The Music Thread











Mood music:


Absolutely love this one



@blackadder Love that song too. Plus, that’s one of those videos that make you want to see the rest of the movie. Learn how it ends. Some artists have that. One I know has an entire movie woven through an album, and it comes with a comic explaining the story. That’s dedication.

Then there is the weird ones…

And in the category of music I found while looking for stuff to listen to while doing psychedelics:

Hey, I can post three, I’m not around in this thread so much anymore.




Had to check whether these were actual 80s songs that I’d somehow never heard, or if they were nostalgic retropop.

I honestly could not tell.

Makes me want to watch The Karate Kid.

hahaha. The name of the song ‘Infinite Repeat’ is a little ironic.

I feel nostalgic for it even though I never heard it before.


@Malkuth haha I feel nostalgic for an era I didn’t even exist in …


David Roth’s “Before I die” speaks of the desires of many people here…


Something different but the peace you feel from listening to it is just overwhelming @Hermit


Another favourite of mine from David Guetta. Spread the love and harmony no war just love and peace is what I feel when I listen to this one.