The Music Thread




Song which I find uplifting. Music written/performed/produced by my son.

Enter the Dragon - My new custom DRQ


“You have the power to heal yourself
All illness can be healed, the cell regenerates
Disambiguated situation
There is a secret code, the structure of the mind
And it has been cracked by Subliminal Club:rofl::rofl:


Was really bothering me. Couldn’t find this song. Used to love it (7 or 8 years ago, I think).

Finally found it. Yes!


That song moved me. Thank you for sharing it with us :smile:


On a tiny desk rewatch kick.


RIP DOOM - I’m not so much into hip hop any more, but growing up I loved this guy and these tracks take me back. The epitome of creativity.

Also Happy NY all lol


What the fuck?!

I didn’t hear about this.


Man, was I just wishing that you were wrong. Just went and checked. rest in peace brother. Rest In Power, king.

thanks for the heads up, @ichigo.

I have his first record. On wax. From before he was MF Doom. Back when he was Zev Love X with his group KMD. I’m sad to hear this. Back when I was a teenager, he went through the tragedy of losing his brother who was also in the group.


I just came here to post another song. But now I want to post a few favorite songs from him.

as MF Doom

with KMD

and way back when as a guest with 3rd Bass (verse 3, I think)


And now, what I was planning to post originally.

love this song. happy place.


I played this to my newborn baby, while he was trying to make his first step.
He told me “Sometimes you gotta run, before you can walk” and took off



No one did. Apparently, he died Oct. 31 and his circle just kept it quiet.



Man I can’t believe MF DOOM is gone. That guy was one of a kind. A true artist. He was one of the greats that showed me how much of an art sampling with hip hop really is. RIP


I get asked what I prefer to listen to and this is my favorite at the moment


Light preparing for bed music.

Naah, bit heavy for my tastes.

The biggest problem is that I can’t get the lyrics with this kind of music.


I can see the blades you’ve placed. The ones you dance upon. (On which you squirm.) Forcing movements that beg us to believe that the pain is foreign.

You don’t know what it is to be gutted. A black knife, searing and hungry.
What I wouldn’t give to find its home in you (twist.)
To find your fear and pray it dissolves you.

Soft hands and a soft mind.
A self-loathing, self-righteous excuse. Your suffering’s endless.
I watch you carve your skin. Milked ribbons they coil and wilt.
A bloated gut oozing your sorrow so slow and tender.
Weakling. May your sorrow bring fruition.
I hope that you find the pain you believe this world has built for you.

Your feeble shell crushed beneath a steady and rigid boot.
A whimper. A whispered weakness. A miserable fetal heart
That only knows the warmth of a guiding hand.
Insect. Craven. Deceiver.
Never to know the flavor of accountability.

Your tongue’s made sweet with pity and pleas.

You grow richer with every limp-necked sorrow.
You miserable fucking coward.
And you deserve the worst that this hard and indifferent world has to offer.


@Hoppa It’s a romantic song for those cold nights when you want to cuddle with someone