The Music Thread


Those we’re in my YouTube list, I have a list called ‘Vibrational Healing’ where I was adding in music videos that I liked and these two we’re in it. Nothing out of the ordinary, any music video listed with a certain frequency will do it’s job. Anyhow these two have just worked very well in the past and I like the sounds of them.

Your preference could be different :slight_smile:


I also like Classical Music tuned to 432 Hz, from Giuseppe Verdi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin. (There music is naturally tuned to 432 Hz).



For those who love and experiment, I encourage you to listen the audio file below in combination with a subliminal. Sit or lie down comfortably, and let the subliminal’s with the brainwave track sink in. The best way to do this is to not think of anything at all; no analyzing, not making sense off, no logical thinking – try to feel and be within your body instead.

The Audio File below, if you allow it to, will alter you brainwave state and open up the gates to your unconscious. After the session, remove the headphones and let that session process for awhile. Now you may analyze and make sense of how you’re feeling.


It’s exactly 1hour in duration too!


This seems to be ideal for Terminus



Turkish March is awesome…


When the Q store opens


This thread has changed so much, I wonder if people’s tastes changed because of the subs or growth they experienced. Either way, it’s not really my kind of music anymore. Well, apart from the meditative sounds Hermit’s been posting, but those are not clips.

However, I found another blues for @friday

Closest I got to Midnight Blues so far I think.


This one might be fun if you’re on minds eye.

This one gives me butterflies and goosebumps and I can feel the momentum. It’s beautiful.





Classic Gaga. To me she’s the greatest artist of the last 20 years.



probably doesn’t belong here, but I had to share this as it is too important.






Who loves liquid?