The last moment Q


My self esteem is high :upside_down_face:
I have been leading a few teams very successful, i Enjoying giving them what they need and giving positive feedback.
I feel really calm and know how to communicate, ppc helping me and qlq and khan, but its so smooth in making my point effortless.

Unfortunately im sick now :mask: and needed to stay home.

I Can feel my confidence rise, i wonder if its invincible presence :thinking:.
I walk with my head high, not feeling any fear in public, maybe it looks arrogant but i dont care. Why looking down when you can be awesome :+1:

So big improvement in social life. Just what i needed :slightly_smiling_face:

And there will be more modules out soon i heard, i wonder what will come :yum:


Which subs you running?


Just one custom with khan, ppc and qlq st4, and some modules.


When i look back at what i made i can see that this is an awsome custom and i did not give it time enough too work.
I decided to give the last moment Q a try again.

So emperor is now on pause, I had good results, i was very boss like, not taking shit from anyone attitude. Very cool on its own way. Will definitely come back later to this.

Anyway, i have run The last momentQ, 3 loops today.

I felt very irritated and anger for many hours after playing it.

A little more social today, i have more friendly vibe, like its okay lets have fun together you are valuable. I appreciate this, i recognize this is coming from khan.

If this is going the way i think i might remake this with some of the newer modules in the future.

Zzz good night :slightly_smiling_face:


this is likely Emperor in your system mixing with the new subs.

Good to see the Lion Sin is back :slight_smile: Stark+Khan -looking forward to hearing more how it goes .


@Badboi how would you compare Stark to Khan?


@Azriel Yeah i feel calmer and smoother today. :blush:

You know stark, creative, smart, intelligent, social, but not so social that i want them around me all the time.
Khan is the shit, cocky humor, says what in my mind, allowing myself to enjoy and have fun.
Very kind alpha.

There is probably alot more like khan brings out sexual beast and more


Dreaming like crazy.

Had one stranger one.
were a thief stole a ferry with only me onboard and this idiot could not park it, then i woke up.

And the last dream was about a girl wanting to be my girlfriend but i turned her down because i have one, and there was another girl but i woke up. Holyshit. These dreams feels real.


Little update, ive been lazy, tired, feeling weak.
Not happy with this.

I think ill change back too emperor, i miss it.
Independent, strong, Knowing what i want.
Motivated. All the things i need atm.

But lets see what 12 is first :thinking:


That could be reconciliation just keep going on khan and push through it


At work i have this guy always when i run khan he tries to be a mini boss over me lol.
I simply told my boss about him.

My boss had to set him straight after, and i dont take shit from him anymore :triumph: .
Problem solved. :slight_smile:

I notice other people also like to challenge me and tries to boss/alpha over me.
Not sure why they try too overpower me, i must be giving off some strong alpha vibes.

I am feeling a hell lot better now, energy is back, Stark and Khan is getting stronger.


lol u making them insecure bro they cant handle your alpha
after a while they stop challenging u b/c ur alpha reach high level where its like even just the aura scare them they get intimidated and give you space


they challenge u b/c they think they have chance of winning and can outalpha you because you transitioning with more alpha vibes so they trying to desperate out alpha you while ur transition but when its complete
then they wont even challenge you b/c they will see you and think they have 0% chance they can win they dont even try they just move out your way and respect you like leader


Trying out PCCQ and so far i like it.
Instead of getting angry at the kids, i feel calm and in control, the kids are not fighting so i must be doing something right. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kinda scary how good this work. :upside_down_face:


Day 1.

Stark + Khan+PCC+Regeneration custom.

2 loops.

Relaxed, chill, smooth.
Feeling hot in my body.
Seems to read situation better and handle stressful situation good.
Social anxiety is lower.

Not overloaded today.