The StarkQ Custom Over Kill A.K.A "Mosaic" The Game Changer


Is that high or low?


100 is the average @King



Use this app


I got 119 points


Amazing stuff bro!


Overkill Day 14



Dammit, unavailable in the app-store on Iphone.


I wonder if @SaintSovereign would want to take it


Interesting changes happening fo sho.
But it’s too early to let it out the door.

To my understanding, manifestation is nothing magical.

Everything you want is right Infront of you and has been there all along. It’s just that you have not been looking at it with the right lense.

Something along these lines is happening, but it’s too early to share any details yet.


153 is quite high
I don’t doubt it though, its clear in your communication your intelligent.
which test did you use?
Do you have any results on the same test, pre-QL and BLU :joy:
it be interesting to see if it reflects in a standardized increase in IQ


I feel blessed to have inspired a super genius


Like @Simon said, not all tests are equal, I personally do not believe an IQ test can grasp intelligence as there are too many parameters to be accounted of.

Anyhow, after reading @mecharc’s test results I just typed in IQ test and chose the first website that appealed to me. I probably stumbled upon one of the crappiest tests on the whole internet, as a matter of fact, later that night me and three other friends re-did that test together and we scored 187 IQ.

This would actually be a good way to calculate raises in intelligence after listening a good year to Quantum Limitless.

@Azriel aren’t you running Quantum Limitless as well?

By the way Intelligence isn’t something static or constant, it can be altered widely. Let me tell you all of us have the same brain created through a similar DNA composition, yet some of us where born more lucky. It’s only a matter of who has unlocked more of his brain capacity through a variety of ways, first and foremost one should be health and society is pretty much anti-health, that will change very soon and so will intelligence; this is one of my main goals actually. I believe Quantum Limitless is a good step in that direction.

Just imagine if the whole of humanity was intelligent; how would society even look like? Money would certainly be a thing of the past.


next thing you’ll be conceptualizing dark matter through absences in star patterns while proving the existence of God mathematically :slight_smile:

I’m been running BLU very regular, Emperor and Mind’s Eye have seemed to increase my intelligence.
I’ve always been very apt with literature and philosophy, I can read them like page turners and comprehend the nuances and abstractions fairly effortlessly.

Since Emperor and Mind’s Eye my logic, mathematical intelligence seems to have increased and I can understand high level physics in a way I never could before. It just makes sense.

I’m not running Quantum limitless but it is part of my year custom game plan.

I don’t believe standardized IQ test remotely capture intelligence, it may be a fair predictor of certain work success, but it doesn’t quantify relational, existential/spiritual intelligence, lateral cognition, or creative genius remotely.

IQ test seem to have a method of thinking, that may adhere to the certain postulates of understanding, but if one’s thinking beyond or is distinct then those postulates they may not test well. That’s my sense…could be mistaken.

There’s a great book called Stealing Fire by Jamie Wheal. They talk about something where they use some kind of stimulation/ on the frontal lobe and it improves intelligence to the point where people can learn languages fluently in 6 weeks. It works by DECREASING the general communication and activity in the brain while IMPROVING selective communication among parts of the brain.

Intelligence may lead to improved character but I think most importantly people need to find ways to be personally fulfilled/happy and powerful, I’ve never met someone like that who doesn’t automatically care about the betterment of those and the world around him.


I’d love to continue this conversation but kind of don’t want to derail @mecharc journal, we can always chat further in a private message.

Lol, that gave me a good laugh, you know I can see Beyond Limitless working here, it gives you unreal creativity. God can actually be proven Mathematically, so it’s kind of funny that you said that.

I thought you we’re running a Custom with Quantum Limitless & Emperor, I must of mistaken that from someone else’s journal. I’ve been configuring a Custom with 11 modules containing solely Quantum Limitless St 1 & 2, it is goal-oriented and designed to unlock intelligence exponentially over long-term exposure. You’d probably never want to stop listening to this one, here’s the basic-concept:

It would be wonderful if they released Beyond Limitless as a Q-store Module, it’ll fit nicely.

We’re actually geniuses already, we just haven’t unlocked it, our brains are Quantum Computers, with a little Crystal in the middle of the brain called the Pineal Gland, which is literally connected to everything in the Universe. Unfortunately we’re currently only using 5% of that processing capacity consciously, so it’s only a matter of unlocking that consciousness by expanding the light in our vessel.

Anyhow, I can have endless conversation about this topic, really don’t want to make this one of those long-form posts where you’ll fall asleep reading it, lol. That’ll be it for the day…


Overkill Day 15

Rest Day 2


I’m on iPhone. =x


@SaintSovereign the stop porn and m script isn’t working for me :’(


Customs are dense, ya’ll. It takes a while for some of the scripting to kick in, especially if this is an issue that you’ve struggled with for quite some time.


My habit to watch porn has been all over the place the last two days!

Is this like a reconciliation before the script starts executing? Last 48 hours have been no Custom or EF… only aegis when i had to head out for work.



Over kill Day 16

1 hour silence
EF St1
1 Hour Silence

Set and Forget