The Road to Khan


Quite! A lot of stuff is gone, time to replace with something better.


Day 1 (Khan ST2)

11.5 hours

Current listening plan:

  • True Social x2
  • Khan ST2 (hours listed are total # of hours for Khan ST2 so far).

Now, this is what I’m talking about! I’ve been looking for a subliminal that can truly reprogram my mind to be more social. Before SubClub I had been focusing on this, and I thought that I would need to spend a considerable amount of time to first do a social sub and then second a sexual attraction sub. It’s great to know that I’m killing two birds with one stone through Khan.

Of course, given the circumstances related to the current pandemic, I’m not going out as much right now which means that I have to do other things to help reprogram my mind. These are just a few of the things I’m planning to do along with the subliminal:

  • Calling/video chatting with people more routinely. This is largely an act of initiative though I’ve gotten the friend mentioned earlier in this log to be more proactive about it himself! Those who do receive these calls appreciate them very much.
  • Reading up material related to social success and stuff of that nature.

My dreams last night seems to reflect this first day of programming. I had all sorts of interesting social experiences, from being the center of attention in one dream to making people happily surprised to see me to hanging out and chatting with a ton of people from different parts of my life, it was quite an experience!

Reconciliation: None


Day 2

22.5 hours

Spent a good chunk of time yesterday reading; surprised at how smooth ST2 has been so far with no reconciliation side effects.


That’s been my experience with ST2, smooth as chocolate. Didn’t get the crushing reconciliation that others had.


Day 3

35.5 hours

Smooth sailing. I continue to learn more social stuff. Called a friend and we spent an hour on the phone. Dreams were once again pretty exciting, with me hanging out with and talking with a lot more people than is usual for my dreams (usually the focus of the dream doesn’t have to do with hangouts).


Damn, I wish I could do a simultaneous listen of Khan ST2 & PCC. However, even if I could, it wouldn’t be particularly fruitful right now since I’m not reading The 48 Laws of Power nor am I interacting with many people in person…I suppose PCC will have to wait until I’m acclimated to ST4.



how does St2 feel without taking action?


Two points @mecharc

  • I have taken action that’s adapted to the current circumstances, including reading and watching various materials regarding social stuff as well as keeping in touch with people.
  • It is a VERY smooth sub so far. Check out the past few entries—no reconciliation so far! I’ve had some fun dreams. In fact, it may be smoother than any subliminal I’ve ever listened to, as even the ineffective ones created by other companies have led to some brain discomfort. This one? No pain or discomfort.


Bro! This journal on my text to speech app sounds like a novel.


@SubliminalUser are you open to sharing some of your social material with me? no pressure


Sure thing, @mecharc. I sent you a message.