Those who ran ascended mogul did it help with nofap?


Thanks man same to you.I will update throughout this month and let everyone know how running ascended mogul affects nofap.


I can add something that might be of value to you guys: see if theres any shame for you around porn, inquire why, find out what you said to cause the shame, (in my case its im a bad person) take responsibility for saying it, and forgive yourself. Alot of the time its shame that fuels an addiction


@Grimm1390 For me I had to put a strategy in place to curb the urge! One way is to not take my laptop my bed…ever…go to bed early ( around 10am) with a sub running masked! Also a very good book to read is “The Multiorgasmic Man” by Mantak Chia…you can fap without ejaculating…trust me it really takes the shame away and allows you to channel up the energy! Hopes it helps a little!


Thats soo great you can do that I read about this bypassing of ejaculation in the book “way of the superior man”, but could never actually do it myself.