The Highway to Paradise City - Ultimate Artist and RegenerationQ


nice sounds like everything is coming along, are you learning any new technique when it come to drawing?
are you reading any book on storytelling?


Not really, it’s mostly mechanical practice, sketching proper lines, figures match the proper volumes, perspective training, etc. Polishing my coordination with the pencil, so I draw new figures & sketches with just a reference picture (important!) and I’m on my way, all of it becomes natural.

The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler, a very, very complete book about everything you need for writing, storytelling, etc.
Comes with exercises too, and the mandatory indepth theory, dissecting every element properly.


nice eventually ill be doing digital drawing will learn sometime soon

never hear of it till now, sounds like its getting the job done


You’ll be practising as a hobby or you’re going for the real deal?
Doesn’t matter which choice you take, add Ultimate Artist, can’t recommend it enough.
Same thing applies to the book.


will be doing the real deal, have a drawing tablet, lol i already have it in a custom sub i have planned for
next year


Seems like you have it all figured out! Prepare yourself for the long artistic journey.

Search for New Masters Academy in a new tab when you have some free time. Good stuff over there for improving every single aspect of illustration and with a reasonable monthly fee.


October 27th:

Executive early morning, got stuff done as usual. Time flew fast when I got on “The Zone” y’know, so concentrated on drawing you forget anything else.

I’ve noticed something different indeed with my confidence, trust myself more, plus I’ve adopted a new posture, and don’t forget the assertive character. That dominant side, I love this stuff.
Big brother said yesterday I had a “killer stare”, didn’t noticed that.

Quite stoic today, but I prefer it. UA results have been improving lately, made some basic coloring in a digital format and looks decent, however pencil sketching is doing very good. When you put the pencil on the paper, the lines feel so automatic, natural and artistic.

The ability to put characters, objects, landscapes feels so natural is radical. Let the creativity flow as it should be. Expressive, without any trace of repressing that power.

The writing’s been doing good too, published the first part so I wonder how’s going to turn out. Doing my exercises too without any issue at all, just a bit tiring but nothing serious.

Man, it’s been a bit chilly so cold showers may feel difficult, but Executive gives the push of willpower to do so. I mean 26th days of streak. Ain’t that one hell of a Ultima? Powerful as the rest of the arsenal.
Spending the time adding cover arts for the songs in my music library, one by one. It’s quite fun.

Overall, this day was pretty good, productive as always.
The roadtrip to Paradise is doing fine.


nice good to see you progress, looking forward to see more with those sub your on you way


October 28th:

Rest & Recover was the purpose of today.
Sore arms and legs, abdomen’s getting buff although there is certain amount of body fat, and lower legs are almost 100% muscle, calves look awesome!

The outline on the arms are more obvious. Almost a month in of workin’ out.
Took it easy for the day, just practiced drawing really, sketches of two characters. Decided to spend the day resting, watching some movies and stuff. Gotta heal before pushing through. Didn’t use any Ultimas.

Family gave me some compliments, pops said I’ve been losing weight too. I didn’t expected to hear a compliment related to weight loss from him honestly.
Still considering which program to replace the custom and stack it with Ultimate Artist. Emperor or Regeneration? Time will tell.


@PurpleRT73 I had a get-together for my team at work today where we did some painting and it reminded me of you. I did paint something though it is not to the level of your details!


Thanks a lot man! It took its sweet time but there is always more room for improvement!


October 29th:

Haven’t been very creative but I still push through. Worked on the story and had fun making the dialogue. The drawing’s side doing fine too. Sketched two muscle cars and two different characters.
In a few days I continue with the course lessons of drawing, 2-3 weeks of mechanical practice ain’t bad when using UA in a daily basis.

Tomorrow the exercise app marks the 30th day of never missing a day. My my, how time flies.
Body’s still sore, ouch. The site where I upload my art is slowly getting more views again, finally!
Life’s good! Been happy to see changes on my body, artistic side, wealth among other things.

Gonna wind down for the day. Need more rest!


October 30th:

I did it, 30 days of non-stop exercise and cold showers every fuckin’ day. I DID IT.
My body ain’t as sore as before, but it still needs resting. Another new outline of muscle on the right arm. Tough, buff and strong baby! Same as these legs, these bad boys have like 10% body fat in the lower legs, calves section.

Today got me a new haircut, a professional one. Looks perfect, Father joked it looks a bit like Johnny Bravo. At this pace I’m gonna have the same kind of body, hah!
My posture’s been improving, I walk with such confidence it’s wild. People out there show more respect. Everyone at home agreed at the fact I’ve been losing weight.

On the artistic side, I need a bit more of drive to let go my creative side. So I’m probably gonna pick up that dusty copy of RPG Maker and try to implement some section of my story into a interactive part. Gonna have me some fun, and with Executive too! Always liked making that kind of small projects into a game but never had enough willpower. I can even use my drawings to make the assets! Characters, items 'n shit.

October’s almost over, I’ll go at the online art academy next month. Big bro’s signed up to professional Codecademy so maybe I can practice a bit of programming, like SQL. I’ll return to working out on Tuesday. For now I need more rest and chill out after a successful, succesful month.

Just need to sketch some car and call it for a day. Big, deep thanks to Executive Ultima!
Ultimate Artist too man! Going to enjoy this Friday night.


Writing a LitRPG book?


That’s the term? Yeah, something of that kind.
I wonder how’s gonna turn out? Last time I made something like that was like 3-4 years ago.


November 2th:

Taking a break from subs, going to use only Executive for the moment. Been in a reflecting mood.
Ain’t bad at all, just thinking…

Feeling comfortable on my skin everyday.
Stoic, manly & focused.
Courage to do what it takes.
Looks like I got in a shortcut to Paradise.
Ambitious, yet questioning what to do now?

Was thinking of using Emperor, but no more.

Only the Artist I aspire to be.
I’m quite near to Paradise City.
Being the man I’ve always wanted to be.
Driving through the lonely highway,
assured of myself,
No matter what arises, I’m protected,

Enjoying the ride, although the clock’s still ticking,
In a few months so much is gonna change,
The chains are beginning to break themselves.

For many folks in my circles, this was a shitty year.
But not for me.
Many years, wandering aimlessly while fearful
Now with a purpose, enjoying life more.

Standing up for myself,
Trusting the road and my skills,
As I ride through these lands,

Changing to fourth gear quickly,
Slamming my feet to the gas pedal,
Feeling the rumble of the ambitious engine

Real close to Paradise, without any real limits anymore…


Nothing is really holding me back, feeling ready to take on what it takes these couple of months,
so basically these are my new thoughts, I mean this shit ain’t lyrics or something, neither a poem.

Just a epiphany I had, my drawing skills improved a lot, and I feel good on myself, being the man as I
always wanted to be. Working to have my body as I desire and seeing results everyday. Feeling more free, and content.

Lifted up the weight in my back, and ready to complete this mission of mine.
Paradise is close, real close…


November 3rd:

Might have an answer of what program to run along with UA. Quite possible for it to be StarkQ.
Had a bit of reconciliation regarding to my art. I’ll be honest, had a bit of rage seeing that nobody’s giving a shit in the site where I upload my illustrations.

A month in, nothing special…
That’s my confession though. Just want to share art, talk to fellow minded folks and stuff, but seems a bit rough. Other than that I’m doing just fine. Excellent progress with my body, gettin’ creative, etc.

If StarkQ does help in the spotlight, I’ll go for it. If not, well… Might practice and polish my art for a time being.


November 5th:

Today I’ll get back at my stack, Took one week of resting.
Ultimate Artist and StarkQ. Let’s see how it evolves.
Nothing special, once again I rested for a while. Drawed, worked out a bit and took a shower.
Spent time polishing my story and got really creative!

Need some drive again, let them both powers of UA and Stark unite…
Let’s get on with the showdown.


November 6th:

So, today I focused again on the story I’m writing and tried possible alternatives for exploring the different story arcs, not to mention I reteurned to reading the next chapter of The Writer’s Journey.
Got pleased on being creative and on the constant development of the main character backstory and stuff. It’s quite fun.

So I just need to practice again my drawing skill and I’m done for today. A few days ago I tried digitalizing a drawing and converted into pixel art. Ain’t bad for a first try.
The site where I upload my content is slowly getting views again. It’s the work of StarkQ!

Other than that, wealth’s doing excellent! After all I’ll end up working as a representative of my father’s company and to work along with different business associates. Honestly I wonder how will the experience be? At least it will give me enough time to focus on my artistic work.

Noticed more differences on my body, slight changes, for example increased body hair, and a bit of soreness in my leg, despite not doing intense exercise. Those calves are excellent!
Went to the mall to buy some clothes and surprised how I looked myself on the mirror. Quite handsome. It’s been months since I last placed a foot in a mall.

Haven’t been in the mood for chatting with my friends for weeks, I’m focused on my own business.
Doesn’t matter for the moment, family’s more important in my opinion so I prefer to hang out with them.

A small detour from Paradise, despite some recon feelings, I ain’t stopping on my work.


November 10th:

Fell on a small hole. Another detour from my goals.
Although I’m starting to climb up again.

In these four days, kept exploring and working on the story, skipped drawing for a while since I burned out and got more views on my page. Practiced my cooking skills and driving skills, worked out as expected. I’m slowly getting used to be outside once again.

Father is getting excellent achievements with EoG Stage 2. He has now five different projects under his control. He got even a better deal, instead of receiving several monthly payment in the next year he managed to concentrate all of it in one payroll for the end of this month.
And that’s not mentioning the other projects, that was only one of five.
In other words, EoG bringing here the big bucks.
Xmas arrived early it’s what my father said, indeed it is!

Gonna use Executive again to work my way through the end of this year. Need to get back on track as usual. Just a rough moment for me.
Let’s do this!