The ManSlut & ManSocial & ManStark- Q Customs


Not sure what’s going on but something’s messing me up with my current stack. I’m not usually one to feel strong reconciliation, I ran previous subs like Emperor, Daredevil, Spartan as well as ManSlut and ManSocial without any issues other than a bit of tiredness, but there’s something about my current stack that seems to be causing it big time. I’m feeling really lethargic with brain fog which is making me frustrated and angry. I had a bit of a breakdown last night, tears were shed, things were punched, it wasn’t pretty. I’m grateful for the couple of days off if I’m honest.

Not sure if there’s something in ManStark that’s causing it, or if the combo of ManStark and Diamond Ultima is too much for my brain, or some combo of both. My gut is telling me there’s something in Stark that my subconscious really doesn’t want to agree with…

Will carry on anyway and pray things smooth out over time.

Edit: Although just remembered one upside, had a nice dream I seduced and fucked Ariana Grande last night :shushing_face:


I had a similar dream once about Maisie Williams.


well, not fucking her. We went on a date. I woke up before I could initiate sex. sucks.


The new variable for you is Ultima I believe.
Ultima can be very taxing, maybe cut one loop back a day or every other day.


Lol well if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t actually get to the fucking with Ari either. I kissed her, got my hands in her panties and felt her wetness, then woke up.

@Azriel You might be right… gonna be hard to give up the Diamond Dick though, I need my daily dose.


Lol ok this is motivation, deen thinking about giving diamond ultima a test out for a week to see whats up


it’s a tough choice
bad mood with a hard dick
or good one and without one


I’m sure you’ll adapt soon enough and get the best of both


@NinjaFox oh you’ll see what’s up alright

@Azriel no such thing as a bad mood with a hard dick!

Ran 1 loop Dickus Ultimas yesterday afternoon followed by 1 loop ManStark in the eve, think I’ve realised that’s the energy zapping culprit, not ManStark. Was really down yesterday, more tears, panic, anxiety, thoughts about never seeing my ex again and how she probably doesn’t’ give a flying fuck or waste a single thought on me. This passed and toward the end of the night I started to feel really good out of no where, like euphoric. It surprised me and I had no idea where it came from or what caused it, so I decided not to question it too much and just roll with it. ManStark did its thing where as soon as my head hit my pillow my mind raced with business/success ideas so I couldn’t sleep until 4am.

Woke up tired but the good mood maintained so doing my best to consciously sustain it and been successful so far. I’m trying to change the order so today I’ve run ManStark x1 early afternoon which didn’t tire me too much, now running DestroyerDick Ultima 1 loop in the late evening. My hope is the exhaustion from running it knocks me out so I sleep better… we’ll see.

My current theory is that the new stack all at once might have been too much: The Diamond Dick loop would exhaust me, and then the additional loop of ManStark would cause reconciliation, factor in the tiredness on top of that and it would put me in a pretty rough place. With time I seem to be adjusting to it.

My productivity has shot up tremendously. I can’t even allow myself to have any leisure time any more, if what I’m doing isn’t contributing to my fitness/career/social goals in some way, I can’t relax while doing it. That’s been the biggest change so far I attribute to ManStark.


I ran Diamond Dick loop test and that shit knocked me out for a day almost. It may just take some getting used to.

Pride Unbroken would be a good module for your next custom or to modify a current custom with


Pride Unbroken


People leave. They can make you feel insignificant, as if you never mattered. They can prioritize others or their goals over you. They can disappear, or never even give you a chance. They can ignore you while giving others the world. It is something incredibly complex, and the feelings this causes can be with you for life. Worthlessness, powerlessness, indignation… Pride Unbroken is here to make you realize that your worth is much more than the way others might have treated you. You will realize your limitless, true worthiness, you will learn of your positive pride, while letting go of the negative feelings and beliefs holding you back. You might have been beaten down, but your Pride is… Unbroken.

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@ichigo isn’t it crazy that you got the exact sub you wanted made by SC…and then you got it for free?


@Azriel yeah it is surprisingly tiring, must be really powerful. It’s funny I made ManStark a couple of days before it was announced there would be a module 3 pack, but no regrets, I think there’s some modules in there that will help this indirectly fingers crossed. I’m feeling far less sad about the situation since last night and still into today so I think some sort of barrier has been crossed and I’ve finally reached acceptance in the grief process.

@SubliminalUser and guessed correctly and won the competition for another free custom sub. That really was something else :joy: TY SC <3


With the addition of Diamond Ultima into my stack and having Libertine, PSIT and Sex Mastery Ultimas available if I want to use them, plus a custom Long Range Seduction Ultima on the way, I’ve decided to remodel ManStark after listening to it for a while to shift the focus away from sexuality entirely. The main objectives are to:

-1.) Increase daily energy levels and productivity
-2.) Increase creativity
-3.) Increase sociability
-4.) Increase confidence and self-belief

Here’s what I have planned and am likely to pull the trigger on soon for ManStark v2 (numbers next to them indicate which objectives they will fulfill):

Stark Q Core - 2, 3, 4
Daredevil Q Core - 3, 4
Ascension Core - 4

Cape Diem Ascended - 1, 4
Charisma and Flirter Automatic Mentor - 3
Chosen of Venus - 1, 2, 3, 4 (love improves everything)
Deep Sleep - 1
Dragon Tongue - 3
Emperor’s Voice - 3, 4
Harmonic Singularity - 1, 2, 3, 4 (decreased tension improves everything)
IQ & Cognitive Booster - 2
Inexhaustible - 1
Joi De Vivre - 1, 3
Male Enhancement - 4
Natural Winner - 1, 4
Prevent PE - 4
Productivity Unleashed - 1
Sacred Words - 2
Ultimate Writer - 2
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation & Energy - 1

If any one sees any glaringly obvious cores/modules they think I should use or replace current ones with please let me know!


I like how you’ve organized them with objectives. I’d add Mosaic.


@RVconsultant I thought about it but couldn’t find anything to drop it out to fit it in so it didn’t make the cut!

I’m impatient so I ordered. Now waiting on my free custom ultima and a new custom Q… that’s it now… no more new subs until 2022!


That’s a fantastic idea
what are you putting in it !?


That’s the thing, I have no idea! I asked Saint to make an ultima that would most effectively use LRS and he said he would see with Fire what would be best so I’m excited to see what turns up


can you let me know or tag me when you find out !?
I may copy it :slight_smile:


Ooooh man I can’t wait for this can you tag me too?


Been thinking about this myself, tag me once they get back to you


I’ll let you fellas know when I hear from the maestros.