The pursuit of happiness - Neurokinetic's journal


Day 11
Started off my day great. Got my wins in this morning. Though admittedly it was after a bit of forum scrolling. But getting them done at all is better than not, right?

Obviously the stuff about my trades is awesome. Once the market cooled down a bit it still came up in the green. Going to hold positions for a few more days.

I didn’t take any action toward my online website but I did take several actions for getting a job. My inbox is being flooded with employers seeing my resume on a job search site and contacting me. A good chunk of them are assistant manager jobs at various stores. The one I’m most interested in is assistant manager at a jewellery store that pays $80+k/year. I have interviews set up all week for different jobs.

My Tinder and Bumble matches have fizzled. I was talking to one girl but I don’t think I was being engaging enough and she unmatched. Next opportunity I will be more playful/flirty/fun. Shame though, she was super cute and definitely my type. You live, you learn. The other thing is that swiping through profiles gives me a lot of confidence that there are a LOT of younger attractive women who are single and looking. I might not be showing up for them because I’m 31 and not it would depend on their age range settings, but it gives me encouragement for day game/cold approaching.


Day 12
Today was kind of an off day, my whole schedule was thrown out of whack by having to go to my mom’s work this morning.

I made $200+ off a trade I put in yesterday. Kind of crazy how easy it is to make money in the market when you learn the skills. $200 in a day just by clicking a few buttons.

I had a phone interview with Toshiba today. Went pretty well, should find out from the next person in the hiring process if I go on to the next step. I have a phone interview with the jewellery store tomorrow morning. Really setting my sights on that one, that would be my ideal job. I was supposed to have an in person interview with an RV dealership on Friday, but my region is going into total lockdown Thursday, all non-essential house leaving is prohibited. Not sure exactly how that will affect things, will call them tomorrow and see what they want to do


Just had my phone interview with the jewellery company and I’m pretty sure I CRUSHED it. Although when they asked what my salary expectation was I tried to low ball the the 80k/year salary that was advertised by saying 75k. Apparently there was a mistake on their job advert and the interviewer was like “Uh, that’s way above our offered salary for this position” but I still think I nailed it. Also I put in a new trade this morning that as of right now is up 6% - that’s a 6% return in A DAY. Some people don’t even get that in a year! So pumped right now hot damn.

Edit: Actually that’s not even 6% in a day, that’s 6% return in a few HOURS. ABSOLUTELY FLIPPING WILD. Now I know why day traders are the most excited people on the planet, what a rush.


Day 13
I know I already put a post today but I thought I’d follow up with a full report of today.

I woke up and did my exercise so that was good. I didn’t do the writing exercise but I know I will tomorrow because I spent a good chunk of today focusing on writing techniques and strategies that I can implement right away. I’ve also started to think of new ideas for fiction stories to work on. This also means developing the one I was working on then stopped. I have strategies I can implement on that right away, which is nice. I will do a good chunk of writing tomorrow.

Like I said, I feel really good about the interview I did today. There were a few hiccups but what was really great was how I was able to self-analyze afterwards. Now I have a strategy on what to do for the next one. Each time I do a task, I am able to reflect on what I can do better next time. What is working, what I can do more of, what I can try.

On that note I started working on music again. Finally installed Cubase 11. One of the features I’ve been waiting for since Cubase 8.5 (when I first started in the DAW) is finally in this version so that’s super exciting. Also the DAW itself runs way way less CPU which is good for two reasons, it doesn’t put too much of a load on my current computer & also my next computer is heavily ramped up specs compared to this one. When that new one comes in it’ll be interesting to see how the two compare.

Paragon seems to be healing me in ways I didn’t expect. I know it’s a physical healing subliminal but I was weary of results. Problems that I was having with my gums are getting better. As are other problems like back aches. Very interesting stuff.


I’m reading your journal and I’m beginning to think a legend is being created named @Neurokinetic


Day 15
Okay so a few quick updates:

  1. I’ve been running Limitless Q for 3 loops at night while sleeping
  2. I ran Love Bomb once last night & once this morning

I have been doing exercise a little bit every morning. Sunday night is the first night of the MindValley “10x Your Body” quest that I joined. Really excited for it and have been anticipating starting it all week.

I’ve started writing again. I’m doing a Udemy course on fictional writing. The course is amazing and each lesson is followed by a writing prompt which utilizes the information from the lesson. It’s helped me thinking about my writing in a more in-depth way.

Had an interview at an RV dealership today. Went pretty good, connected with the sales manager and was able to build good rapport. It’ll be an interesting job if I get it and tbh I’m pretty sure I’ll hear back from him. More and more emails in my inbox from the job posting site for things like store managers, ass. store managers, and other team lead positions. Applying to most of them (some are for things like food service & nursing homes, neither of which interest me for differing reasons) as well as any sales jobs and waiting to hear back.

Am not getting any luck on Tinder but as soon as I started swiping on Bumble today I got 2 matches immediately. Will wait to see if either girl messages me first (as is the way with Bumble), both are cute would be interested in getting to know either better.

Tomorrow will be a rest day. I think next week I’m going to try running my stack at night while sleeping, except for Ultimas. I’d like to see what kind of results I can get running most of these titles overnight. That will start up Sunday night as I go to bed. My stack (minus the newly added Limitless Q) is 6 hours, which is normally what I sleep anyway. I’ll be running ultrasonic as masked at night has a tendency to wake me up


Day 17

It was a good weekend. I got a lot of working and training for language and persuasion skills. Some awesome new tips, and some very important refreshers. Looking forward to being able to apply everything in the near future.

Did some cleaning and organizing today, cleaned a few spots that have been bothering me for a bit of time. Was nice to check that off the list.

Tomorrow morning I will start my MindValley 10x your body program. 12 weeks of training my body to be in peak condition, gonna be awesome.

Tonight is my first overnight listening night. Am curious to see how this experiment will go.


Heh! Made me chuckle. You still got fingers and…stuff, mister! :grin:


It’s funny because I was taking to the same girl recently about meeting up with girls and said the same thing (that I have “magic fingers”) but because I like kissing and other tongue activities I would still wait until I’m healed :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! Ditto!

May you heal fast, my friend


Thank you, I would say I’m about 90% healed now so it’s going great


Day 18

Had a really productive day. Did my first 10x your body day. The exercises are interesting and really push my body in a way I wasn’t expecting. Also halfway through the Silva method quest which has been a unique experience.

Finished one part of a Ross Jeffries course, going to start recording myself practicing patterns and when on my tonality and memorization.

Am slowly getting more and more motivated to work. Spending less time on time eating sites like Facebook and YouTube. When I go to visit one of those sites i get a nudging feeling to be productive instead.

Changed my Tinder bio last night and this morning woke up to a new match so that’s a good sign


Day 19

More progress today. I am going through a couple of NLP courses and as I go through them I am able to tie a lot of concepts together. The more I go through the material the more I feel encouraged to take action. I have a couple of goals and action steps I’m going to put into action over the next couple of days. Feeling really great about the future.


Excited for the release of R.I.C.H. tonight. That’s definitely going to pair well with my WealthStatus2 and EsotericBooster1 customs, amplifying their intended goals. Will buy in a few days (possibly tomorrow) as I’m just about to cross over my next discount threshold. Super excited to post up results on how this affects my wealth building, in particular how it will affect my stock picking and analysis in the mornings


Day 20

I crossed over my 1k post threshold last night so after I got my coupon updated I picked up a copy of R.I.C.H. Ran it this morning when I woke up. Nothing drastic to report.

I had a pretty inactive day for the most part. I checked some stocks in the morning just to see where things were at, didn’t execute in or out of any positions.

Did some voice training work. Really putting in effort going through this audio program. The exercises are pretty straight forward and I can definitely see how they will be useful later on. I’m only 25% through the course but I want to practice that first 25% for a week before moving on to the more advanced exercises.

I did a baseline test of my fitness level by doing as many reps for specific exercises until failure. Recorded my baseline and am excited to see how the results go in the next 11-12 weeks with this 10x your body program.

The rest of the day I spent most of the time watching inaugural day coverage and coverage recap of Trump’s presidency. Though I’m Canadian and not American I’m heavily invested into politics and like it or not, American politics has a huge impact on Canadian politics.

I ran Love Bomb in the afternoon around 1ish and got SUPER tired afterwards. Took a nap in the middle of the day for the first time since I was recovering from surgery. I think this was reconciliation/pushback from adding R.I.C.H. to my stack + running Love Bomb on the same day. That said, I thought I got a lot less done than I did and only realize how much I actually did manage to accomplish today after writing it all out for this journal entry.


I had a really interesting dream last night where I was able to create things by sheer force of will and imagination. I had a list of things I needed and I could manifest things from the list as I concentrated on them.

I realized when I woke up that while I was having that dream was probably around the time I was listening to my EsotericBooster1 custom, which has Alchemist st4 in it. Then I opened my phone to check the forum, instead of being on the forum homepage (like it usually is) my phone was already in a thread (the last thread I was looking at before going to sleep) and the first unread reply mentioned Alchemist.


Just finished listening to R.I.C.H. with markets about to open. Someone in a trading discord room I’m in announced the finalization of a merger for a company in a sector about to be hyped up. Looking at the technical analysis it as an upward potential of a 50% increase back up to 52 week high (from current $20 to $30 52WH). Gonna be watching it closely but DAMN I’m excited this morning.


Okay so I went and did my Silva Mind Method lesson for the day and MASSIVE synchronicity. Today’s lesson was about using the Silva method to heal the body. One of the major aspects of the technique is belief. Belief is fundamental to the healing process working. Rewind to just a few hours earlier when I was dreaming about how I can manifest anything with the power of my thoughts. I’m completely floored by how in sync these two things are.


Day 21

Okay so obviously I’ve already made a few entries today already, however I want to make a more official entry.

Did my 10x workout today, the exercises are intense yet not tough and it’s to see how they’ll give big rewards if pursued over 12 weeks. Interested to see what kind of shape I’ll be in at the end of this. Week one is almost over, 11 more to go.

Exited out of one position today, netting $325. I’m up ~$700 in the last two months. Not amazing but good start. I’m starting to build a watchlist so I can periodically check on stocks that aren’t where I want them to be right now but have the potential to to pay out when I know they’ll move up/down.

More NLP and courses and practice. Am going to have to start practising this stuff on people. Waiting to hear back from job applications. Set up a video chat with a girl I fooled around with awhile ago for tomorrow night.

Have a couple of matches on Tinder but haven’t started any conversations. Making a commitment to myself that I will message 3 of them before this weekend is over.


No, it’s an amazing start! And you’ve been consistent in your actions, and your wins!

Now where is that… oh here it is…