The Music Thread




This was my favorite song for quite some time when I was 10 years old



How about this one?




This in tandem with Blue Skies is what the 5th dimension feels like.


This from the same soundtrack is somewhere on my list of great songs



You reminded me of the first song I heard by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince.

This was just unironically dope.





The 90’s Bruh! I miss it


Here’s a little sketch I wrote. Can’t believe it’s already more than 5 years ago. I’m still planning to go back at some point and mix these things properly.

Anyway some chill mood music.


Today Eddie Van Halen left this world after a long battle with cancer.
Thank you for all your music.


After releasing his third studio album, 1984’s Structures from Silence , Roach was asked to create music for the developing meditation, yoga and healing arts community in Los Angeles.

Quiet Music 1 was originally commissioned for a meditation video, while Quiet Music 2 was inspired by Roach’s time in deserts, and Quiet Music 3 was designed for Roach’s own personal healing practices.


Raw Power