The Music Thread


@mnemosyne mentioned Morcheeba in another thread and I was suddenly transported back to the summer of 2007 when I rocked this album nonstop. 'Twas a good year.


Back before Sia became Sia and she was the lead vocalist for one of my favorite bands, Zero 7:


Oh zero 7 is so good.


I met Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns in Baltimore during the “Yeah, Ghost” tour. Ate dinner with them and everything because there was only about 11 people at the concert.




I thought that looked like Marty Friedman.


I went to see them in concert. About 90% of the audience were men.

Where were all the goth girls?

Oh, there they are! They are up on stage being admired and adored!


(They have an official video of Draumadís on their channel you could watch if you have a tolerance for blood and ritualistic violence.)

Official channel:


Maybe kind of sort of live:


The great Guthrie Govan









I have recently learned about this band. Most excellent.