The pursuit of happiness - Neurokinetic's journal


I have all of them except Spiritual Freedom, but I am running Alch st4 core in one of my customs so some version of that is possibly in the core. A combination of any/all of the above is most certainly helping. I can tell my attitude and motivation are certainly improving


The other thing that happened was I accidentally listened to The Executive and then I had all this motivation to finish something I’ve been procrastinating for months.


As much as I’d love to throw limitless executive into the mix, I already have 6 hours of listening time for my normal stack. Don’t want to overload myself with subs


I sympathize.


Before I forget to mention this:

I had some crazy dreams last night.

  • In the first, I was headlining a music festival as a front man/singer for a band with about a dozen of my friends. But I was never on stage when I needed to be (except briefly) and I seemed wholly unprepared for such an important role. Music has always been a passion of mine but I’ve been less than exceptional at committing to grow in that arena. I don’t know exactly what the dream meant but part of me believes that I need to put more effort into that skill/passion

  • In the second, I was at a Subway with what I can only describe as my younger/inner self. It wasn’t me, but I believe it was a subconscious representation of me. This other self was distracted, aloof, not in the moment. At the end, when I was paying for the food, there was a couple next to us kissing etc. My other self said something to the effect of “kill me now”. My response to call them out, saying he was only jealous/mad that it wasn’t him. He agreed, “Yeah, of course.” Then I proceeded to give myself advice. “Don’t get mad at them. Get mad at yourself. But not mad at yourself in a negative way. Get mad at yourself in a positive way. Go talk to girls if you want a relationship.” I believe the meaning of this dream was to accept my faulty beliefs from before, and to show myself that I’ve now grown beyond them. It was to demonstrate the shift in my own mentality.


“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” - Sigmund Freud

“Sometimes a cigar is just a good smoke” - Me

That seems like very clear message in your dream.


Day 4

Got my wins in again this morning. I did accidentally check one single email quick before hand. I unlocked my phone and hit an email notification. Then I closed my phone. So yeah, I kind of slipped a bit, but it was quick and I got right to my quick tasks afterwards.

I did some work today on content creation for my social media pages. I got a course super cheap ($13) with a New Year sale. The course had really good tips for how to quickly create content. I learned a lot about different tools I can use to optimize content creation and audience reach.

I purchased Paragon to help with some health issues. Since it’s an ultima that’s best used regularly, I’m going to use it every night before bed. With that said, I’m doing to use Limitless Executive every day first thing before listening to the rest of my stack. Limitless Executive might only get used on days where I’m not busy/working totally from home to optimize on time.

And for the biggest news of the day, I’m home now from my mom’s. Staying with her since the surgery was nice but it is definitely great to be home. Other people had mentioned wanting to clean on Dragon Reborn. I definitely cleaned up little bits and here and there as I was moving around putting stuff away. Cleaned my desk a bit, swept the kitchen, cleaned my coffee table a bit - nothing huge but the urge to clean is assuredly there and we’ll see how it keeps up.


Keep up the progress! You’ll be back at it in no time, and in even better ways!


Day 5
Keeping up with those first thing wins! Though I am slacking off before them a little more. Today I slid a little further and spent a bit more time checking the forum and my emails before doing my writing and workout. Tomorrow I will get straight to the writing and workout without delay

I let today get away from me, spent most of the day building a custom PC and then cringing as I paid almost $3.7k CDN for it (including a new 4k UHD monitor). But it’s a top-of-the-line machine. It will be amazing for everything from music production to gaming and shouldn’t need any upgrades for years and years.

After spending all that money I decided I really need to get on a consistent income stream - so I applied to 10+ jobs in my area and other areas of the country I wouldn’t mind moving to. I will apply to more positions over coming days. On top of which, I’m going to focus on some content creation for my social media.

I had a coaching call with a marketing coach today. The call was free with a purchase of an ebook on digital network marketing & branding. I was given some information and course material to follow up on. I will go through it over the next week and see what I can apply to growing my direct sales company online.


Oh, forgot to mention a couple of other things:

  • First, I had been dealing with some gum problems/soreness for the last 5 days or so. I have been taking antibiotics for an infection in an abscess that regularly flares up. Lately I’d been able to keep it clean and infection free, but after the surgery I was unable to brush for 4-5 days so I think during that time it got infected. Today the problem cleared up. Unsure if it got better from the antibiotics or from Paragon or both. But it’s definitely noteworthy that I listened to Paragon last night and today the problem is noticeably better.

  • Second, I put I opened two options positions, one yesterday & one today as well as did some extensive research on other ticker symbols which I’ll be watching closely. I believe I am getting better at reading chart patterns.

  • Finally, while I was customizing my computer build, I checked something on my phone and got this at the top of my screen:


Day 6
Slid further down the distraction trail this morning, but still managed to get in those morning wins. The reason for the slip was exhaustion. For some reason I only slept a handful of hours last night. This could be due to one of two things: either the coffee I drank or the ultrasonic version of my EsotericBooster custom. I would be surprised if it was the former, since I drank the coffee around noon/1 o’clock so if it kept me up all night that’d be pretty weird. If it was the latter then I’m going to have to figure out how to adjust for it. Last week when I listened to the same ultrasonic was the night I was doing a lot of work for online business/coming up with a name etc. There’s a possibility that something in the custom is causing me to not sleep. This would be bad for the obvious reason, but also because that particular build contains the Deep Sleep module lol

I spent a good chunk of time today preparing my website. A lot of it was spent choosing an appropriate domain name. It was incredibly time consuming trying to find something that was catchy, easy, and not parked/taken. Most of the good or great ideas were taken or reserved by domain retailers - to the point where they wanted to charge me $95k USD for one particular name. Highway robbery. I finally settled on domain. After getting the domain I started coding and setting up webpages. I’m still working on which host I want to go with. There are couple that I have my eye on, not sure which I’ll pull the trigger on.

A girl I used to hook up with a long time ago has been messaging me, she’s in an open relationship now. Am putting off hanging out until my tongue is healed more but could be an interesting avenue to explore. Am also planning on setting up accounts with Tinder, Bumble, & Hinge. If nothing else, I can A/B test different profile combos & get talking to girls.

Follow up appointment for my surgery at the hospital tomorrow. The new covid strain is apparently sweeping through my region and many hospitals are at capacity now. Not sure if this particular hospital is, but I’m not excited to have to go. Gonna try and get in and out as quick as possible plus be extra cautious while I’m in & around the building.



For the :kiss::couplekiss_man_woman:

Maybe call the morning of your appointment or the day before?


Too late, I’m at the hospital right now. Though even if i had it wouldn’t have changed much. Would still need an appointment and it’s best not to delay getting medical care IMO


Day 7

Today was kind of a mixed bag. Some good, some bad. I’ll start off with the bad.

I wasn’t super productive today. I had trouble sleeping again, I definitely think it’s a caffeine issue. Which is weird because I’m not having any caffeine anywhere near bedtime. The latest I have any is 2pm so I’m very surprised that caffeine is affecting me like this. I didn’t get my morning wins today, I woke up late and had to get started on other chores. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start though.

For the good news, I had a follow up with my surgeon today. He says my tongue is healing really well, even he was impressed by how good it looked. Secondly, and more importantly, the pathology report indicates that all the cancer was successfully removed. I have to have more follow ups every 3 months for the next few years, but it appears that I’m free and clear.

I wasn’t totally unproductive today. I did set up a Tinder and Bumble. Apparently already got a super like on Tinder, but they don’t let you see the profile unless you pay for the premium. Gonna wait it out a few more days to see if I get any regular matches.


Day 9

Been doing a lot of work figuring out different strategies on how to get my online presence up. Most of the stuff I’ve seen online is roughly all the same information. Seems pretty straight forward, now I just gotta map out the exact products I’m going to use/sell. It’s still hard for me to speak which will make making videos/webinars/courses not easily doable. Hopefully I can plan out the material and in another week or two I can record something that I can put out.

I’ve been getting matches on Tinder & Bumble, though no real conversations have come out of it yet. But at least I know that I’m getting some results. Will stick to it. Again would be great if I could be speaking at 100%, or even 90% ASAP as it not only affects my confidence but it is genuinely difficult to maintain long conversations.


Oh, I forgot to mention. I went on a hella cleaning spree today. I cleaned parts of my kitchen I don’t think I’ve cleaned in the 6 years I’ve lived here. I was scrubbing splash stains off walls lol. Everyone says DR makes you want to clean. Not sure if it’s placebo affect of me reading it in other journals or what but yeah… felt good to clean it up. There’s still a lot to clean - microwave, stove, etc. but felt good to get some of the bigger and less frequent stuff cleaned up.


It’s definitely not a placebo. I’m getting so annoyed with the mess at my parents house that I started looking up Marie Kondo and The Minimalists: Less is More on Netflix so that I can make cleaning up easier. I really think it’s DR making room and for that room to come through with new energy you have to clean your internal AND external space.


That sounds interesting. I’ve half been avoiding Netflix and half just not gone on for a while (like a week? Maybe more maybe less). Any time I’m watching videos online it’s all educational content. Either a trading course, or personal development, NLP, ecommerce, I’ve got so many products that I’m going through Netflix just feels like a waste of time. That said, placebo affect or not I’m very happy for it. It feels really nice to be cleaning things up. I’m going to start scheduling 30 minutes of cleaning time every other day. In 2 weeks my apartment is going to be a totally different place to live in. I think the biggest change I’ll have to make is throwing out all the stuff I really don’t need that’s just cluttering about. There’s a lot of it. None of it is useless per se, just not useful to me. Mostly cheap internet crap that I bought and used once, if I used it at all.


Day 10
I am putting more work into my ecommerce site. Am still comparing hosting services, trying to find one that fits me. Right now I’m trying to decide between Wix or a WordPress host. Leaning more toward WordPress, though all the sites say you need way more technical knowledge and while I’m pretty tech savvy I don’t know if I want to be spending too much time on the tech end of things if I don’t have to. Once I do decide exactly which way to go, I can register for a domain. In related news, I started working on an ebook offering. The first of many. It feels nice to have at least a partial product that I’ll be able to offer out and start growing my email list/following.

I haven’t gotten many more matches on Bumble & Tinder. But there is at least one girl that is replying to me, though we’re never messaging at the same time so it’s basically one message from each of us per day. Obviously it’s not ideal but hey, it’s still forward moving.

I signed up for a “10x your body” MindValley course, for the program it recommends doing it at the gym for more versatility. Alternatively it gives a minimum requirement list of equipment to have at home. Part of that list was 3 sets of dumbbells - one light (5kg), one medium (10kg) and one heavy (16+kg). Instead of buying 3 different sets I opted for a pair of adjustable dumbbells. I looked online and they were super expensive if they were even available. Not sure if it’s a Christmas gift thing, or a New Years resolution thing, but everywhere was out of stock of all adjustable dumbbells (at least, any that I might get in time for the course to start). If I did happen to find an available pair, they were $600+ (Bowflex 552). I did find an imitation pair for the 552s on Amazon but even those were $570. I decided to get those as they seemed to be the cheapest I could find of decent quality, and because of Prime at least I wouldn’t have to pay shipping. While watching a YouTube review of the Bowflex 552 dumbbells, the person doing the review said to check Facebook Marketplace. Amazingly, I found a guy who was selling pretty much an identical pair of imitation 552s for $400 for the pair! I immediately cancelled my Amazon order and messaged the seller. Went and picked them up today and I gotta say, they’re pretty great. Can’t wait to start this course, sadly it only starts next week but it’ll be nice to have a daily routine I can follow to keep me motivated working out.


Minor update

I was too stoked about this not to share it right away. Last week my trades were down ~$800, this morning at open they were still down ~400. Just checked them again even though many of the sectors I’m in are actually down, my picks themselves are UP $900 profit :star_struck: