The Music Thread


You made this yourself? @Malkuth It is not bad =)


This is some great chillout/lounge type music. Digging those pads, really set the mood for the piece. Very calming and lighthearted.


Since most of us are shut inside our homes, maybe feeling sorry for yourselves, here’s a little reminder of the world out there for a lot of people.



Haven’t heard this in a while.

If you ever need to walk in slow motion away from an explosion, cue this up first


and while we’re there, might as well eff this one up too.



Have had this video for a few years. Haven’t actually watched the anime from which the images are taken. But just now, I watched it with the volume off for the first time, and I can tell it’s really 感動/touching/will make you teary.


Just don’t watch “Grave Of The Fireflies.” That will break your heart and keep it broken.



Mood with the release of Q coming closer




With every different subliminal my mood and music taste changes.

@DarkPhilosopher Midnight Blues become one of my absolutely favourite songs. Do you have any more of these?


a perfect moment, to me


Haven’t posted anything in a while. Been very busy. Besides, it would appear all your tastes in music have changed since y’all started on EmperorQ. I’m the only one still chilling.

@friday Tough one, let me see. If I imagine the same scenario of standing on that balcony staring off into the distance, this one works as well:

Amazing cover and abused in at least 3 TV series.

I’ll keep looking for you.

@Malkuth When I listened to that one, I imagined a time-lapse map of the earth with a red color spreading across the map, indicating COVID spreading.


whoa. We had very different take-aways from that piece of music. Now that you say that, I can hear it how you did. I should have put up an Advisory Warning at the top of my post.

My mind just naturally identifies WITH the music rather than against it. When I hear it, I feel like that power is flowing through me.


Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. A hero is shaped through adversity. You feel the power flowing through you, I instead see the adversity, then feel what it would be like to have overcome it. My imagination plays the entire action movie, not just the happy ending. :slight_smile:

PS And it stays seated through the credits, just in case there’s a teaser at the end.

@friday Nothing is exactly like Midnight Blues it seems (although it sounds a bit like some Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler), but this is another one that comes in the neighborhood.


I love them already <3

But you are right, nothing is like Midnight Blues