The StarkQ Custom Over Kill A.K.A "Mosaic" The Game Changer


I need your advice

I am in two minds in terms of reccomending my girlfriend seductress.

WIll you please give me your view on this .

Will it be potentiallyh more harmful or better?



I am Mechael Archie Stark, a distant relative of Tony Stark. I bask in fame and enjoy being the centre of attention .
My status is rising in rapidly and I am becoming well known for my best qualities even those i’m unaware of. i am becoming known as the best in my field and as a powerful and charismatic person.

My confidence is becoming unshakable and unmatchable everyday.

I am the man that enters a room and everyone whispers his name in awe of the acheivements. I navigate conversations effortlessly, regardless of the social status of the people I talk with. I leverage the power of other people to move ahead in life.

I have a magnetic presence and i can lead and inspire others to take on the most unimaginable, grandiose tasks, that can have far reaching benefits to humanity – and succeed, owing to my inspiring leadership.

I have intellectual competence and my intelligence and productivity is increasing everyday. I am becoming an unrivaled prodigy in my field. I am turning my business into a mega corporation.

I am making the world a better place to live in. Everday in everyway, I move closer to discovering my true self, Charisma and genius.

I am man who is truly in touch with his masculine core. every day i realise that i am more and more able to embrace my masculine qualities that I might have been afraid to accept before, and lI et go of the fears that bind Me from my masculine potential. With such potential unleashed, I see other men looking at me with a desire for leadership – they crave for me to lead them, and show them how a true man lives.

I am Calm, nonchalant, focused, dedicated. I have a sense of relaxed mastery in me. in any situation I notice myself becoming so relaxed, but at the same time have an unshakable sense of power coursing through me.

I am always winning no matter what I do in life. This is because of my unrelenting motivation pushes through all failures that happen. Failure has disappeared from my reality. What exist in its place is a learning tool. I also let go of negativity, and everyday I feel as if success is inevitable.

I am developing the focus and desire to work to unimaginable degrees, as I turn myself into an absolute machine of productivity, allowing me to excel and master anything I wish.

everything that i feel limits me is Self created limit and is simply a matter of not seeing other options. I look beyond, and limits disappear.

After dominating my I, I come back home, spend time with family, have dinner and fall asleep quickly, easily and deeply, and wake up completely rejuvenated and ready to dominate the next day.


Yes, subliminal bloom at play.


Overkill Day 17

Stark Q Custom Standard
1 hour Break
1 Hour Break

Set and Forget


I am having immense anxiety… I need a job


I’m assuming that you’ve been looking? Spending an hour or two a day applying?


Yes. I am applying… Not hearing back from any. Problem is my degree isn’t in line with what I wanna do. I don’t know why I did this degree.


I have a Master’s Degree in Film and Screenwriting, though I get paid quite a sizeable income to do marketing and product development. It’s possible to switch. What’s your degree in and what are you trying to do?


My degree is accounting but I wanna get into a marketing / sales role.

This wasn’t an issue back in Australia, but in my home country the recruiters are specific.
Moreover, the recession is making it even harder for me.

Today I had an anxiety attack.


Any update, mech?

May be time to diversify your strategy a bit?


No solid positive updates, but i’ve changed my strategy as of yesterday.


:muscle: got to keep moving.



Week 1:
5 days on 2 days off
Stark Q Core Custom (standard)
1 hour silence
Emperor FItness
32 min Silence

Week 2
5 days on 2 Days off
1 hour Silence
32 min silence

alternate between week 1 and week 2.

Will this count as a good stack rotation method?


Watch Saint blow everyone away with the suggested strategy. Though it sounds like that article may take a while before it’s released…


I believe it is more like having a weekly or monthly road-map of goals and then accustom your subliminal titles to that.


It’s a rotation every two months if I remember correctly


@mecharc If you want to be a business owner, or at least a management/boss level, approaching getting a job (even a temporary one) as a standard employee-type won’t build the right mindset, and it definitely won’t help if your degree isn’t a perfect fit for an established job role.

If you want to do marketing, you can learn marketing. What skills have you built to offer to potential employers? What kind of marketing are you looking at doing… direct response digital marketing? print marketing? social media marketing?

For example… My degree is in engineering, and through a variety of chance encounters, seized opportunities and a whole lot of ambition, I’m now effectively running a biotech company. Even so, I spend a big chunk of my time doing marketing, as I’m the #1 expert in the world on the product the company is built upon (simply because I invented it) and nobody else understands how it works as well as I do… so I get to explain it a lot. I haven’t got a degree in microbiology, or even a degree in business. It didn’t really matter, what mattered is I proved to an investor that I knew what I was talking about and could do what I promised. Not once did anyone ever ask me to see a diploma or degree or anything, really.

Figure out what you want to do, specifically, and get some experience doing it… then it can become more important than a degree. Or, find a way to integrate it… data-driven marketing easily uses the same basic skills as accounting, and it might even be simpler. Find a way to spin it like that. Turn an accounting background and some marketing knowledge into a strong asset.

Marketing is relatively easy, as you can gain experience with marketing existing products (affiliate marketing). With this approach, you can practice just about any part of marketing. Copywriting, media buying, landing page design, email marketing, etc and have a portfolio to show potential employers.


What @BLACKICE said. I mean Talsit expert said. :wink:


I’m feeling ridiculous about my life and education.

Not one place has responded back positively.

What have I done with all my opportunities that my father gave me? Opportunities others can only dream of. He set me a stage so I could make something out of myself… I only used that stage to do stuff that would make him happy. Even though he would always tell me that he didn’t give me those opportunities to make him happy but to make something for myself… I still went on my deluded ways… And now I feel stuck.

I still have a blessed life… But how long will this blessing last when will I learn to pave my way out


You majored in accounting, right? That’s not exactly a wildly irresponsible impulse decision. Aren’t your difficulties now mainly because you want to branch out in a slightly different direction?

None of that sounds very unreasonable or irresponsible. Unless I’m missing something major.

Sounds like you need to revise your strategy a little. Try making use of networking and relationships to secure a job offer rather than riding the résumé Highway where it’s so hard to distinguish yourself from the masses. Maybe go for an internship that can lead to work, or see if your university has an alumni network with any local contacts who might be able to help you get your foot in the door somewhere.

There are other ideas too. You don’t have timer for guilt and self-blame. Indulge in those after you’ve found a job. :wink: