The Music Thread


In honor of the release of Jedi: Fallen Order last Friday, which according to reviews is actually a decent game…

As skillful as the music is, one watches this one mostly for the video.

One really good thing that came out of the rise of YouTube is that some really talented people have bloomed, without Simon Cowell’s help. These two among them (and by that I mean the cellist and the pianist, since there is only one cellist in the duo).


To finish off my game themes series, this on is from what is probably my favorite game series of all time. Closest one can come to MMORPG without MMO. I haven’t actually played the game itself yet since I use waaaaay too many mods so I’m still stuck somewhere in Oblivion.

Lots of covers for this song, I like this one the best.

Am I a fanboy if I can translate the made-up language? :slight_smile:



Ghostly kisses covering zombie by cranberries



This one often makes it on my Late Night with Candlelight playlist…

Make love near the sub-woofer and foreplay is unnecessary.

Honestly, why someone would pick this background for this song puzzles me.


The orgasm was nuclear


Feeling the old skool vibez



Anyone remember this?






And now for some international


So Romanian Inna and Pakistani Nadia Ali are not international enough? :wink:
Inna’s Bebe has a nice beat by the way.

Those brought back some Mykonos memories (Mykonos is where people went when Ibiza became too much of a tourist destination). Thanks!

Rapture has one of those lyrics that stick around in memory for me, like As the Rush Comes or Come into My Life.

I’ll take it a bit slower again.

And for my international contribution.


Nice choice. I’m liking both of them.



My favourite one