This Astronaut's Dream Journal


Day 6 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 12

There is alot more than I can remember, but I the last dream I had before waking up was about my workplace. I was basically sitting around and reading comics when my boss came in and we went with some other guys (who totally dont belong there) to a place inside a building.
I was alone and I prepared myself to get back out and join the others.
When I did, they were really pissed at me.
My boss said “We got the meeting at 11am. It’s 11 am now! Im paying money for it.”
The others were pissed off aswell. We had a meeting at a bank… Dont know why.

Thats all I can remember for now.
It doesnt baffle me that I dreamt about work. I couldnt really get into sleep yesterday night, because I thought about it so much.

Im going to quit my job today.

PS: I took 2 pills of ashwagandha yesterday, so I think there is a link between the remembering of the dream and the consumption


Day 7 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 14

Had a dream about ear pods and dirty ears…


After reading all your elaborate posts just reading that one single sentence coming out of nowhere really cracked me up. Thank you for that!

How’s the job?


Haha glad I made you laugh :smiley:
It went pretty fine actually. The reason I quit the job is that I figured out Im not the type of person to do a 9 to 5 job and that I want to do something on my own and help people create better lifes (A pretty sophisticated excuse huh? :D)
So I talked to the boss and his family and they were pretty cool and said they understand my intentions and find it good that Im following my dreams and because they are very happy with my work we decided I would continue to work for them for some hours as a freelancer.
So it went pretty good for everyone. Btw. thats the reason Im eager to try out EoG, but again, the boys seem to be still very busy so Ill have patience with that and the refund


Day 8 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 14

Didnt listen to it yesterday, cuz I wanted to see if it changes anything. It didnt.
Had a work-related dream and something else I cant remember. The reason why I remember these dreams (a bit) is because I woke up multiple times this night.


Day 9 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 16

Remember 3 dreams tonight, again I woke up and went back to sleep again before getting up.

Dream 1: Jordan Peterson is talking to his class and telling them to “invest” in their… lets call it sexual marketvalue.

Dream 2: Im visiting ancient places of Greece, specifically the halls where the spartans had their training.

Dream 3: There is an alien-assault and Im with some friends from highschool. Im making a joke about one of them about him being rich but he doesnt like it at all. We are observing the aliens attacking people and buildings and start calculating that if 10 of them are enough to kill 100 people, it would take 10.000 aliens to wipe out the country (Which isnt true but I sucked at math in highschool so who cares?)


Well, if it were a small country. Or a Greek island. Spartans vs Aliens by Uwe Boll, now in a movie theater near you. :slight_smile:

Were you visiting Greece in the present, as in the ruins, or in the past, while the Spartans were still alive and kicking (or punching)?

More high school. How long has it been since high school? Got any reunions coming up?

Really great about remembering 3 dreams there!


Day 9 - Log-Entry 2 - Total Times Listened: 16

I ship Leonidas x Xerxes vs Aliens

It was like I was a tourist, but the walls and everything else was still intact.

Yeah, there were times where I dreamt about school stuff only. It decreased alot.
Hmm… about 5 years I think.
Nope, no reunions.

I think this has gotten better since I have taken out much of the expectation I had.
I dont know why, but the expectation ruined it all


Day 10 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 17

Yesterday night I listened only once while falling into sleep and I listened without headphones.
There are at least 2 dreams I remember.

Dream 1: Im at one of Dr Dispenzas Events (Had alot such dreams cuz this guy is seriously awesome) and we were doing a guided meditation and while his voice hept describing things and landscapes to me, I got fully immersed and saw everything the voice talked about vividly.

Dream 2: You remember the Goofy and Max movie from your childhood? I loved it. This time I was the viewer and Max at the same time, sometimes I was more Max,other times more observer. Max seemed to be really troubled about something he wanted to hide from his dad.

Hm…maybe thats again a hint to the highschool-thing


Day 11 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 19

This day doesnt count I guess because it was pretty… wild.
Went to bed at 4AM and woke up at around 9-10AM. So… I dont remember any dreams.
But it was awesome. Who would have thought I could stay up that late haha


Strange, I’m on EoG but had the exact same thing happen to me. Wide awake until 4am. Woke up at 930

Love the journal, am super interested in this sub!


Day 12 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 21

I remember I had 2 dreams, but there is just 1 scene from one dream I remember.
A japanese tutor teaching japanese with the help of a notebook…

Besides the obvious correlation between the dream and the subject of studying, I find the notebook-thing quite interested, as I have one myself and I use it on a nearly daily basis.


Imagine if you buy Limitless now… you may just unexpectedly wake up in a college dorm one day with all that focus on learning. :slight_smile:

And of course you’re logging everything in your shiny new Subliminal Club Dream Journal?


Day 13 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 21
Kinda… I actually have a pretty nice journal, that I use to write my dreams inside (when I remember them).
I think this whole learning-studying-thing in my brain shows me, that Im constantly learning new stuff, I like that.

Didnt listen to it yesterday… Somehow Im losing motivation. But those are just 10 minutes so I think its no problem. It was just too late.


Day 13 - Log-Entry 2 - Total Times Listened: 21

Waaaaait a minute… I think I just got it. Studying means learning and learning means creating new neuronal connections in your brain right?
So… Listening to subliminals is actually nothing else than exactly that.
My dreams mirror that Im taking in alot of information.



Day 14 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 22

Remembered 2-3 dreams.
One of them involved my dad telling me there are concerning things going on in my apartment and after asking him multiple times what he means he said people found ammunition for antique weapons… My home turned into an auction house!
I went to a counter and talked to a lady working for the auction house (in my house!) and I got to know they were selling stuff from Mozart and I asked something about it.
I said “If good ol’ Mozart was standing right beside me and he would drink Radler and I would drink Warsteiner (I actually hate beer…) what would he say to all this? I mean you selling his stuff for so much money. I mean… would he even still consider it his stuff, after houndreds of years passed.”

Dream-Me is such a dope senpai!


Day 15 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 22

Nothing. I think Ill stop the usage of any subliminals for the rest of the week. It feels like its draining me out and Im loosing energy.


What are you listening to?


Day 15 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 22

(Sometimes) the Dream one and some others from other guys.
But yeah… Going to stop to let my subconscious reorder itself. Will also stop to listen to music (This is gonna be a hard one) and so on to have as less stimuli as possible

Edit: Oh sorry, didnt answer your question. The other subliminals I listened to are for relaxation, clarity and confidence


Day 16 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 22