The Music Thread


@NewLease Great song, great video. Love the lyrics.


@bujin I heard it and had to share it


Apophatic hip-hop.



Apophatic is accurate. Thanks for the new word bro.


age-old strategy of using polarizing statements to generate buzz.

Has someone possibly been listening to Power Can Corrupt?


I think most of his stuff is like that, he’s an independent artist that does all his own stuff and constantly attacks Hip Hop culture. Check out his song Exposure - the lyrics are brutal.

I’m not a fan of Hip Hop generally, I just find most of it trashy and fake as shit. But I like this guy’s work. Maybe he’s fake as well, dunno, but his lyrics speak truth.


I read it as being more about the Music Business and how it perverts people than being about hip-hop culture. I didn’t hear anything that indicates that he knows much about the culture.




These are two gym staples for me. They always motivate me.

:slight_smile: sometimes i’ll time my rest periods so that I’m lifting a heavy set right around 2:28. When that music explodes out. Works every time (for now).

And then

Same deal at 0:34. Builds up and then gives me that energy.




Thank god for Vince Guaraldi


Yes – love that whole album.


Some lovely techno for NY you guys, let’s have 2020 come at us.


For the Khans and Emperors



Some 432hz for you guys, from the one and only Source Vibrations.

Listen on spotify for a better experience.


Another one, using certain solfeggio frequencies for emotional healing & clearing. Brand new from Source Vibrations, one of my favorites. Be prepared, both of these are certainly going to shoot you into another dimension.