The Music Thread



Love this song


And since we’re already in Scandinavia, the achingly beautiful Agaetis Byrjun


And this guy


Anyone like AKACIA? Tim schaufert creates some nice chillstep tracks.


The long awaited

CASHFORGOLD & Tim Schaufert - Hypnotized

Has finally been released.



After an insanely long journey and a surprisingly long ending this song definitely has more impact on me than it would had I not taken the journey.

A word of caution though, some stories are best not absorbed while on Alchemist. It has a tendency to open up your mind to the unexplained and unknown and exposure to these stories make you think about Life, the Universe and Everything. As Douglas Adams knows, that thought can take a while and lead to even more questions.


For some reason, I keep on humming/singing this old song






Well, obviously this one won’t be out of place now…


Good one! I like them especially their earlier albums.


Haha, nice one :grinning: what came to my mind hearing it was this song.


Another one of those several day long journeys where you finally get a break in your camp at night and they throw in a great cutscene where you can really feel the mental exhaustion of all the members of your team. That leaves an impact.

The singer was also my love interest in the game, feisty redhead that knows how to kick behind and speaks with a slight French accent. Ah, the good old days. Before subliminals told me playing computer games is a waste of my precious time.


That reminds me of this song


Yikes! The Red Wedding, one of modern TV’s most infamous scenes. Boy was I glad when a girl takes revenge for that one. Sometimes a story manages to create characters whose premature passing even the best of people would call justified.

I wasn’t done with video game clips yet, but your song reminded me of this one…

Maybe it’s because it had three words. In which case I could have chosen Let It Go as well. :slight_smile:

I used to listen to Enya a lot when I was younger. Beautiful voice. In the time of Auto-Tune and electronically generated music one has to respect the time and skill this takes.