The ManSlut & ManSocial & ManStark- Q Customs


Oh I understand, I just fundamentally disagreed with it is all. Of course, it’s up to each person to make their decisions and learn from their own life’s experiences. Though I am not the de facto authority on the subject matter, I just wanted to express my thoughts on that. Almost felt obligated to. I have seen that scenario of ‘trying to win back’ play out many times in my life and others’ lives. Whether it works or not in the short-term, I don’t believe it’s healthy or sustainable. imo. And I personally believe this is all directly correlated with self-worth, self-esteem, and self-respect. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But I want to encourage him to atleast be honest and introspective with himself. Of course it is up to @ichigo to decide what he wants to do. We’re all just trying to help him

No disrespect to you of course. This forum should always be a place where we can challenge each other’s ideas. In a civil, respectful way of course. My ideas too. sometimes I may sound too dogmatic


This is one reason I like this forum, there is a degree of polite disagreement. With a bit of polite disagreement, people can read and select different options.

Keep posting!


Thanks for your advice @i_am and @RVconsultant, I found both your guys points really helpful.

It’s been a continuous head fuck, stuck in a mental loop of trying to figure out her behavior and what I did wrong and where I should have seen things coming. There’s a continual battle between the alpha in me, who says fuck her, she wasn’t who you thought she was and you deserve better, and the beta in me, who misses her deeply, feels helpless at the idea of never seeing her again and is worried for her and her future happiness.

I re-read The Rational Male last night and made notes, it helped to illuminate some things. I had all this knowledge before the relationship but then over the course of 3 years I let things slip and got too comfortable. I forgot that just because you feel unconditional love for somebody, it doesn’t mean they will do the same in return, even if they insist they do too. It wasn’t pleasant reading, but I needed it, and although the pill is indeed bitter, it has helped to make a little more sense of things.

The pain is still very much there, but I don’t want to go down the healing route, as I’ve been there before and in life there is always something to heal. I would rather try to take action through the pain and get rid of it that way.

New sub finally arrived (ManSocial) and I’m running 4 loops today. As I can’t socialize much right now with lock down, I’ll just be testing how I feel internally and how tired it makes me over the next 5 days. ManSlut got me feeling really run down after about 3 days of running it. I think it might have been the combo of my lethargy due to unhappiness and the high energy requirements with the auras.

My initial feeling is that it’s making me want to read/research seduction, instead of focusing on this qualification.


There were probably things you like about what she did, and some things she did you disliked. I think grief over loss, feeling compassion for someone, and being alpha are different things.

That to me sounds like trying to be indifferent. I think being indifferent and being alpha are different skills.

It maybe true she wasn’t who you thought she was. It may also be true that she changed some how and it wasn’t obvious.

I know it hurts… even if you’re alpha. :grin:

To me, this sounds like grief over a loss.

I think this sounds like compassion.

Of course you feel many different things. There are some people who want people to think that men are supposed to be The Terminator.

If you hurt, you might want to take time to heal.


You did well to re-read The Rational Male. I remember the first few times I had to read such bitter truths, the world seemed unfair and being a man didn’t look like a good option. We have to struggle to be of any sexual value and that is a fact.

But the pain of loss is mostly heightened by our inexperience and the freshness of our wounds. It has nothing to do with the women we have lost. Trust me but when the redpill finally seems like common sense to you, you will receive your power back and then no one else can take it from you whether it be man or woman.

You will eventually get your frame. For what is life without you being your mental point of origin? That is what being alpha is all about.

For now, bear the pain. It will scar you. And you will grow thicker skin.

You. Will. Be. Tougher.


Thanks fellas, it means a lot.

I only ran ManSocial for about a week. I decided to stop for now as it was making me too depressed in the sense that I really wanted to go out and be social and have fun, but that’s just not possible with lock down. It was also making working on this course difficult because of this, my concentration kept wavering.

I decided to focus on something I haven’t ever quite had a handle on (lol no pun intended) and that’s my erection strength. I’m running a competitor’s Overcome Erectile Dysfunction sub, planning to do so until at least January 1st.

It’s not that I cannot get an erection at all, they just aren’t satisfactory and do not last long enough for my liking. I am capable of getting hard enough to penetrate, but it is not rock hard and throbbing, and I often end up going soft whilst inside. I remember I ran the competitors OED sub for about 30 days previously, and around the 20 day mark I had a stronger erection than I had ever had before. So I at least have that one reference point so I know my body is capable of it. The goal is to achieve another erection like the one I had before, and to also get morning wood of the same strength.

If there were a rock hard erections module, I’d love to put that in an ultima or add it to a custom, but in the absence of that (hint hint @Fire, @SaintSovereign) I’ll use the competitors and see what happens.

If anyone reading this has any experience with improving their erection strength, could you please let me know what you did, I’d really appreciate it!


I’m actually wondering if QL1 could help any, since it has the stuff about balancing biochemistry and all that. An indirect effect, maybe.


Maybe @realbillperry,

SaintSovereign answered to me this:


Still not running any Subclub subs and doing a different companies one for Erectile Dysfunction which I’m seeing some results with so feeling positive about that.

Ordered another sub based around Stark for after I’m finished with the ED sub. It’s work and social focused with some added masculinity as I read Stark can come across a little feminine. Here’s the modules:

Stark Q Core
Sex Mastery Q Core
Alpha of Alpha
Carpe Diem Ascended
Dragon Tongue
Emperor’s Voice
Godlike Masculinity
Harmonic Singularity
Iron Frame
Joie De Vivre
Lion IV
Long Range Seduction
Male Enhancement
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Productivity Unleashed
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Sexiness Unbound
Total Nonchalance
Ultimate Writer

Was aiming for a Harvey Specter vibe - baseline mood of happy/cockiness, self-assured, confident, intelligent, witty, attractive.

Am planning to use this first solo to get to where I want to be work wise. Then once I feel more comfortable in my job, I will introduce ManSocial as a secondary sub (Lucifer vibe) to add some carefree, IDGAFness.

Then if I want to focus on women, I’ll use my ManSlut sub intermittently (Hank Moody vibe) which is centered around Primal Seduction.


There are some people who think erection strength might be associated with general health. I can’t give medical advice, but if I was in your situation I would analyze my health and consult with a medical professional to make sure my general health was good.

I’d look at Asclepius, Dragon Reborn, and Health Codex.

Could any ED problems you’re having be from porn use? You don’t have to answer that here if you don’t want to, just something to think about.


@ichigo try nofap, it’ll help with your erection massively, the longer you go without beating your junk, the better and harder your erection will be. You’ll also last a lot longer in bed. Also now’s the best time to do that since your single now and no gfs around. It’s a rabbit hole of self improvement…it’ll be hard at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never ever will want to go back to your old life. You’re welcome :wink:


pride unbroken
would be great this.


@Azriel - good point. I have it in my Primal Ascension Q custom


Primal/DareDevil/Sex Mastery
Sounds like some fun cores to use–I can see the Moody vibes.


With the release of the almighty diamond cutter erections subliminal, I’ve finally been able to drop the Overcome ED sub from a competitor and make the transition to SubClub products!

My current daily schedule looks like this:
1x Diamond Dick Ultima AM (headphones)
1x Diamond Dick Ultima PM (headphones)
1 or 2 loops ManStark custom PM (iPhone ultrasonic)

Initial thoughts on Diamond… love it. Does exactly what it says. Super horny, increased sensation in genitalia, and most importantly… with some self-stimulation… some of the best boners I’ve had. Hornier than even my ManSlut custom with Primal Seduction + Sex Mastery + other sex goodies. Without stimulation, flaccid size becomes noticeably fuller, so seems to be encouraging increased blood flow down there.

Also weird thing where random memories of girls I haven’t thought about in years will flash into my minds eye for a second and I’ll be like… wtf why has she just popped up? Perhaps that’s the sub’s method of getting the horn in full gear. Will keep using and see if it maintains or even improves long term. Thank you again Subclub for the free release!

Hard to comment on ManStark, it’s only been 2 days of listening and with lock down not able to test it out much, so will keep getting my loops and letting it install itself before post-lockdown unleashing.

Have asked @SaintSovereign about a custom ultima based on long term seduction for my free gift so waiting to hear if that’s a viable option… there’s lots of anecdotes of people listening to loops and having people contact them out the blue so should be interesting to see what an ultima completely focused on this goal would be able to accomplish…


Hey, congratulations on winning the contest :partying_face: I will be looking forward to reading your journal. You included Ultimate writer and Dragon’s Tongue in ManStark, you won’t be writing erotic literature by any chance, will ya :stuck_out_tongue:?

Also, what’s your custom ultima like?


Thanks man! Funny you say that about erotic literature… it’s something I’ve considered before but never did due to having a girlfriend. Maybe now is the time to try it out lol. Those modules are mainly in there to help with employment, I’ll be looking for a job in marketing so ultimate writer for writing copy and dragon tongue for presentations and generally being witty.

Haven’t had the custom ultima yet, Saint PM’d asking what I want so I floated the idea by him, waiting to hear back as to whether he’s happy to build it or not :slight_smile:


Ran 2 loops ManStark right before bed.

Was tired before and during the loops so figured I’d fall straight to sleep as they processed. On the contrary, as soon as I got into bed post loops I was wide awake and my mind was flooded with ideas. A fantasy popped into my head in which I won the EuroMillions. I imagined myself using the money to take out advertisements in all the major media outlets on one specific day… a takeover campaign to convince EVERYBODY in the world to contribute a small amount to a fund I’d set up to then combat poverty worldwide. Shit was crazy, I’m meant to be trying to sleep and I’m laying in bed writing the copy for the adverts and planning how I’m going to influence everybody to participate in my head. :joy:

I think it could really work, if someone with money stepped up and did it. “The day has come. The day mankind said enough is enough. When people look back on today, which side of it will you be on? Will you have been a part of our evolution, or will you forever regret the day you could have been a part of history but did nothing?” Lol. That’s some Stark shit right there I’d imagine.

Exhausted this morning unfortunately, struggled to even get my eyes open. I’ll experiment with 1 loop of ManStark during the early afternoon instead and save the Diamond Ultima loops for later in the evening, see if I can ride the mind racingness of ManStark in the afternoon/evening and end the day with some strong ass boners to rock myself to sleep with.


I’m Also interested in that long term seduction module in a custom. I’ve been thinking of which modules to pair with it. Probably transcend connection.


I’ve asked them to make it for me with whatever modules they think best so when I get it I’ll let you know what they went with.

5 days done, next 2 days will be rest.

I absolutely love Diamond Ultima, effects have been consistent, more horn and more bone. Only downside is the urge to fap is strong post loops but with willpower it’s manageable.

Running only 1 loop of ManStark is seeming to exhaust me for the entire day… I’m actually excited for the rest days to get some energy back. Hopefully it’s just beginner issues and with time I’ll adapt and get back to normal energy levels.