The Music Thread


Thanks for the recommendation but the start/stop/start nature did not do it for me.



Keep looking


I am sure many people here are waiting for the upcoming subliminals


That moment when reconciliation fades away





I consider Jon Hopkins a musical mentor though he’s 6 years my junior (and we’ve never met).

Form By Firelight


What does everyone think of Lady Gaga’s latest album, Chromatica?


Release worry, fear and anxiety while restoring DNA to it’s original state. Balance your energy bodies while listening to subliminal’s. As I’ve said many times before, you capability of handling and processing subliminal’s are in alignment with your Emotional State. The audio linked below will increase results by elevating your emotional state to a balanced state of peace and bliss.


Is this a subliminal, or purely music?3


no subliminal, only music with specific frequencies. But very effective


Why not listen to this in between loops of our stack? Rather than white noise?


You can also overlay ultrasonic and the music simultaneously if you wish, or you use it in the breaks as you suggested.


I’m overlaying my stack with canon in d lol.

For breaks in between loops, wouldnt this be better than white noise?


Yes, instead of white noise or a silenced track this one would actually be preferable for the healing properties. Now some people might just like white noise or a silenced track as personal preference.

I always use Binaural Beats, Uplifting Music or Frequency Tuned music alongside the Masked Tracks on my headphones. You can also inter use it with the Ultrasonic tracks on headphones, but for me personally I tend to prefer the Masked ones.


Awesome. Do you know of anything that can help clear negative emotions and remove energetic blockages in the chakras, meridians, aura?


What do you think of this:


For clearing negativity and balancing mind-body and soul I always use 174hz or 417hz you’ll notice how these frequencies do just that and are very effective at it. I’ll link two videos below. If you do not like there audio you can always just look up other audio videos of the same frequency in Hertz, I personally like Mettaverse Music, Meditative Mind and Source Vibrations.


Mind giving me the low down on the reason(s) for these 2 frequencies?