The StarkQ Custom Over Kill A.K.A "Mosaic" The Game Changer


Thanks brother… you always make me feel motivated.

I guess it’s just the time and state of the economy.

Tomorrow is another day


“you fall to the lowest point in your life, and only then you want to pick yourself up”


When I got back to Australia after 5 years abroad, it took me over a year to find work in the public service. Before that, in NZ, it had been several years unsuccessfully with only family as backup after being forced to quit a great job as a reporting analyst. I know the feeling when you’re not getting any responses (even getting the wrong types of responses is at least a response and feedback in itself). Trying to find employment can be ruthless, because its all a confidence game. The people doing the interviews and making the decisions to hire someone need to have confidence in their choice and often they’re just as clueless in management skills as the people they’re being used to hire. I’ve seen ordinary customer service agents be used as interviewers before to try to determine good fit for a team.

Point is, this is why networking often gets better results than cold calling/emailing. And why in a normal interview process you have to kill with the confidence. It’s almost like seduction, there’s all sorts of little tricks and things you can do to improve your chances but ultimately it comes down to congruence and confidence. You could consider the interview process your entrance exam for sales - “kinda pass/fail, which I always thought was easier”. Only the product is yourself - which should make things easier, if you have confidence in the product :smile:


I have been doing stack rotation on a weekly basis.

Week 1: StarkQ Core Custom, Mogul, Emperor Fitness

Week2: Piwer Can Corrupt, Ascended Mogul, Emperor Fitness

Friday and Saturdat Off

I Still have a alot of limiting thinking patterns in terms of solidifying my income, but ever since using Khan St1 the scoial limiting patterns have disappeared.

So i am thinking of replacing Mogul / AM with EOG St1.

any feedback will be appreciated.


Bro! I suck at networking.


What kind of marketing do you want to do?


I am talking about Business to Business markeing. connecting with people, finding entry into offices to sell my product…building more connections in the industry etc.

No form of digital marketing has yet picked up to a level that can create even below par income… i know, the country is really backwards. Digital nomad is still an inception here.


Ok, so cold outreach for B2B direct sales.

That’s one of the areas of sales & marketing that I have zero experience in, as I’d put that one 90% in the sales category.

That being said, check out Alex Berman’s YouTube channel, he has lots of great info on cold emails to get leads, and once you have leads you can set an appointment to sell whatever it is that you want to sell. If you haven’t got a product, again I suggest looking at affiliate offers, as there are still lots of things that apply to a B2B setting. Web hosting/IT services, etc. It really depends on your knowledge as it’d need to be something you understand well enough to sell.

Robert Cialdini reportedly learned sales by applying for entry level sales jobs and just doing the training… again and again, with different companies, to learn every angle of the craft.

As for networking, there are lots of books that help with networking for this purpose, most of the advice geared toward real estate agents would be applicable too.


Are you in Australia? That’s surprising to hear. I thought Aussies are big on digital marketing.


I studied there… I live in a backward country @King


Week B

Still experimenting the perfect Overkill Rotation.

Gonna Try A healing weak

EOG ST1 Khan ST1 (at the same time)
60 Min Break

Set and forget

EDIT: I’m removing Khan ST1 this week



Once upon a time…



@mecharc guess we’ll have to wait for the stack recommendations.


Just my personal opinion I hope it’s useful for you

I wouldn’t do ‘healing week’ or such things… I feel personally things need longer time to take effect like a month… if you do healing then do a month


Experimenting stack rotation, alternating between a stark Q custom weak and a healing week until perpetuity


Yeahh bro! any idea when the reccomendations are coming?


which is a better stack?

Option A
StarkQ standard custom QlSt4 EFST1 (played simultaneously)

Set and forget

Custom Terminus Squared( 1 in 3 days)

QL4 set and forget
60 min


@SubliminalUser could you please give me Ur input on this. I believe Saint us caught up. Thanks!

60mins is break


Take it easy man. Both options can quickly lead to overload. I also hope you don’t mean literally playing all the audios at the same time when you say “played simultaneously”, because that won’t end well.

A more careful consideration is required here of what your current goals are as well as what modules you are working with (since a few customs are in the mix). I recommend setting up a markdown table since that will make it very easy to look at everything.