The Joint Venture [JOIN NOW]


Okay so the plan is here. Everyone who’s in, makes a Twitter account, an anonymous account, if you’re comfortable with it.

Then we comment under the big guns over money Twitter for initial exposure. We’ll have a product’s affiliate link on all our profiles.

Now whenever we post, we engage with each other’s tweets, organically. This is gonna 3x the impression we get. I believe if you seriously do it, you get around 1000+ highly targeted profile visits, if your bio is nicely written, around 10% will visit the link. And let the sales page do the further sales.

Let me know if you guys have any problem following along.


Can you explain what you mean by “comment under the big guns over money Twitter”?
Secondly it’s not clear what affiliate product we’re linking to, please also elaborate on that.

I will be setting up my own Twitter account for the aforementioned idea and would possibly co-venture into this with my own brand, depending on your answers, but you’ve really given very little to go on thus far


This exact business model has immense potential if you’re ready to stick with it for an year or so. Depending upon the effort you put in, you can expect all the way upto $30k a month in pure profit with it.


Nah, I had just woken up and didn’t have the energy to go into detail, haha. Use common sense with this thread, ya’ll. We made The Emperor’s Lounge for threads like this, just don’t cross any lines.


That can count as promotion if I put their Twitter handles here.

This too, but it’ll be clear once you guys start the process as I already know all there is to this business model. Just do what I do, that simple.



Well I’ll be setting up my Twitter/IG/FB over the next few days for this new brand I’m creating. I’ll have to give my full commitment once more information is given


I can’t for sure tell if making a group outside of this forum is acceptable or not, as I do not want to post the Twitter handles of the bigger accounts on there.

If that’s not acceptable, can we post our own Twitter handles here?


Hi like the idea of twitter marketing.
But what is the niche you want to be active on? A profile needs to be created around the niche you are after…


As long there’s wealth involved I’m down. Problem is I don’t really possess much skills other than creative ones.


I’m also interested to know more. There’s definitely a strong market in FB, but I know very little about social media influencing.


Let’s start a porn industry


@friday clown , midget, or hermaphrodite?


If we did all three we could probably control an untapped market


@Hurrikane : Can I know more about this?


You can pick whichever niche you want to be in until it’s in health, wealth and relationship.


You don’t have to have skills per se. Just go to the “money Twitter” and see what kinds of tweet they put up.


Same as above, check out money Twitter. Do a bit of research. Google money Twitter community. There are many accounts there which talk about making money.


I explained all of it in the post, it’s not complicated. Not even a bit. You build an audience, which is easy on Twitter by consistent posting of valueable posts. And start selling them a product or service.


Your idea is clearly sound and is a good way to get traction.

However it falls down due to the highlighted bit. You might already have stuff to sell but how many other people here do and is this “stuff” actually going to improve other peoples lives or is it just like all the other useless shit on gumroad.

To sum up I am reminded of the cam whore argument. I am all for capitalistic acts between consenting adults and the stupid deserve to be taken advantage off because they will learn to not be so stupid, but it’s not exactly making the world a better place, is it.


I’m selling something on FB.

And what you have to consider is that the custys have already built the audience there for me. (Think about it).