The StarkQ Custom Over Kill A.K.A "Mosaic" The Game Changer


I usually partially wake up at the same time every morning, play StarkQ Ultrasonic and go back to sleep.
i feel like a king after waking up,

I have been off of stark since the Test.

Today morning, upon my partial wake up. I put on BL Ultima and went back to sleep.

After waking up , I felt very lathergic than my usual self. I had breakfast and went back to sleep. I skipped going to the office.


Ok so!

so 2 contrasting things happened today.

  1. About 6 hours after the BL ultima loop

My cousin was trying to teach me a Ruibcs Cube Algorithm, and I got confused half way. It was too much for me and i stopped.

  1. About 12 hours

I played scrabble with 4 cousins, and I beat them in all the rounds and by a huge margin. I sort of had an inbuilt system of looking for words, which was intuitive. Mind you, Last time I played scrabble was years ago, so i am not in the habbit of playing this game or having any preset strategy.

so pretty interesting contrast.


I am planning to go heavy with my custom + Stack!!!

Oooo I’m so excited.


I got started with part of my stack.

Ecstacy of Gold St1


Results will come slow but results will come big, but only when i take action.

I am startinng this journey for the long game


Reminessence of StarkQ + sinlge loops of BL Ultima at work together

I seem to snap at people very easily, but not for the wrong reasons.
(Even if it is, I bend the frame into one where i am correct)

So I will lose it easily and screa at the other person.

When the other party tries to charge me for what i did,

My behaviour completely changes. my voice becomes so come and so relaxed.
instantly i let go of the combative mode and switch to the reasonable person role.
I come up with all the reasons i can use in the arguement against them woithout even without thinking,
and I refute with the opposing persons next three moves, so that they are completely blocked
and they cannot argue back…and they go silent.

I have had 2 such interaction today

It will be interesting to have such interactions with someone else who is also listening to BL Ultima


Last Night I played EOG St1 on repeat,

Today I played a Loop of Limit Destroyer Ultima
A loop of Sanguine Ultima




This wait is driving me nuts!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


@mecharc :laughing::laughing: same here. I’m also checking my mail in every 5 minutes looking for a mail from subclub .


@Hermit waiting for nothing as he hasn’t even ordered a Custom.


We placed order on the same day right?


Why haven’t you ordered one yet bro?


For various reasons and I’m in no hurry, anyhow patience will always pay off in the end.


But i am really looking forward to your custom, when ever you feel like you want one that is!


Really do hope that it is the one for you.


Hi there. My name is Joseph Stephan B’Yakayuko. I am a nigerian prince who was ousted from my clan. I have your custom subliminal with me. Please send via paypal to me $500 to ensure it reaches you safely. I will give you a share of my empire once I get it back.
God bless.

Heir to the Throne

edit: this is nothing but an attempt at light hearted humor. please do not report it. tanks.


@mecharc I ordered on 13th.


@Sanket05 how could you deceive me like this? :open_mouth:


can we settle with $500 ebay cards instead?