The PMO/Masturbation Question


Bumping as I’m quite interested in the answer. See, I’m working remotely a lot more often recently and the fact that the bad habit wastes time is really rearing its ugly head. Being at home for most of the day has led to a recent increase in the incidence of the practice. I’d love to know if there were some conscious way I can work with the audios to improve in this regards.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking and I just need to white-knuckle it for a bit, just like how one may not initially like eating vegetables at first. :stuck_out_tongue:. Who would find a thread around NoFap/Semen Retention in “The Emperor’s Lounge” useful? I think keeping in the goal in mind daily is one of the most important factors for success, especially in the beginning. However, individually each of us often tend to forget about it as life goes on…until we slip up. But if several people contributed to the thread often (in conjunction with discussing SubClub stuff), perhaps that would help!


Another way I am motivating myself to continue NoPMO these days is telling myself that Semen Retention increases the power of my immune system which is good for the body to resist diseases like the corona virus.

Other than that, we do have many other benefits like increased energy, confidence, deeper voice, sexual attractiveness, testosterone, law of attraction (manifesting powers do increase), etc. Reminding myself of these benefits also helps me to remain on the path.

These days, am giving myself smaller number of goals so that I can master a few habits and then when I have done so, add other habits I want to master. And one of those first few habits is Semen Retention.

[STACKED] Raphael's EmperorQ Testing + Emperor Fitness ST1

Great stuff. I myself am trying to figure out what I can do every day that helps this goal. Also, I am currently utilizing a Sapien audio to help with this.


That’s excellent, @SubliminalUser. Does using this particular SapMed video help?


So far, yes! It’s the Brain Regeneration audio.


@SubliminalUser - Awesome :+1::ok_hand:


Will QL St1 help in rewiring the dopamine pathways in the brain?


Aren’t you using QL ST1?


I’m 29 and have Ed and pe. Fapping to porn has ruined me. For me it’s a form of self sabotage from obtaining success. It’s easier for me to fap then it is to put myself out there And meet a girl or approach a girl sending a ioi. Fapping for me is my comfort zone. I hate it with a passion though it’s a major factor in why I haven’t lived up to my potential. Booze was also another thing that held me back throughout my 20s. Booze and fapping were my biggest enemies in my 20s with fapping still being one of them. It was so hard to quit drinking, i did and said so many embarrassing stuff but it wasn’t until 27 when I hit rock bottom and came home drunk and got in a fight with my parents and fist fight with dad I got my act together. It was then I realized I need to quit drinking for good. As difficult it was to quit drinking and it freaking was fapping is something I haven’t been able to quit. I can go on long streaks to only self sabotage and return to it. I had a 50 day streak just this pass Friday and started to get interested in approaching women again but I self sabotaged and been in a binge Cycle since and all I wanna do is hide now


When you didn’t think of P or M in November or December why would emperor possibly be the reason for it ??


Is it confirmed emperor has anti porn scripting ?


It was early - mid January when I stopped thinking.


Yea. I was using coz I concluded the answer to my earlier question as yes…

Am I correct to do so?


@Grimm1390 - I can so relate to what you said. Like PMO and booze is for you, for me it was PMO and food. And I feel like it ended up doing the same for me in terms of self-sabotage and not living up to my full potential. (And much thanks to PMO for gifting me my PE and ED too. I partly blame the church for guilt tripping me into not masturbating cause “it is a sin” instead of telling me the benefits of retaining my Semen and the disadvantages of fapping too much. Now though, am taking full responsibility for myself)

Right now I do have some form of control over my food with doing Keto. And am working on Semen Retention too.

I do face relapses in both of them. But now it has become a journey for me to overcome them both no matter how long it will take me.



Funny you mention food. I went through an entire journey overcoming that issue over a year. From the height of an addiction to making a 30-day fast trivial. After having done that, quitting PMO is just a matter of time.

The extent to which I solved food addiction is why I KNOW I am holding back when it comes to quitting some bad habits.


I agree, @SubliminalUser. Discipline in one area always carries over to other areas as well so it is only a matter of time before we get over such habits successfully.

As much as I do my best to stay steady on the course, I have also found it useful to be forgiving of myself for my relapses. Initially, being okay with relapsing was very hard to do. But I noticed that the harder I was in myself for repeating a mistake, the probability for relapsing again soon increased.

It’s also a matter of time until I get Sex Mastery. Need to divert this energy into real sex with real women.


I recommend trying out some audios by Sapien in the meantime since they don’t appear to clash with SubClub and don’t even utilize affirmations.


@SubliminalUser - I was on and off again with SapMed due to my feeling that it would clash with SubClub (even though several people have reported that they work together nicely). Am rethinking this and hopefully will take that plunge wholeheartedly.


To be safe, you can use fields which are not related to topics that your SubClub audios tackle.


@SubliminalUser - that’s a good idea. Thanks, man.