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Oh I understand, I just fundamentally disagreed with it is all. Of course, it’s up to each person to make their decisions and learn from their own life’s experiences. Though I am not the de facto authority on the subject matter, I just wanted to express my thoughts on that. Almost felt obligated to. I have seen that scenario of ‘trying to win back’ play out many times in my life and others’ lives. Whether it works or not in the short-term, I don’t believe it’s healthy or sustainable. imo. And I personally believe this is all directly correlated with self-worth, self-esteem, and self-respect. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But I want to encourage him to atleast be honest and introspective with himself. Of course it is up to @ichigo to decide what he wants to do. We’re all just trying to help him

No disrespect to you of course. This forum should always be a place where we can challenge each other’s ideas. In a civil, respectful way of course. My ideas too. sometimes I may sound too dogmatic


This is one reason I like this forum, there is a degree of polite disagreement. With a bit of polite disagreement, people can read and select different options.

Keep posting!


Thanks for your advice @i_am and @RVconsultant, I found both your guys points really helpful.

It’s been a continuous head fuck, stuck in a mental loop of trying to figure out her behavior and what I did wrong and where I should have seen things coming. There’s a continual battle between the alpha in me, who says fuck her, she wasn’t who you thought she was and you deserve better, and the beta in me, who misses her deeply, feels helpless at the idea of never seeing her again and is worried for her and her future happiness.

I re-read The Rational Male last night and made notes, it helped to illuminate some things. I had all this knowledge before the relationship but then over the course of 3 years I let things slip and got too comfortable. I forgot that just because you feel unconditional love for somebody, it doesn’t mean they will do the same in return, even if they insist they do too. It wasn’t pleasant reading, but I needed it, and although the pill is indeed bitter, it has helped to make a little more sense of things.

The pain is still very much there, but I don’t want to go down the healing route, as I’ve been there before and in life there is always something to heal. I would rather try to take action through the pain and get rid of it that way.

New sub finally arrived (ManSocial) and I’m running 4 loops today. As I can’t socialize much right now with lock down, I’ll just be testing how I feel internally and how tired it makes me over the next 5 days. ManSlut got me feeling really run down after about 3 days of running it. I think it might have been the combo of my lethargy due to unhappiness and the high energy requirements with the auras.

My initial feeling is that it’s making me want to read/research seduction, instead of focusing on this qualification.


There were probably things you like about what she did, and some things she did you disliked. I think grief over loss, feeling compassion for someone, and being alpha are different things.

That to me sounds like trying to be indifferent. I think being indifferent and being alpha are different skills.

It maybe true she wasn’t who you thought she was. It may also be true that she changed some how and it wasn’t obvious.

I know it hurts… even if you’re alpha. :grin:

To me, this sounds like grief over a loss.

I think this sounds like compassion.

Of course you feel many different things. There are some people who want people to think that men are supposed to be The Terminator.

If you hurt, you might want to take time to heal.


You did well to re-read The Rational Male. I remember the first few times I had to read such bitter truths, the world seemed unfair and being a man didn’t look like a good option. We have to struggle to be of any sexual value and that is a fact.

But the pain of loss is mostly heightened by our inexperience and the freshness of our wounds. It has nothing to do with the women we have lost. Trust me but when the redpill finally seems like common sense to you, you will receive your power back and then no one else can take it from you whether it be man or woman.

You will eventually get your frame. For what is life without you being your mental point of origin? That is what being alpha is all about.

For now, bear the pain. It will scar you. And you will grow thicker skin.

You. Will. Be. Tougher.