The StarkQ Custom Over Kill A.K.A "Mosaic" The Game Changer




Day 11

Today i switched to The Standard Custom.

Laying it low on the over kill for today


Day 12 overkill Day 6

Over Kill Over Night - Playing all at the same time

StarkQ Core Standard Custom X 1
MogulQ X 1
Emperor FitnessQ St1 X 1
Quantum Limitless Q St4 X 1
Limit DestroyerQ X Set and Forget
Admiral and Commander X SnF
True Social X SnF


Overkill Day 9

Going Overkill might have been the best decision yet.


My overkill Playlist. (Atm I’m not playing the stacking modules, but I generally do play them together)

STARKQ Custom (standard)

Social King
Admiral and Commander


I have been actively focusing on applying to jobs,
and also learning the art of a side business.

However, I keep on having dreams about the people i have certain lustful feelings for.

@SaintSovereign please help me understand what’s going on


Aren’t you working for your family business?


Bro I want some real experience where i am not the boss.
I will come back after gaining some experience



So the boss goes and learn how to be an employee in order to be a better boss…


Sounds like a typical sub experience. Sexual scripting manifesting as sexual dreams with people you’re attracted to.


Over Kill Day 11

After 11 days of overkill.

I will change my Listening Pattern again.

I am removing the other major programs.

Stark Custom EFQ St1
3 hours silence 3 Hours Silence
Stark Custom EFQ St1
3 Hours Silence 3 Hours Silence
Stark Custom EFQ St1
3Hours Silence 3 Hours Silence

on set and forget

and stacking on another player

on set and forget


Over kill Day 12

Experimentation to the perfect listening pattern continues.

I feel like I’ve been potentially seeing some changes, but I don’t wanna share them just yet, cause it’s still just like a window now.

Tonights Experiment involves “bringing back the khan”

Player 1
Stark Q Core Custom Standard
60 Min silence
Khan ST4
60 Min Silence

Player 2
60 Min Silence
60 Min Silence

Player 3
60 Min Silence
60 Min Silence
60 Min Silence

All of the three playlists on set and forget over night

@SaintSovereign, what do you think?


I think he’ll probably say it’s too much, same as his other responses when you’ve asked that question. :thinking:


lol… possibly… However, it’s actually been toned down with added rest in between.

I’ve been listening to a very heavy stack for the past 11 days with a rest day every Friday.


Overkill Day 13

Inspired by @Elme I’ll focus my stack more!

My overkill stack reduced to

Stark Q standard Custom
One hour silence
One hour silence

Set and forget


I’ll be joining my first job soon.

Will the entrepreneurial nature of stark Q Core conflict with my desk jobs Expected and acceptable behaviour?
Eg. MogulQ would get work seniors to notice me more.


It will work faster when you focus your stack. Specially Mogul or AM.

The hours of silence is a must to help speed up the process.

In later stages pump up one track and remove the 1h of silence… i would say first 6 months remove the 1st and 1 year remove the other. You will find in this way an extraboost.


13th August 2020

Took an IQ Test

Result= 113


You inspired me to do one as well –


Game on.


Use the same site guys. The results of IQ Tests are likely to vary wildly depending on the site you use. :blush: