The Music Thread



Everytime i fail or fall this song gives me mental strength to keep on keeping on


Hey @dorfmeister why did you remove all your songs? There were some that I liked and was coming back to hear them. I don’t remember the names but they were the ones I starred.



My fault, probably. He was upset with me asking him to release his songs in moderation rather than in bulk. I was listening to one or two a day as well, but so be it.


@DarkPhilosopher Have you found any more good erotic songs?


When you said that, I thought of this classic piece of ear porn. Even though not in the same category as the other two, it often makes it onto my candlelit evenings:

Helena Christensen, former Angel, is 50 by now. Makes me feel old…

I’ll see if I can dig up some more of the silky style songs (although I was hoping others would find a few I don’t know about).

Discourse just informed me I posted more than 20% of the replies, which is ironic after asking Herr dorf not to post all his songs at once. I’ll remove my non-music posts as well, they are out of context now anyway.




@lowrider I’m sooooooooo happy that someone posted some psytrance on here. Talamasca is SO good, saw him live a few years back. :heart_eyes:


Anybody like Cashforgold? This one is quite hypnotic!


That’s awesome @Neurokinetic. I’m sure you had a blast there!


I always have a blast when there’s psytrance playing :smiley: I’ve been a psy DJ for about a decade now. Still working on producing my own tracks but electronic music production is a tough beast to master. Maybe when I buy QL that’s what I’ll put it toward :wink:


I’m sure you will be off the hook running Ql then. That’s cool. That may just bridge all your gaps!


Hey, no chatting, all post without a music video have to be in song form! :slight_smile:

Warmest Regards,

The Music Thread Troll

This is an artist that has been heavily abused in softcore films. I love their music. So in line with my previous video, enjoy…


This one kept popping into my head over the last week or two, so finally listened to it. Hadn’t heard it in years.


This was used for a cell phone company advert years and years ago and has been one of my favourites ever since :slight_smile:


I like to listen to this song when feeling down. I’m a big Eminem fan in general though.


This was even better live.

And the bit at the start makes me want to put up some Philip Glass.


Discovered this cover recently. The original is one of my favourites and this has got some serious heart in it