The StarkQ Custom Over Kill A.K.A "Mosaic" The Game Changer


DAY 6.2

I slept at 2:46 AM
Woke up at 12:30 PM

This is the longest I have slept in ages


Day 7.1

Drills The Same

Moscaic Is the Game Changer

Let the maddness Begin in 3…2…1


I would say Mosiac is the ‘missing piece’ in custom stack success


Day 7.2

Clearly the stop porn script is not working yet. :confused:


Day 7.3

Had a family get together today,
I exuded an unbeleivable aura of Calm Grounded Charisma

Clearly Lion at Work!

I was sitting and people were standing focused at me!


A month? I average a book every 3-4 days, depending on schedule… a bit less this past week as I’m also doing an online course and reading baby books too.


I meant week


That’d still be a slow week for me personally, but if it’s a really good one, quality is far better than quantity. of course.


Day 8.1

Tonight i will not Do my overkill Playlist.

I will continue my overkill playlist tomorrow morning.

Does anyone know any music player where i can set a timer for my music to play?


Day 9.1 Aka Over Kill Day3

Wake up and Bake


What are your experiences with this stack so far?


On the social side, I exude more charisma… That’s about it so far


Day 9.2 OK3.2

Today I heard my stack after waking up.
I’m feeling very lathergic today.


Day 9.3 OK 3.3

I am feel ultra lathergic today.

I will be off off subs tomorrow,

Maybe just that loop of Libertine Ultima Though :wink:


Day 10.1 OK 4.1

No off day I feel great. Tonight I’m gonna go Overkill Squared.

Is this a good good idea @Fire @SaintSovereign?

Opps, too late… Hope I’m alive tomorrow to read your feedback




Why am I feeling so ambitious. Is this a new form of reconciliation? Reconciliation hasn’t felt so optimistic before


T2 is not for everyone. I actually shot from the hip and purchased one of my customs in T2. My logic was T2 even stronger therefore equates to faster results. Its NOT always the case in fact I went back to terminus which is far more effective for me.


I guess I’ll switch to Standard Q version for some time.


Book time again.

Stress Less, Accomplish More, by Emily Fletcher. Hands down the best and easiest meditation technique I’ve ever seen. Great for focusing and not jumping all over the place with actions, thoughts and interests.

If you’re running Informaticon, consider this as info you need flowing to you. :nerd_face: