow it’s time to get back on track again and kick ass. Drawed as always, worked out as always.
Pops got me some clothes, fancy stuff I didn’t expected 'em. Gave him deep thanks!

Feels good to rest like this, I’ve earned it.
That ain’t stopping me from gettin’ pumped up for tomorrow’s tasks.
Let the good times roll


October 26th:

Y’know you had a good night sleep when you drooled a bit in the pillow. Glad to be proper rested.
So today I got back at my tasks, finished most of them by afternoon as a natural.
Plus, my body’s been losing weight just nicely, abdomen is getting more tonified and don’t get me started on my legs, this two bad boys are strong as a log.

Don’t forget the arms too, I got surprised when I saw the new outline of muscle in my arms which weren’t present the month before. That’s what has been happening on the physical side, now on the mental one.

Been more dominant, manly as fuck. Keeping my cool and some fellas out there been avoiding complete eye contact. Stoic, calm and focused. What’s up with these sudden changes? Don’t know but I’m no complaining at all. Haven’t used the Custom in four days, ran UA only last night.

Artistic side is doing fine as expected. Sketching here and there, writing dialogue and scenarios and applying the theory learned, still trying to get used to digital art programs and the usage of a stylus.

Habits are still good, 25 days of doing my exercises and cold showers, among others.
Big thanks to Executive, helped me take control of my life by taking this kind of action.

Overall, nice day and quite productive too, tackled many goals for the day in a breeze.