The Highway to Paradise City - Ultimate Artist and RegenerationQ


November 11th:

Well, that was quick! Got back again at the top of my game.
So I brought here once again my good ol’ friend Executive and…
Cooking for the family? Done!
Drawing and sketching with a total time of 80 minutes? Hell yeah.
Working out and cold showers? Indeed
Continued writing for 45m straight and polishing it, along with time spent on my little music project?

Among other things, today I finished all my tasks, as expected. Time flew by when my pencil touched that paper sheet. In the afternoon I found a picture of my drawing a year ago.
A lot has changed! The lines, the precision, dimensional spacing, etc.
Tomorrow marks 2 months of continous UA usage. One month more to go!

More views on my page since I began with StarkQ. Bam! StarkQ does bring fame! It’s still early but it’s quick enough to see changes. Glad to stack it with UA.

Anyways, I’m done for today, but content that I’m back as where I wanted to be.


Awesome! Keep it up. Love reading about your journey as I just started using Stark today and am considering adding UA in a couple months to help with my music. I’m definitely interested to hear how these stack over time for you.


Thank you! Glad to see I can inspire and shed some light regarding UA.

In my opinion stacking UA and StarkQ feels like a powerful combo. In one side you get the intelligence, dominance, ambition and social charisma, in the other total creativity, coordination, learning, etc.

Will share as expected my results over here. Lots of success in your journey too.
StarkQ will shape your life as you want to.


November 13th:

Had a terrible headache yesteday so I took a small break. I begin again on Sunday night.
Been having some moments of reflection, and while I’m enjoying this artistic path, I need to add healing to my stack.
I’ve seen signs, reading post here, random thoughts popping by, etc.
I’ll be honest, always though of using Regeneration but for some reason I never used it for a full week.

It’s time, and honestly I need to fix some loose ends in myself. I AM module helped a lot, that’s for sure, although my intuition tells me it’s time for using Regeneration and stick to it.

Maybe replace StarkQ with it? A week ago I was sure of using it, but maybe it’s time for put away recognition and other stuff for a while. What’s the purpose of getting all of that if I’m still having insecurities?

So I’ll go for UA & Regeneration. I’ll alternate between Executive for some days and others Limits Destroyer.

Paradise is now a bit farther away, but I’ll get there.


I’ve been having great success with RebirthUltima combined with Stark so far. One loop a day seems to really help expose some things I need to change about myself in a non-judgmental way.

Never used Regeneration before so I don’t really have a point of comparison but just my two cents. It seems both of these have similar goals - get over pain of the past and redefine who you are now.

Best of luck with your journey!


November 17th:

UA’s progress is excellent. First time I made a poem by my own interest, continued a +7 pages of draft for the original story I’m working on. Got inspiration for it so I’ve been working for hours in it.
Words flow easily, quick rhymes here and there.

Illustration’s department is doing fine, this time I tried using ink. Looks better than pencil, gotta practice even more. I’m sometimes sketching stuff for my story. I’m taking my time with my goals.
Lots of mirror numbers too.

Overall, good days all around.


November 22nd:

More results with weight loss and more muscle on my chest area. Even pops gave me a compliment about it.
Taking a brief break with drawing, looks that I burned out. However it ain’t stopping me with UA’s writing aspect. Not only I made a poem as I said on the last post, I made a challenge in which I have to write 30 pages of a brief story in less than a week.

Got hyped up and began to work on it right away. Not only I spend time searching for good inspiration, however I can get the words flowing even better.
Plus, to keep up at least with some quick and brief sketches, I DO have noticed I can draw even better, very precise with my hand and now the illustrations even have a more professional look.
The intense mechanical practice paid off really well.

December 12th is when I swap UA for another title for the moment. May not have published enough about it but it’s awesome to see such change in drawing. Get in the zone easily, feel the precision in my fingertips, and easily sketch anything, be either a body figure, vehicle, landscape.
Doesn’t matter the tool, even today my family liked that I spent time in quick drawings in the important dates for December to give a different look to the calendar. Even with a very basic marker it looked nice.

So yeah, great progress with Ultimate Artist, my body too. Gettin’ shredded and even ditched my glasses. My ol’ friends are not gonna believe ti, haha.

If you ask me, is Ultimate Artist worth it?

It’s crazy to see lot of improvement, and I’m going to use it again in the future. Just gotta end some unfinished business in January and for April UA’s back for more.


Great to see that you are doing awesome. Ultimate Artist is one of the first title I bought from SubClub. Unfortunately, I didn’t give it enough space, time and action to do its work through me. You do inspire me to get back to it one day.

For now, am doing Dragon Reborn. Need the healing. Mostly physical.


November 24th:

Quickie update, so today I sat my ass down and worked for a complete hour deep in total focus in my writing. Flawless! Words came through easily, inspiration too! Not to mention tons of creativity and use of a extensive, varied language. The storytelling’s coming along nicely. Although I haven’t read in a while Writer’s Journey, I gotta check it out again and continue it.

Sometimes y’need a small break from theory and gotta apply what you learned!


November 28th:

Jesus, so many things happened that tested my mental endurance. In the end I’ve persevered, fortunately. Feeling more confident as days pass by, and tomorrow I’ll switch to Ultrasonic format.
Need a small break from the raindrops.

On the artistic department, haven’t drawed properly, more like less than >5m sketches but they still look good!
Been pursuing inspiration, games, movies, some daydreaming for my stories. You name it! It’s interesting to explore many paths for the story I’m still working on. It’s taking longer than expected but ain’t bad at all. It does get engaging and that’s what I’m hoping to accomplish.

Despite the world situation, it’s interesting to learn by yourself, although I’ll be glad to sign up on a course for writing lessons and art, when the time comes. I need a guide or mentor for this.

So, to keep it short. Improved stortytelling and enhanced vocabulary when writing, constantly getting new ideas and inspiration, working on making it original. Writing daily, still taking a break from drawing.
Regeneration’s improving my confidence and overall mood. Last Friday I noticed I’m no longer nervous when in social activities. Had fun actually. Haven’t used Ultimas recently, but 'cause thanks to the month of Executive helped to get my ass back up so I’m no so dependant on it.

Plus, it’s almost two months of daily cold showers and working out. Man! Today I remembered what I said to my grandma last year. “I’m gonna get fit, just you wait!” Glad to see I’m still working on it, and lost even more weight.
Executive’s king!

Despite all the shit that happened this week, as always there are things to be grateful of.
The sunset burns the sky, leaving a clear path towards Paradise City.
Hold on to yer butt.


Nice good to see you’re keeping your word, you’ll make it, will keep looking at you journey, will you so some measurement in the end to see your ovarall progress? Is there anything you really going after like 6 pack, certain amount of weight loos and edurance increase?


Get lean and increase my strength in my arms, and developing a 6-pack in which I’m making excellent progress, make the fat turn into more muscle. May be not much, but I’m seeing progress.
Damn, my friends are not gonna believe I’m the same at this pace.