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Do you actually think it is good for your mental well being to listen to lyrics like this?

(Considering that we are on a subliminal forum where we understand that what we listen to effects us in some way).


@remarkable This will probably answer that


Not to my satisfaction, it doesn’t.

Media types are not exactly well know for understanding science even those billed as “science correspondents”. Any thick [edited] can be journalist, to really understand it would take another scientist.

Secondly we don’t even get a detailed examination of the methodology.

Thirdly, I am not accusing you of being a mad axeman unless there is something you want to confess to…

And I know there is another study that you can pull out that purports to point out that heavy metal listeners are “well adjusted”.

But well adjusted to do what, exactly? To put up with 70 year olds throwing a tantrum like a two year old?

You are in your early 50’s, you have been listening to heavy metal for what, the past 30 years and your life is not exactly where you want it to be.

And you are claiming that repeated listening to this sort of thing and singing along with it doesn’t enter your mental space and has no detrimental effect?


I would say significantly more well adjusted than people who listen to what is considered popular. If tolerating tantrums keeps my family safe then it’s worth it.

Too much work and sadly I don’t know anyone who owns a wood chipper

Weirdly enough I honestly thought my taste in music would become mellower as I got older but it’s actually become way more extreme compared to what I listened to ten or fifteen years ago. As far as my life not being where I want it to be I could argue that no one has a life they are entirely content with. Thanks to Saint and Fire I now have the ability to run Dragon Reborn which is as @SubliminalUser said significantly cheaper than therapy and does exponentially more. Paraphrasing there a bit.


Those lyrics sound to me like the writer/singer speaking to himself. And also by extension to others.

Haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s definitely hardcore Shadow Work.

I haven’t read that site. Just googled it and skimmed. Seems to have the core points.


@Malkuth Thank you for the link. I have been interested in shadow work. I believe @Voytek and I were discussing it recently


@Malkuth Just skimming through that now it feels like a lot of what I have been feeling most of the day today and I posted about on @Apollo journal
That music to me is so cathartic.


Synchronicity or, as some people call it, ‘Rhyming’. Where we can see some part of our own journey or inner process reflected in seemingly disconnected happenings around us. You think to yourself, ‘…I wonder if that anecdote about frogs not jumping out of water if you heat it slowly is actually true…’ and just as you think ‘frog’, you look up and see a frog hopping across the screen in a random video you were playing.


Well, I also found myself in a Shadow Work place this morning, unexpectedly. Wasn’t planning on it. It just happened. Got exposed to some Real-Ass Darkness (R&D?). And I’m appreciating (not joyfully) the fucked-up reality of it.

There it is. This is life. Deal with it now, or deal with it later.

just. keep. walking.

Okay, on a different note. apropos of frogs and of this thread’s purpose:

Here’s De La Soul 30+ years ago interpolating the Muppet Show theme into a hip-hop format. With some visuals from your man Kermit.


@remarkable As your post made so obvious it’s very easy to be judgemental or critical of someone or something you don’t know anything about. You may not be so quick to have such a harsh opinion if you took the time to get to know someone and what their life experience has been like. If you aren’t able to add value to anything without being immediately critical and condescending maybe it’s best you don’t say anything


I’m gradually digging through old tracks and experiments that I made some years ago and uploading them to YouTube.

This was one of the first ones I made when I discovered the NanoStudio app back in 2013/2014 and realized I could finally start fulfilling my childhood dream of making electronic music. (You used to have to pay thousands for the same synthesizer software that’s now available for $5 to $20. Of course, if you want the really good stuff, you still have to shell out for a proper Digital Audio Workstation. But these apps are still pretty good. They can be sketchpads to get you started. And I’m sure true experts can make these do amazing things.)

I’m a hobbyist and a beginner now. But I was even more so when I made this one. haha. IDGAF. It’s my music.





Jonas Brother x DNCE Mashup Cover by my son and his friend
my son is in the light blue windbreaker and white t shirt


For @Apollo @Voytek @RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher @Brandon @Hoppa


You rock, brother :fist_right:


Damn, this was awesome.



667 - The Neighbor of The Beast. :heart_eyes: