The Music Thread


Well, if we’re spreading peace, love and harmony…


A master artist at the peak of his craft

and still improving


Not for everyone, but great to concentrate and get into a “conquering” mindset :wink:


Came across this album the other day:


Sad he’s retiring


Clever, clever, clever homie


One of my favorite songs of all time:





Just some faves that came up on the Spotify Massive Attack radio:

This one I listened to all throughout Paris. I tend to get stuck on things that really hit me in some way:





When Limitless vibe hits …


Let’s take the music in a good direction again lol


Don’t know where this woman has been all my life, but I discovered her yesterday. This was a hit from 2007 on the billboard top 100. This song has such good vibes and an authentic feel to it. She gives me major INFP or ISFP vibes. I was watching a video about the production and she worked really closely with him on it, her voice works with the music in a way where it’s not just slapped on top.


Starting this week out right. Mood music:


This music vid must be the weirdest I have ever seen in my life, damn