The ManSlut & ManSocial & ManStark- Q Customs


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As promised gentlemen, here’s what Fire suggested to me:

Hmmm… I would go for one of these:

  • LRS
  • Libertine
  • Spotlight (if you have social media)
  • Yggdrasil


  • LRS
  • Yggdrasil
  • DEUS

First option will have Libertine’s sexual aura, which we have found to have an effect on dating apps, and Spotlight will be further helpful in that area.

Second option will be completely focused on LRS.

I went for the second option as I’ve already got Libertine so can run it straight after if required and as I’m running Stark I assume that will already have Spotlight included inside of it.

Also ManStark v2 was completed and sent to me yesterday, I wasn’t expecting to get it over the weekend so that was a good surprise! First loop will take place in a few hours.

Oh yeah, something weird as fuck happened to me this morning in bed. Yesterday I listened to 1 loop ManStark v1 and then 1 loop Libertine Ultima v1 right before bed. I had some weird sleep paralysis shit this morning. I was dreaming, and then I woke up in my bedroom and I felt a presence behind me, I tried to turn round to look but I couldn’t. Then I saw out of my peripheral it was a demon like woman who was like spooning me. She looked terrifying, like a fucking zombie: demonic, rotten and manic. It felt like she was sucking the life out of me like a dementor or some shit. I felt myself trying to scream “Help me” and my voice sounded like it would as a child, but because of the paralysis I couldn’t move so I could only hear my voice in my head. Then I kept fighting trying to take control back over my body, and eventually I woke up. Can still feel it feels weird on the right side of my neck where she was draining the energy out of.

Not sure what to make of that! I also started meditating for the first time in ages, thinking about breathing in love and breathing out fear, perhaps that had something to do with it. I don’t like to think about it too much… the whole astral plane / demons / lower entities thing scares the fuck out of me after that, so I’ll assume it was just a dream and try to forget about it lol.


Man I used to get those in my early 20s. I didn’t know what to do so I just prayed it away. Weird shit used to happen to me at night.


Had my first loop of ManStark v2 this afternoon, it’s evening now. The entire day has been a write off because of me running Libertine before bed last night, meant my sleep was fuxxed. Seeing as it’s already a write off, I ran a loop of Diamond for the fuck of it. Should be able to get an early night and wake up refreshed tomorrow.

Early symptoms are that my neediness and longing for my ex has shot to the surface once more. This happened when I started ManStark v1 and I’m thinking it might be a form of reconciliation I go through with new stuff. Sort of my subconscious saying “Aw man we don’t want to do this, where’s our girlfriend to comfort us and make it feel okay” perhaps. Urge to message her is strong but I won’t.

There’s a nice bit of IDGAF kicking around in my brain that I associate with Daredevil. Love that sub. ManSocial with Primal + Daredevil was so awesome but unfortunately, need to focus on my career at this point. Fun can come later.


Last loop today for the first 5 days of ManStark v2. What I’ve noticed so far:

-Brain fog (hopefully it’s reconciliation and not because there’s too much in the sub)
-Periods of neediness and anxiety
-Restlessness and inability to enjoy recreational activities, feelings of guilt when not doing something productive but then not having the brain power or direction to know what to do to be productive

I’ve been meditating more which has been new. I wrote some instructions for myself for whenever I’m feeling needy which I’ve shortened down to a step by step process: Let go (of the past). Be here (presence) Relax (deep breathing, love) Take Action

I find myself spending lots of time trying to work out how I can provide value and what I have to offer the world but it’s frustrating as I cannot find anything. I’m afraid of commitment, I’m afraid to put in loads of effort for something as I don’t believe it will succeed and it will have been a waste of my time. It’s a block I haven’t been able to move past. I think it might be Ascension that’s bringing these thoughts to the forefront.

It’s my birthday today and I’m 29. I treated myself to True Social ultima today, running it right now. I aim to be self-sufficient, socially fulfilled and adding value to the world somehow by the time I hit 30. ManStark 2, let’s get there! Here’s my planned listening pattern:

4 Days on, 2 Days off
On waking - 1 loop Social King to get in social mood for the day
Afternoon - 1 loop ManStark v2 or 1 loop Diamond Ultima (alternate days)
Eve - optional 1 loop custom Long Range Seduction Ultima when I get it

Ultimas for special occasions: Libertine, PSIT, Sex Mastery, True Social, Love Bomb ( :wink: )


ManStark is such a bitch to run. I’m not sure if I can handle it at the moment.

My current situation is I’ve been unemployed for nearly a year. Living alone in my flat after my ex left me. Only people I see are my family and on occasion a couple of close friends because of this fucking lock down. I think ManStark might be too much for me to run at this stage in my life. I’m thinking about swapping it out for ManSocial, which is a custom with Daredevil/Primal/Sex Mastery. I think I need to focus on this point at regaining my social skills, clearing out fears and just getting myself back to a position of being a man who isn’t so full of fear. Running Stark as I am right now, telling my subconscious to push towards being a playboy billionaire, might be too much at this stage as I’m so far away from the target.

I just need to get rid of some of this fear and anxiety I feel at reintegrating into the work place, and I’m thinking ManSocial might be a better tool for the job as I am right now, then once I’ve levelled up a bit ManStark can come back into play.

Gah, I dunno. I have a 2 day break now to think about it. Any advice is welcomed.


I’m curious, what kind of headphones do you use for listening? :slight_smile:


For Q subs I use ultrasonic out my iPhone speakers

For ultimas, I play them out a FiO FLAC player I have with these headphones -


Decided to swap back to ManSocial, ran 2 loops yesterday.

Feels like the right decision: the ManStark sub is not good for me right now with where I am. It’s pushing me to take action, but I don’t know what that action is and do not have the capabilities to do much right now with lock down, so it puts me in a constant state of unease.

ManSocial has calmed me down more, I’m being kinder to myself, it has removed a lot of the pressure. It feels like more what I need at this moment in time.


Loving me my ManSocial.


ManSocial - Lucifer vibe


Daredevil Core
Primal Core
Sex Mastery Core


Approachability aura
Attachment destroyer
Auric overdriver
Deep sleep
Dragon tongue
Emperor’s Voice
Focused arousal
Godlike masculinity
Long Range Seduction
Male enhancement
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Seducer’s Gaze
Sensuality and Handsomeness Improver
Sexual manifestation
Ultimate writer

Listening pattern I have been enjoying so far is:
Day 1, 3, 5 = 2 loops ManSocial Q
Day 2, 4 = Ultimas depending on needs
Day 6, 7 = Rest days

I dunno how some of you guys can handle so many Q loops and Ultima loops simultaneously. Guess my brain is ultra weak, or perhaps it’s because of being locked in and depressed, but I cannot do Q and Ultima on the same day. This pattern has been working better for me thus far.

Love ManSocial. Feeling happy again. PRIMAL is such a bomb sub. Feel that aggression coming from root chakra, but it’s a happy aggression, a drive to get things gone but then not really giving a shit about the outcome.

Come to think about it, ManSocial is less Lucifer and more Tyler Durden in its effect.

I’m less concerned with starting my own business or making money. Frankly, I don’t give a shit about those things. As long as I have enough money to be comfortable, then I am okay. Some wise dude said something like the happiest man is the one who is content with the least. Money has never really been that large of a motivator for me, and to try to force it to be with my subliminal direction is just met with resistance on my part. Not because I don’t think I can do it, but because deep down my soul doesn’t really care to do it.

My goals for 2021 are to:

-Let go. Get out of your comfort zone and stop living in fear. Be relaxed and in the moment. Playful. Hank Moody, Sadghuru, Tyler Durden. Cool as a fucking cucumber, unreactive, unaffected. Already have everything I need within. Complete lack of neediness. Total state control and mastery. Control through increased self awareness through meditation.

-Write a novel and release it, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to a charity.

-Get a job that pays me enough so that I can live as I want, which does not make me unhappy or cause me unnecessary stress. Something that challenges me in a positive way, but doesn’t make me feel depressed and overwhelmed.

-Make connections, both sexual and platonic, with people and build an enjoyable social life. Love people without attachment. Have new experiences.

-Fully accept that if I cannot be with my ex, it is okay if I never see or speak to her again if that is what is going to bring her the most happiness in her life.