The Quantum Limitless Emperor - 11/11


I absolutely agree with all that you said, @Malkuth. I even know most of what you said especially the prevalence of rituals in the catholic faith (and other religions). It’s more of an “emotional block” based on fear of the unknown. Something I need to work out since every time I think of Magick, it’s akin to thinking of selling my soul to the devil even if is Angel Magick lol (thanks to brainwashing from catechism, sermons and advice from relatives from a very young age). I know it sounds ridiculous and it does to me too on an intellectual level. But am sure I will become a Magick user eventually when I work out the internal issues with the help of both time and SubClub subs. Thanks for that well written explanation.


Doesn’t sound ridiculous at all, in my opinion. I can relate. And I’m sure many others can relate also.

One interesting observation to point out: the injunction against practicing magick in some organized religion is actually a magickal technique. See, magick is a lot like computer programming. Each language has its own internal rules and a consequent ‘logic’ or ‘grammar’ that proceeds from those rules.

By prohibiting certain things and allowing others, a kind of belief-driven emotional tension is created that channels more power into the rituals. Like when you take a dribbling water hose and press your thumb over the opening to create a narrower channel for the water. When you do that the force of the water increases.

This is part of the inherent (magickal) power of setting limits and rules.

Religious people are already doing magick every time they participate in supposedly non-magickal rituals. And the ironic part is that the beliefs that ‘This is not magick’ and ‘I do not practice magick’ actually make the magick even more powerful; because by ‘narrowing the belief channel’ it makes the belief stronger and more focused (as do all of the other rules, if they’re taken seriously).

So, no worries. You’re already a magician (everyone is). No need to change a thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

The real question is not: ‘Am I going to do magick?’ That’s just part of being alive, like breathing. The real question is: ‘Do I want to get involved consciously to make sure the magick I’m doing is working in line with my chosen values and goals?’ There’s actually no need to. Just like subliminals (and breathing and heart beat and sleeping…), it’s perfectly fine to use the ‘set it and forget it’ method. That’s the whole point of exoteric, organized religion. Just set it and ‘let the professionals worry about it’.

The main difference between so-called magicians/alchemists and so-called non-magicians is really ‘curiosity’. Another metaphor: biologists have the same internal organs that everyone else has. They’re just more curious about how those organs work. Moreover, being a biologist does not guarantee that your internal organs will be healthier than anyone else’s. But it DOES give you access to some potentially useful information that can affect your organs (and potentially harmful information as well).

People who ‘don’t do magick’ are practicing very powerful magick every day.

Just more of life’s humor.


oh, sorry @Hermit, I forgot that this was actually your journal. :hushed: That will be the last unsolicited, long, digressive post. :no_mouth:


@Malkuth - it’s more like this for me:

-If I do a catholic ritual, it is light magick
-But if I do anything else, it is dark magick

So that’s my quandary. In my effort to free myself from religion, I am aware of the parts of me that are still connected to it.

Anyways, thanks for the fabulous explanation.


Understood. It’s a journey.

And i wish you many surprising delights along it.


@Malkuth - amen to that, bro. Much appreciated.


Stay away from dark magick.


Dear friends,

I would like to announce that I haven’t closed this journal, yet I haven’t made any updates for a very definitive reason. Also as stated above this wasn’t going to be a journal in which I realized much information on my personal life. Initially I found this journal as a strict purpose for explaining to the community which changes I have found to be common mainly with Subliminal Club newly released Quantum Limitless as well as Emperor. I’m also running some stacking modules along the way, as mentioned above and here and there I’ve tried Regeneration and Sanguine. Although I’ve haven’t used Regeneration anymore because I don’t feel the need for it. Same goes for Sanguine but only because I didn’t need it at the time being.

Sanguine can be used for a relaxed sales conversation in which no anxiety or stress arises, but for the time being I haven’t had any sales conversation in my business, I do have lots of those scheduled in upcoming weeks so I will get back at using Sanguine for solely that purpose. I feel Sanguine works great in negotiation, being clear in your intent in a more of a pure, loved and optimistic way.

Not to head of topic here I’m going to get straight back into explaining my journal-ling. So I would like to say I’m not releasing much of the changes I’ve noted down from running my stack so far. Purely for the sole reason that I want to have a clear view and explanation of what I have felt these subliminal’s have done to me and how to optimally use them. So far I can clearly say allot of my internal programming has changed, the way I act towards opportunities and my thinking patterns. Not to get into any details here, I would like to give a broad overview of the changes when the time is right. Most probably I will do an update here in there so you guys can keep up to date with where I’m at and going with this journey.

Currently I’ve changed the stack a little bit around. At the time of writing this post I’m at Quantum Limitless stage 2, so I’m following the track I’ve initially announced as you can read from my first post starting this journal above. I’m currently running:

Main Programs

  • Emperor v2

  • Emperor v3

  • Emperor v4

  • Quantum Limitless Stage 2

Stacking Modules

  • Rebirth { Whenever I feel a re-framing of thinking is needed

  • Godlike Masculinity { Whenever I feel power, strength, character, discipline, dominance is needed.

  • Limit Destroyer { Whenever I feel I need to destroy internalized limits, as in blocks I’ve put up.

  • Aura { When I need to shine my presence, which I do already but it boosts my magnetic attraction towards people tremendously.

  • Sanguine { Whenever I feel I need optimism, confidence, power & trust in all situations.


  • Beyond Limitless { Before studying a certain subject or when I need additional concentration

  • True Social { Upon attending social events, I also use Sanguine for this when it is business related.

If anyone has questions on my stack and or journal, please do not hesitate to ask.

I think that’s going to be it for this update. I truly hope that this information resonates with a few people here on the forum. Anyway I wish all of you a joyfilled, graceful, magical, empowering 2020 of full transparency and transformation on all levels. here are some big changes coming this and when I say big that is an understatement. Better buckle up and fasten your seatbelts because 2020 is going to be a heck of a ride. Better be prepared. :slight_smile: :heart:



Removing v3 out of my playlist from now. Sticking with v2 and v4, both versions are work very well together for some reason. Either I haven’t had enough listening time with v3 to make it valuable or I just like the way v2 works over v4.

Running all three of the scripts is also limiting my exposure with v4, so I’ll be running v2 and v4 for now. I’m also running Quantum Limitless along the way, which is already a heavy program. Keeping things sleek is the way to go. I would recommend anyone just starting out with SubClub running a big program for 6+ months before adding any other major programs. I had some serious reconciliation in the past but I’m able to handle is quiet well, I’m very well aware of my inner state and I’m able to adapt to it if necessary, a trait that comes with 5+ years of daily meditation. Reflecting on your emotions from a state of observations instead of reaction is something everyone should be able to do.

Unfortunately school doesn’t teach us to meditate. While in fact everyone should really do it :slight_smile:, either way I’ve noticed v2 pulling me on the forums allot, I had this before when I’m on v2, coincidence? I don’t think so. I get a dopamine release from checking out the forums just like someone would get a dopamine release from eating that cooky he bought earlier in the candy store. Or same dopamine someone would have when checking the likes & comments from that Instagram post he or she put online earlier.


I’ve been working on a course lately and while making my notes, I thought it would be really helpful to share this with you guys. This is top notch potent information for understanding both the mind and why subliminal’s are so powerful.

  • Straight out of ‘Psycho Cybernetics’ the book mentioned above. This is the real deal if you’re lacking self-image, confidence, self-esteem. Read that stuff, it definitely won’t hurt you.

Listen up, most people go full throttle with the handbrake on, they don’t even know about how to reprogram the subconscious mind. I can’t stress enough how much of an advantage you have here by @SaintSovereign & @Fire publishing these subliminal’s for us. Most people literally be taking action action action, while self sabotaging themselves. We on the other hand can turn a little amount of action into a miracle. Please just take action.


Going Full Hermit Mode - Use This!


One thing I realized the past three weeks, is that. There are only three rules to succes.

  1. Take action
  • The other three don’t matter.

Perfection equals paralyzes, pull the damn trigger.


My posting reduced since I removed Ev3 from Iron Patriot. :slight_smile:


Are there any scientific studies that show that “Dual N Back increases IQ by an additional 20 points?”


Dual N Back is scientific endorsed - it does increase IQ points; that being said, my opinion if you combine it with Quantum Limitless you certainly can.



Hey @Hermit.
I read your post about you being on “track to becoming a billionaire” and just found out you are only 19. Damn, I thought I am the only young guy with big fucking goals here haha.

What exactly do you do each morning?

Just meditating and visualizing your goals?



Keep on going, you guys.


Yes I could but my mission for the future is in helping humanity with alternative healing technologies & reversed engineered extraterrestrial technologies. I couldn’t care less about money, I only want to be a high performance person and be all I can be. Unfortunately at this point in time money gives you opportunities, choices, options. By the time I become a multi multi millionaire, humanity probably wouldn’t be enslaved anymore in the monetary system. Everything is going according divine plan, 2020 will be a big year of exposing the deep state/cabal where after we’ll need to rebuild and become an intergalactic civilization.

As for my morning routine.

  • Wake up at 5:55 am

  • Sitting Meditation 1 hour (Mix of breathing techniques & void meditation).

  • Usually I do my spiritual practice straight after which are Hermetic/Rosicrucian rituals. But I’ve strayed away from those for a while for testing out the difference within my emotional, mental and physical energy levels. I used to overload allot when doing Middle Pillar. I’m going to get back at it starting 1st of February.

  • Check mails & (subliminalresults - bad habit, but it gives me experience on how subliminal’s work. This is just a negative dopamine receptor connection I’ve seemed to have build up). When I need to skyrocket my success, I need focus on one thing and not the many, you’ll probably won’t see me on here anymore. By then my bucket with experienced will be filled as well.)

  • I enter a deep work block, no distraction. Phone gets put in my vault. Rocking my Binaural Beats & Subliminal’s to enter the zone until the sun comes up.

  • Then I workout, I do long distance interval run (1 hour) or I go to the gym. Usually It’s one day gym one day running, unless on Wednesday when I go to the Muay Thai training. In summer I also add in swimming and climbing or other fun sports.

  • I shower

Evening Routine

  • Write down my goals for the next day on my white board.
  • Lay down my clothes for the next day.
  • 1 hour laying down meditation (Astral Projection - OBE)
  • I go to sleep at around 11:30 pm, depending on the length of my meditation.

I forgot to mention I don’t do a strict visualization, I do it all day long, it goes on auto-pilot for me. I get visions and I make visions on auto-pilot. I do write down and say out loud my affirmations for my long term goals within my first work block.


We should all start a business together. I’ve got great ideas but not so much time, ha lol! I’ll be the investor but I need a dream team, I’m struggling to find anyone even coming close to having common sense. Someone you can teach & learn and is willing to put in the effort.