The Music Thread


I liked it. Not sure if this is like it at all but her voice is sexy.


Is this thread only between us two? Wheres everybody’s posts? :wink:


I guess we are the cool kids right now.

Another song that is very suggestive without actually mentioning sex…

Most of the songs by this artist are great to set the mood. For me anyways. It’s probably the rhythm in the bass that does it.


Another good one. Subliminal Club’s top 10 charts?


Don’t know more like that (which is why I asked), although I may post something in my next “Something Completely Different” section. For now, I came across this after falling into the YouTube black hole and I really liked it.




One of my favorites. Talamaska!



Late 90’s Alternative beatmatched and mixed seamlessly by DJ Flash





Just noticed this thread. I remember UNKLE from back in the days. That was DJ Shadow, right? Maybe with Krush.

Tonight, I’m on some Jon Hopkins Second Sense. Beautiful but ornery vibe.


Today I’ve been listening to this Spanish Flamenco guitar mix. Lots of good hits on it.


The lyrics of this song are possibly the most inspirational I know. Amazing message. Could even be the message behind SubClub. Video is well-done as well.

This one’s for @SaintSovereign, may you overcome your demons.