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I do know of a few stuff that I got a massive value from. And it’s not limited to just digital products, if you’re good at clicking photos, or writing copy, Twitter can get you paid easily. Many successful entrepreneur hangs out there.

It’s evident everywhere if you see closely. Hollywood being the greatest example. Does anyone needs to watch a movie? It’s a clear NO. But this is a discussion that could go deep. Really deep.


Lol that’s great, for you. I mean I still gotta build an audience on there. I also have a method for FB. I’ll post it down. But I still tell, with experience, Twitter worked much better for me.


So my clown hermaphrodite porn idea isn’t up for consideration?


Yes, this is a discussion that could go really deep and I think we should have that discussion.

I am not arguing that you can’t make money from twitter, you clearly can make a good screw. What I am pointing out is that the type of person you will be selling to. Obviously the trick in sales is to supply what the custy wants to buy. So what actually is the average custy on twitter?

I put it to you that the average custy on financial twitter is a stupid normie who has a shit life and is seduced by the tales of magic money trees and how they can achieve without effort. You sell them the fantasy that they are looking to buy. You sell them a magic bullet that in reality doesn’t exist.

So yeah, bully for you. you get to afford the nice middle class lifestyle and the stupid normie gets 30 minutes of pablum from the useless ebook with no actionable advice that you sold him. You haven’t actually helped him in any way just made him a few quid poorer. And remember, the few pennies you get from him are actually half his months rent because you have targeted the price to maximise your income.

Now I said above that the stupid deserve this because it will (slightly) improve their decision making and whilst this is true it is also likely to put them off proper self help that could actually work. So actually like cam whores selling a fantasy relationship you are not even helping them get a better life real meat space relationship you actually hinder them from doing so.

You mentioned Hollyweird, OK lets go with that. Most of its output is shite. Boring shite with a subversive message. But its not all like that. The last time I went to the flicks I went with a mate to see “300” for the stylised violence and very good it was too. The last time I took my kids to the flicks we watched “Angry Birds” with its subtext of the dangers of illegal immigration. This christmas I watch “Its a wonderful life” with my daughter because of its take on the human condition. In other words you have to be careful with what you watch.

(As an aside my brother was raving about a series on telly and sent me a few clips to watch, the first was a knights battle scene. Ok, not particularly realistic but that’s probably down to the budget and script. the next scene was a prince shooting a tried up woman with a crossbow, ok, everybody needs a hobby I suppose, the third scene was some bird with a dragon, ok thats it, its silly and I have no intention of ever watching Game of Thrones).

But I digress. Lets get back to financial twitter. You could rip off “The millionaire next door” which is at least useful and offered practical advice or you could rip off “The millionaire Fastlane” which is stupid tripe. Want to be really helpful to your custys? Copy “Efficiency” by Wall st playboys. Each chapter could be a separate ebook and you would at least be imparting knowledge even if all of the buyers would never actually put it into practise.

Lastly, how do I know that all the ebooks sold on gumtree and advertised on twitter are shit. They appear to all be available on reddit for free.

And now for a free idea for anyone who wants to pick it up. As well as money, men also want to get laid. So get sub club to make you a custom and couple this with “Daygame Mastery” by Nick Krauser so men beat approach anxiety and know what to do. In both cases offer an upfront fee and a slice of each sale so you don’t rip of the IP.

Something for women? Women buy beauty so sell them something like Hydrolised Bovine Collagen which is one of the few things that actually works.

In both cases the custy is looking for a quick fix but you will be able to sleep in bed at night knowing you have supplied something that actually works and haven’t scammed them like the usual snake oil salesmen who hang out on twitter.


Lol I thought you were gonna put up an actual step by step system to work on. I don’t know where you looked but a $45 ebook on freelancing I suggested to a friend now makes his living off of that. And it was from a Twitter dude.

I tried the same thing, I didn’t make a dime. Reason: I did not put in the work.

Many people come here at subclub saying subs don’t work. Reason: they didn’t put in the work.

Then they’d go about over internet saying subliminals are snake oil.

See a pattern? Good.


The thread had a life when I first started it.

2 days, and its almost dead. Sad…


Because you executed it poorly.

Partner up with other new twitter accounts on financial twitter. Or get multiple twitter accounts yourself.


Looks like you don’t know of the context.

I started this thread for guys who didn’t have much going on in their finances to get a jumpstart.

And people think of it as “a poor guy trying to lure others in his plan”.

I have my finances settled and couldn’t care less for anyone on the forum. But it is called enthusiasm and passion, which I showed at the first place. To help others level up. To share my enthusiasm with others.

Another thing that didn’t cross your philosophical mind before polluting the thread:

It was a polite way of saying:

If you can’t provide value to the thread, get the fuck out. :slight_smile:

No one gives a fuck for philosophical long posts.
Everyone gives a fuck about:

what’s in it for me?

That is why I created the post. To give something of value to one’s who were ready to execute, not talk.

Neither is this asked for.

People want to show that they have intellect until there is no one sitting to hear the intellectual goldmine.

These kind of people are given a name:

“human wet blankets”

the kind of people who feel themselves to be the intellectual ones, the wise ones, the ones who know the trade. And consider others to be shallow noobs.

These are not called so because of the above paragraph, they are called so because of their characteristic trait of sucking away any kind of enthusiasm. Although not their fault, they just do it unconsciously. But can’t notice it because they think their high level intellect can’t be processed by the shallow noobs.

Now with that out of the way, I’ll just openly post a step by step system for anyone here looking to make money. Let’s GO!


It wasn’t guaranteed to catch on, and it’s also the New Years. :partying_face:

I welcomed 2021 watching good old Dirty Dancing. :dancer: :man_dancing:


Sorry. I don’t have anyone such in my entire contact list to joint venture with.


Where exactly did anyone mention selling any kind of snake oil?

I don’t think any (type of) product or service was mentioned in the thread yet.

I guess I missed it. :man_shrugging:t2:


This thread is taking a negative direction here, guys.

Keep in mind that we are on the Internet and it’s easy to get the wrong message across. So please either support Hurrikane or find a thread that appeals to your good side more, if for no other reason than simply staying in a positive mood.

And Hurrikane, we get it. You were a bit taken aback by the response. However, I could feel the irritation coming off your post as I read it, and I’m not the only one. Next time when people make you feel that way, probably best to do some chores then come back and write with a bit less negative emotion.

Coming up with something actionable and concrete might get more people to hang out. Not everybody can brainstorm if they have almost nothing to work with.

Now back to our lighter programming:

JCast, the association of vertically challenged individuals is wondering if they need a restraining order against you, since it was not so long ago you wanted to wrestle and now you’re talking about porn. Although they consider themselves to be awesome and totally understand why you’re so enamored with them, it is cause for concern.

The cosmetologists with a self-deprecating sense of humor can laugh it off.

The last category simply wanted me to give you a message: “don’t mock it until you’ve tried it.”


Biggest activity on the web!

Shock! I’m specialising in HR management, but it only works in bigger company…!

Today people are looking to buy a brand they can trust, what about influencers?


I have worked with influencers, I think it’s better to meet them in person and ask them for promotions. Using cold emails only gets so far. So if you’re looking to partner up with some, first look for ones in your area then the overseas ones.


I would like to join in this, in order to promote one another and strengthen one another’s online reach and influence.