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Very nice are both running a ql custom, looking follow to see your result from it, also was going to name my custom this (da vinci Q), love the name


What is LBRP and LIRP and MP and SecondBrain and SQL and RSP


The first three are acronyms for my daily rituals (Lesser Banishing/Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, Middle Pillar). SecondBrain is my Productivity System, how I collect, learn and retain all of my knowledge. And the last two are acronyms to (self-development) programs I am a currently going through.



Since I am 14 I am heavily interested in nutrition and everything regarding health, which was also one of the reasons why I choose to go to med school. I always had this notion that there are a lot of things wrong with the medical industry - those I thought were minor things like for example that the doctors do not really care about their patients to the extend they should. So I wanted to become a doctor to help to change that.

But in the last months, through some very distinct manifestations of TeslaQ, my last Quantum Limitless custom, I made some radical new observations that pretty much changed everything for me.

In medical school were are taught the well-known theory that microorganisms like bacteria and Viruses cause disease, originate outside the body, and as such, can invade anyone. And in order to prevent disease, vaccines and drugs must be utilized. Medical science basically seeks to blame nature; our very existence, for our own disease and misfortune.

One day, I ended up researching the history of the Germ Theory and its father Louis Pasteur… Little did I know how far the rabbit hole truly goes.

The Germ Theory, as we know it, is false.

Microorganisms are not the primary cause of the disease but the result. Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites, and Viruses are all used and created by the body to cleanse itself from chemicals and toxins. They do not consume healthy living cells and tissue. They only occur when there is dead matter or toxins, just as a fly will appear on a dead carcass but is not the cause for the dead carcass.

I invite everyone who is interested in health to read the book “Bechamp or Pasteur?: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology”. The history of this medical error is actually very similar to the story between Edison (domineering showman) and Nicola Tesla (genuine genius), where Louis Pasteur, the founder of the Germ Theory, represents Edison and Bechamp represents Tesla.

After reading this book, I was hooked and began researching and studying the work of Bechamp, Weston Price, Francis Pottenger, R.B. Pearson, Jeff Green, and finally Aajonus Vonderplanitz which made the biggest impact on me. A whole new paradigm opened up for me and I am currently using every waking-minute to study, read, implement, experiment, and observe these new findings.

I still did not officially drop out nor did I tell my parents because I want to be 100% certain of my decision. I still have this notion that maybe as a doctor I would have more possibilities, more status, more resources to change the medical industry and promote better health on this planet. But this is probably a fallacy. My parents are both doctors and they thought I am absolutely nuts when I first told them what I found. But unconsciously they resonated with what I was saying, and especially my mum, as she went over cancer herself and the side-effects of faulty treatment. She now started researching herself and is coming to a very similar conclusion but still thinks I should continue to study medicine as she is sure “Someday I will get a Nobel Prize”. She doesn’t understand, that with what I am promoting, I would probably get killed if I would share this publicly and take the stand against the pharma industry.


Oh and by the way, RegulusQ absolutely rocks!

Just one of the many things I noticed is that my posts here get increasingly exceptional number of likes. I saw it yesterday even though I have all notifications for likes disabled. And now I just checked the forum and I get three announcements for earning “Nice Reply”, meaning I got 10+ likes on my recent posts (and there have not been many).


That’s just crazy. Thank you guys :heart:

That’s the power of Khan+Stark+PCC

And I am telling you, I am seeing similar effects in the real life ahaha. Absolutely love my customs


This is so inspiring to read @friday :slight_smile: Why are we treating the effects of things and not the causes of it?

It’s interesting to watch when they say that flu season is coming, and they start bombarding us with these messages and filling the shelves with meds. We litterally think ourselves to be sick sometimes.

I’m with you on this one. I never get sick anymore since I started to take care of my myself better and started to heal emotionally.


Hi @friday, how does DaVinciQ compare with TeslaQ.