The Music Thread



No worries. Take your time. Debussy’s not going anywhere.


Oh, wow, that just triggered me. I just woke up with the memory of my last dream fresh(-ish) in my head. In it I was the person that had predicted the extinction of mankind. It ended about 10 years after that, with me in an embrace with my now wife (used to be my supervisor) and 9 year old daughter, overlooking a large field with abandoned overgrown train tracks as society was slowly falling apart.

I had just written it out in my note-app as a short summary. And then I read “Debussy’s not going anywhere.”

At first it made me smile, thinking “I sure hope not, with him being dead and all.”

And then I heard this song in my head, pretty much the one Debussy song everybody knows:

And as I started playing it to see if I should post it, it was like the credits started rolling to that dream as it faded out to black.

Thank you for a tear-jerking (emotional and perfect) ending to my dream.




Not my usual slow style, but this song makes me smile and bob my head side to side a lot. Maybe it’s because it is a bit playful. Mr. Rat has more songs like that.

Oh and lowrider, you are correct, we seem to have similar tastes in music I’d say. :slight_smile:


The Youtube algorithm recommended this to me today. So I wanted to share it:


My current mood while studying for my exam






i love this woman



i just learned that the great Lyle Mays passed on 10 February 2020.

My next few posts will be dedicated to his music.




And now these are just to make me happy



My personal favorite for reading - can be inter used with some binaural beats in the background as well.


Ah, that’s Saint-Saens right at the beginning. A composer I really love.

Here’s another Impressionist composer, Faure.

Listen and feel your stress melt away.