The Power of Semen Retention


@Upwards I suggest if you really wanna experience the full benefits of semen retention, go full celibacy for couple of years. There will be girls and girlfriends around to have fun with, but your energy won’t. Plus I think making love to the woman you truly love, (ie your wife, someone you want to bear children with) you’ll find sex more energizing than draining. Look up iron in the soul on YT and his video about Jezebel. If the sex you have keeps draining you it means you don’t truly love but it’s all bout busting nuts.


@Upwards - possible that this is a symptom of low testosterone compounded with some kind of shame connected with sex that we get in our upbringing

Do consider running Sex Mastery for sexual healing. Dragon Reborn could help too


Okay thanks, that gives me something else to think out. I don’t have any religious background and can’t remember anything that I think would cause it. Could all this be unconscious and put out of my awareness?

I am 32 years old now, but I can only remember something when I was 15 years old and I met up with a girlfriend that was 16 years old (to work things out) that I broke up with a few weeks before. We met up in the park and chilled on a grassy hill and she was interested in getting back with me and she ended up going down on me and then we moved over to a grassy bit that was more private in the park and we had sex (which I really really enjoyed) and didn’t last that long. Straight after she said she didn’t want to get back with me. A few weeks later I remember speaking to her on the phone and she had a new boyfriend that was 24 years old.

Could something like that create something?

But yeah, I have been thinking about going to doctors and getting my test levels checked. I don’t know if I would explain about the negatives I get after sex though, as I have heard many people in the P. O. I. S crowed, say their doctors didn’t know what it was or made out what they had was nothing serious, or just gived them anti-depressants. So don’t know if want to open that can of worms, as I don’t want to be just given a pill so cover up symptoms. Plus I am against that sort of thing.

But thanks for giving me something else to think about, as I don’t really know, other than what I have learned up to this point lol.


Yeah, it could be anything. I had my share of bad parental programming regarding sex and even something that at first sounds insignificant can trigger shame in the individual

Am not a psychologist or a doctor though so am just comparing your experience with mine

You are right about this. Don’t need to share psychological details with medical doctors

Appreciate your sharing too, bro