The Music Thread


:rofl: Thanks @DarkPhilosopher


Samir: Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam? I swear to God, one of these days I am just kicking this this piece of shit out the window!

Michael Bolton: You and me both, man.


If “No Time To Die” was my Khan St1 song, this would be my EmperorQ one.


I think you’ll like this one darkie. 2 versions


My after work mood today


I began with Simon and Garfunkle’s “The Sound of Silence” this morning, but without a doubt, Disturbed’s version trumps it. He expresses a LOT more emotion with his vocals than S&G.




Dope. The sax at the end of that Lupe joint is crazy.


EmperorQ Anthem




Wow, guys! Since EmperorQ trials started, your musical choices went from 0 to 60 in record time!

Second jinx, some guy named @DarkPhilosopher posted that Disturbed track way back when. But, like friday said, this song deserves a second mention.

Thanks for the Moonnight videos, lowrider!

I’m not letting EmperorQ win this battle, I’m posting something mellow again.

Here’s a supercharger for you. While listening to this song, imagine this:

You are standing on the balcony of your California beach house, a celebrity party filled with gorgeous women going on behind the closed doors inside.

You’re taking a little break from the women, power and fortune, staring out at the moonlight, the ocean and the city skyline in the distance with this song playing in your head.

Take a deep breath of fresh ocean air and as you breathe out, let all the tension go. Recall the memories of how you got here, the challenges you had to overcome.

You worked hard for a long time, fighting an uphill battle, but now you know you own the world.

You are undefeated.

[SOLO] Emperor Goes A Capella

But of course, time comes to mingle with your guests again. So you open the glass sliding doors and go back inside, this song playing on the sound system, your smart house bathing the spacious room in colors tuned to the music.

People hang on your every word as you move effortlessly through the room, never missing an opportunity to do some kino, placing your hands on shoulders and lower backs, whispering in people’s ears, eliciting naughty smiles and suggestive looks.

An invitation to one of your parties is like being knighted by the Queen of England or playing James Bond. Everybody desires it.

They too know you own the world.


The night is coming to an end, it’s time for you to choose the lucky ladies that will be having breakfast with you.

The music turns more sensual as they start showing off for you, leaning in for intimate embraces and stolen kisses, dancing ever more seductively. You let them, it’s cute how badly they want it.

Which ones will you choose? Just two? Or is two too common and will you get four? Two to play with you and two to play with each other? Will they be models? Celebrities? Or the girl next door?

You didn’t think I was done, did you? To be continued…


As the last guests leave, it’s time to retire to the bedroom. The house is a mess, but you’re certain the girls will clean up for you before leaving tomorrow. They love showing off how well they can take care of you.

With your arms around two girls’ waists, you stroll into the bedroom. You are well prepared, you know what women like. So well, they call you the woman-whisperer.

The lighting is just right, a few candles and some unique crystals set the mood. And a lot of soft, fluffy pillows, of course.

You never understood why women love so many fluffy pillows. Until you witnessed a lingerie pillow fight when they threw you a surprise birthday party. Now, you feel a man can never have enough fluffy pillows…

Let’s play…

Sweet dreams…


I am loving Midnight Blues :heart_eyes: @DarkPhilosopher


Morning is here. It’s time to wake up and get moving…

You wake up to the sounds of one girl whispering softly in your ear all the things she’ll do for you if you keep her, while another prefers action to words and is planting little kisses… everywhere.

The rising sun warms up your face. A gentle breeze is moving the curtains like waves, carrying the scent of breakfast and fresh coffee.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your awesome life, Emperor.

This musically guided visualization was a DarkPhilosopher presentation. Feel free to suggest different or additional videos for the different segments, or ways to improve the story. I don’t mind making this a cooperative effort. Remember to close your eyes while listening to the music and visualize. With or without Mind’s Eye. :wink:

Roll credits.

Goodbyes are tough. But there’s always next time.


Heck yeah. I can hardly keep up here. This is freaking stellar. From darkphilosopher to Erotic-philosopher. Love all the songs and posts. Keep it coming please :grinning:


I know right. Check out his “Little Death” song if you get the chance.