The StarkQ Custom Over Kill A.K.A "Mosaic" The Game Changer




Did you get your SUB bro?


@mecharc no I haven’t got it yet. What about yours?


I got mine today…Maybe because i only have 1 core, it is quicker to make


Day 1.

Into My First Loop of The Custom.

Feels normal, nothing strange.
Then again, saint said effects start hours after listening/


Let’s see how longer it’s going to’s getting really hard to the way best of luck for your journey.


I know how difficult it feels to wait in anticipation. Btw bro which part of India are you from?


@mecharc I’m from New Delhi.


Oh… I have friends in Delhi


@mecharc Now you have one more.


Day 1.1

Today is my fathers 65th Birthday, and our maid showed fever symptoms and body ache… So me and my mom are voluntary in self isolation just to be careful.

So, I listened to a masked loop of my terminus 2 custom.

After getting in one loop I didn’t feel bad so I played another loop of the C T2. I fell asleep, after waking up, I realised that the track was on loop, and I probably got around 1.5 loops.

@SaintSovereign I feel fine now, but what are the strange side effects I may feel from this over exposure of T2?


Day 1.2

Into my EOG part of the Day.

On my first loop.
I am having excess anxiety over the fact that a girl didn’t reply to my text. A girl who I have no interest over as a lover or as a friend.
Maybe the anxiety is reconciliation


Day 1.3

Day Final Update

StarkQ Custom = 2 loops
EOGQ 1 = 2 loops
EF 1 = 2 loops

Notable Action Taken: None

Notable Results: None


Why though?


In Self Quarantine bro


Day 2

Since I feel okay after 2 loops on T2 on the same day,
Today, I will push my experimentation to a new limit.

Thanks to Mosaic, I have the courage to start the morning off with the experiement.

I will Play
my Custom, EOG 1 and EF 1 on three different players at the same time!

Will report back after few hours


Day 2.1

Oh fuck!
Instead of playing C, EF and EOG in different players,

I played Ct2, C standard and EOG. lol Epic Fail

Anyway, I am done for the custom loop for today.

So far, i am having a slightly heavy head, heavier in the eyes, it’s most likely not the sub but beacuse i only managed to get 3 hours of sleep. I wonder how many days later will the Deep SLeep scripting Kick in

Now I will Stack EOG and EF… It’s time to build a GYM Business


Day 2.2

Maybe EOG is feeling a bit too heavy for me.

I rather Remove it for Later and Add AM


Day 2.3

Socialised today, Got remarkable compliance from the opposite gender.
Who i initially thought would reject me.
But guess what “rejection” is just a false belief

Initially upon their presence i fel relly comfortable.
I was almost planning to just run away.
Then, I remembered about taking action, and the consequent feedback loop.
So, I pushed through the discomfort and then it just felt like an easy puzzle.


Day 3

Break from my custom, for thr purpose of Ultima Stage 3 Test