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Need this right now


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I am just loving this right now, especially while listening to Khan St1.



She owned that.

I don’t usually like ballads. But she killed that.

at 18 years of age. (just looked that up)

That is amazing.

I hope she has a long, healthy, successful life and career.


friday jinxed the thread, NewLease posted that video 2 weeks ago. I remember listening to it while on another thread, hearing the instrumental and thinking to myself “wow, that sounds like a Bond song, they should use it.” :slight_smile:

Still, first duplicate in 224 posts is not bad.

I miss the old Bond, when the bad guys had zero conscience (think View to a Kill), before they were emasculated. When Bond only once fell in love (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) and was the ultimate player. When Bond Girls were still Bond Girls and not Highly Successful Independent Women That Bond Interacts With And Have Equal Or Higher Value Than He Does Because We Will Get Sued Otherwise. Nothing wrong with the last one (just in case somebody is considering suing me over this comment), but it does change the Bond experience.

I haven’t posted one in a while, so I’ll throw in a ballad too.

This one reminds me painfully how badly I want to learn how to dance. She is amazing.


It’s good enough for a second post :+1:


Ohh I would say @NewLease has good taste then :wink:


I very much agree with you on that. Nothing wrong with independent woman but they should not be in a movie like Bond. The atmosphere is just different




Let’s take this back for a second.

‘I presume that everyone’s saying …’


The king of freestyle from the 80’s still making hits.




Oh wow. Your really taking us back in time amash :grinning:


Yes and no :joy:






I’m adding this in to educate the young 'uns. This is where that scene comes from.

If you’ve never seen Office Space you are missing out. On top of that, the storyline is actually kind of appropriate on a subliminal forum…

No music from me, I’m listening to EQ masked all day long. :wink: