The Music Thread


Anybody remember La luna?


Wow, you went straight from 2-digit BPM to three digits. Brought me back to my eurodance days. What’s next, Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo? :wink:

Great songs though, thanks!

So, since I do have a style, I started out considering Dune’s Million Miles, then I went from Million Miles to Robert Miles’ Children and went to York’s Reachers of Civilization. And then my subconscious programming won out and I slowed down again. Sorry, low BPM from me.

At least the original has beats, right?

By the way, if you’ve never seen the official video for Titanium, you should. It leaves an impression.


Haha. looks like we like a lot of the same stuff :wink:. Good one. I needed this song you posted to bring me back down to a calm. Love it. Glad you posted otherwise i probably would have gone to industrial next :rofl:


When you mentioned Euro dance it specifically brought Noemi back in my mind. So here she is. One of my best live experiences I’ve ever had was seeing her



Chill out & relax.


Lo-Fi is kinda underappreciated ain’t it?




lowrider has calmed down (loved Noemi though). I was going to respond with George Davidson’s rendition of Mariage d’Amour, which I think is better than the original and a really really wish I could find the sheet music and/or a MIDI file for it so I can learn to play it. But instead I ended up with another piano piece I’d love to learn.

As for My Immortal, the original is 90% piano already. I figure it deserves a mention.

She always plays it on piano during her concerts. I wonder if she’ll do it when I go and see her in April.

I’m sure I’ll get more creative soon.


Just dropping this one off, came up on my YT recommendations. I really should clear my browser soon, Google is getting too smart…



When I saw Linkin’ Park I was so expecting something lively. Thanks for keeping it low key.

I will temporarily go off the chill train and post something sexy, if for no other reason than that most of the world has no idea what to make of the sport that causes about as many traumatic brain injuries as boxing.

Boy, Jenny shows off that booty. As for Shak, she’s in my top 5 of celebrities I would love to be friends (preferably more) with in real life. She has that inherent sexiness in her aura, it looks effortless. Mixed with compassion it’s magic…






That girl in the first video has a voice that reminded me of the Cardigans. It’s that little strain at the start of a sentence, I forgot the technical term. So I ended up here.

Also considered My Favorite Game, but this one was a better comparison.

And that piano song just made it to my list of compositions I want to learn. Free sheet music, yay! Now if I could only read sheet music…

To counter, one of the more well known pianists on the internet of modern times.

I wanna learn how to play most of his compositions. :slight_smile:

Sax, always awesome. One of the very few instruments (violin being another) that can display the artist’s emotion to minute details. You can make it cry, you can make it laugh and everything in between. I tried learning it once, still have one. Unfortunately it is a loud instrument and the neighbors did not like my attempts at playing.

As for Malkuth, nothing triggered, maybe later.


@DarkPhilosopher so true. The sax and the violin are versatile when it comes to music especially when you add drums to it. I was going to learn how to play the drums but that was during a time when I was dependent on music. Since joining subclub I don’t find myself relying on it as much; not using it to hide.


My cats love this entire album, and I find it super relaxing as well. It’s the embedded purring I think, makes me instantly happy. Use a subwoofer for the best effect.