The StarkQ Custom Over Kill A.K.A "Mosaic" The Game Changer


New Experimentation

  • Stark Q Terminus Squared 1 loop every alternate Morning.

  • 5 nights and any free time of the 5 days do a set and forget on the following stack.
    EFQ St1 (Health)
    KhanQ ST1 (Destroy some sex related issues I have discovered, which keeps me second guessing myself)
    QLQ St1 (Aid with Learning Programming)

My off days start from 12am Thursday to 12am Saturday

@SaintSovereign. @Fire
I started learning programming. I restarted QLQ st1 having done QL 1 to 4 before. will restarting make my learning more efficient, or it won’t make a difference and I’m better of just keep on using QLQST4?

More over, is it better to stack my standard Q custom with the Multistages or listen to the terminus Squared custom once every two days?

Please note that unless this is absolutely ridiculous for me to do, in which case you may point so and I shall alter, I take responsibility of any possible overload and will not blame subclub.


Last Night I got about 2 loops of QL and Est1 and khan.
Today morning I got 1 loop of my custom Terminus Squared.

I feel great TBH


It’s still too early for a full report.

But I feel like I’m developing a distaste towards porn. Like my porn preferences are swinging.

Yesterday, I felt like watching porn. But then when I was going to go incognito, I didn’t really feel like watching it, the idea of jerkiing off was appealing in my head. But I was indifferent about watching or not watching, and I chose to rather not watch it.

I have had some growing concerns over my health today. More like worries over potential problems. I need to step up my eating habits.


Looks like PoMaQ is kicking in! I recommend also getting a tracker to keep yourself motivated.


Yea!!! Thanks man will surely do that!


Holy moly this journal has been all over the place. Time to organise.


Did you change your profile photo? Almost mistook you for Saint Sovereign.


@King Yea. That’s my favourite headphones brand. I think I should change it.


10th Sept 2020
Last Listening Day of the week

Stark Q Terminus Square Day : 1 loop in the morning

Stark Q Day 53

EF Q ST1 Day 57
Khan ST1 Day 2
EOGST1 Day 1

Overnight I had a dream where I was watching porn, and in my dream I jerked off and felt so horrible and cursed subclub in my dreams that stop POMAQ is so pretentious. But it was just a dream.

No PMO Day 5


One thing I noticed how POMAQ might have kicked in so strongly all of a sudden.

Over the last week there has been one particular change.

I visited my village home on Sunday and stayed there till Wednesday. Maybe the action of going to a new environment interrupted my pattern of PMO and set the script in motion.

@SaintSovereign what do you think?


Next week I’ll stay Light on the stacking.
Only my terminus Squared custom for 1 loop every alternate day, 3 times.


I’m thinking of working up to a stack, not that heavy and not that many multi-stages, but close.
Do you distinctly notice results/effects of each sub?

you know subs are working when your nightmares of what didn’t work in your life, really has become only a dream lol

When I’ve tapered down a stack, not off days, the noticeable effects of the sub explode. Looking forward to that update.


EF- I’ve always been malnourished skinny my entire life. I’m at my most meaty body structure ever. Although maybe slightly on the higher fat percentage side.

Khan and EOG are still too early.

StarkQ custom- been hanging out with a person I’ve known for 2 decades. Only recently he has become my mentor. Actually he has always been there as a potential mentor,but I never looked at things through the right lens.
Plus No PMO Day 5.

That’s the most brilliant quote I’ve read all day

I did not understand this


Running a stack of 3-5 subs and then cutting down the stack next week to 1 or 2 subs .


lol, glad :slight_smile:



Holy shit! I slipped today. It’s like there’s a part of me that’s forcing me to PMO. Ughhb


Nothing special today yet


Light Week Day 1

Overnight Playlist:
11:00 pm EF1
12:00 am 60 min silence
01:00 am EF 1
02:00 am 60 min
03:00 am EF 1
04:00 am 60 min
05:00 am EF 1
06:00 am 60 Min
07:00 am EF 1
08:00 am Stark Q core Custom Terminus Squared


Light Week Day 2

10:30 pm EF1
11:30 pm 60
12:30 pm EF1
01:30 am 60
02:30 am EF 1
03:30 am 60
04:30 am EF 1
05:30 am 60
06:30 am EF 1
07:30 am 60
08:30 am Stark Q core Custom Terminus Squared in