That’s a fascinating visual for Khan!

In my head, Khan is portrayed by a mashup of the actor Faran Tahir (the terrorist Raza from Iron Man) and Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones), with Asian features and a long black beard. Personality is also a mix of Raza and Khal Drogo.

I won’t distract from your journal with my off-topic thoughts on this, but I’ve just had the realization that I personify Khan as a bully… That explains a lot about why I’ve always had an internal resistance to Khan as a program, as it’s not a mindset I personally want to have.

But “The Thing” with a trident… wow, that’s a trip. :wink:


Your visualisation of those two people merged is pretty similar to mine, and probably more accurate. Mines just probably bigger and more beast like. I like the beard idea too.

That’s a shame you consider it that way, I don’t consider Khan a bully - more of a thing that takes no shit - which is personally something I need, but knows how and when to have a fun-good time.

With that said, what’s your favourite sub and why? I’d love to know. @BLACKICE


It was an interesting realization for me, but one that made perfect sense once it happened. I aspire to the alpha mindsets of Tony Stark, Ethan Hunt, etc… but they also have an easygoing playful attitude about them. I work with several people who I consider to be quite alpha, but there’s a hardness to them… probably my perceptions; I grew up as a nerd in a town ruled by sports… the jocks were treated as gods, even by the teachers at school. When I think “true” alpha, I don’t get “cocky but friendly”, I think “sneering douchebag who would step on me without a second thought”. No baggage there, nope… :roll_eyes: lol

Like I said, an interesting observation of “That’s what my brain associates with alpha??”

That being said, my favorite sub so far has to be Stark. It embodies everything I aspire to… wealth, intelligence, creativity, with a joy for life. I discounted my custom Halcyon and as far as I know nobody else has ever listened to that specific collection of modules, which makes it an unfair choice. :slight_smile:


Very interesting! @BLACKICE. Makes me want to run Stark instead of Khan but I have both in my stack and I think once I get past what I’ve written below - Khan will probably stay in my stack more.

I actually see Alpha being the same way. A friendly guy who wants to help people, but still takes no shit. Not necessarily a bully but knows his worth, has fun, has a great career, makes a lot of money etc.

The main reason I chose Khan was because I want to be a bit more dominant. The sexual boost, is most welcome, but a latter priority - however it has opened up one of the parts of me that I have been reserved and closed off about. I also chose Khan to know my self worth and push myself. I feel like I actually need both Khan and Stark to reach what I consider my Alpha.

There’s probably better stacks as I’ve seen people recommend PS and Stark (which basically would have gave me Khan) but I feel like my current stack is solid.

I also agree with you on Stark - I ran it for months when it first came out during lockdown and it was what I want and needed - and still need. It’s nearly everything I want, hence the need for Khan to fill the void. I need to relook at your custom. You’re great at making them.

I’m considering making a custom with Stark and Khan, possibly EoG in it, in the future. Is this something you’d recommend?

I’d only make that custom once I had a solid foundation of Khan Stage 4 though.


Thanks! I’ve planned many, but have only actually ordered the first of them so far.

I’m biased, I’ve got some internal resistance to Khan apparently! Stark is a great fit for me, though if I wanted to add more alpha in, I’d probably use something other than Khan… totally my opinion though, and I can really only say what I think would work for me. The fame aspect of Stark isn’t something I’d ever choose consciously, though since I’ve been running it, 2 companies that I look up to have been approaching me to work with them… one of which is very close to a deal being signed, the other one I’ve shelved until I’ve got more time to work with them (or at least see if they are actually a good fit) so maybe there’s some fame stuff happening in the background!

If Khan is working well for you, then by all means give it a try. That sounds like a heavy custom, but I don’t see that they’d be in conflict. Especially if you already have experience with Khan ST4.


Yeah I’ve seen your planned ones and I think they looked super cool. I don’t have the art of planning/making good customs right now.

What would you choose instead of Khan to go with Stark for more alpha like qualities? I’m guessing something like GLM?

Yeah it would be dense which is what I’m worried about and don’t want to make another super dense custom.

I feel like making Stark with some boosters and something to cover a more masculine energy.

It could give me wealth, sex, and that playboy billionaire lifestyle/fame right? I definitely want the good fame aspect. It’s important to me. I want to be known for my work and creative self.

I do have a question for you, as I’m currently changing my stack around to play Stark along with Khan Stages 2 and 3, how would you stack it if you had this many subs to play?

Last night I went full steam ahead with 6 loops of Stark - definitely the reconciliation I think, and plan to do 6 of Stage 2 tonight and 6 of Stage 3 tomorrow night and repeat until I get a rest day which would most likely be Sunday.

I’m trying to make sure I get a decent amount of exposure from all three subs whilst also following a Push/Pull/Legs workout style for the subconscious mind (hopefully that makes sense.)

@RVconsultant this could also be a question for you.

Too much exposure? Need to change it around?

I was playing Stage 2 x3, Stage 3 x3 and Stark x1 everynight for 5 days a week but I felt that upping each sub to a maximum of 6 loops and having a break from that particular sub for 2 or so days would allow it time to process in-between the work of the other two subs.

Hopefully this makes sense?

Push/Pull/Legs was probably one of my favourite workouts to do and it really pushed my body so that’s why I applied it to the subs.



Generally what I do is to listen to as many loops as possible, while monitoring any possible reconciliations signs.

If I was listening to Khan, I would focus on that because it’s a multistage, and my goal would be to get to stage 4, after which I would plan on listening to stage 4 for the long-term. Personally, I would consider Stark long-term and therefore, fewer loops than Khan. In general, your

would be what I would do. I would go to 2 loops of Stage 2 and 3 if I needed to reduce any reconciliation.


I’ll stick to what you mentioned @RVconsultant. Still interested in what @BLACKICE may say also but we’ll see.

RV, I did montior my fatigue levels today and they’re strong today - definitely overwhelm. I had a two hour nap today (to be fair I’ve been having that anyway). I thought I was onto something with this 6 days a week thing.

My plan is to get to Stage 4 as quickly as possibly. Not too long now though.


I need to use Libertine every day.

Every day.

I’m realising that I have no idea what I’m doing when I’m interested in a guy.

The first guy hasn’t replied to me, to be honest he hasn’t seen it, and I’m trying not to message back and be too into it. I’m trying to be cool and laid back rather than message for the sake of messaging because I want a response.

In the past I’d allow my emotions to get the best of me and message people again if they hadn’t replied - I want to be more in control of the situation.

I’d be super upfront and honest about how I felt - which I still believe is important but I don’t want to scare this guy off because being too pushy and on it has lead to me scaring two guys away in the past before subliminals.

I feel like I have to be a bit of dick to make them like me? (Again I feel like this guy might not be completely straight so we’ll see.)

Treat them mean to keep them keen, right?


That’s probably Khan talking.

This is what I would do… create a supreme seduction custom.

I listed subliminals for sexiness, but also to get you on better communication terms with your subconscious to better know what it might be saying to do, and also things that might improve your relationships.

Remember the limits, 20 max for a custom subliminals, 6 for Ultimas.

Sexual Manifestation

Gorgeous Manifestor

Focused Arousal


Transcendental Connection


Lion IV

Emperor’s Voice

Earthshaker – Sexuality

Sexiness Unbound

Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver

Seducer’s Gaze

Instant Spark

Instant Seducing Tactician

Total Nonchalance

Long-Range Seduction

Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver

Physicality Shifter – Sexiness

Natural Winner



Divine Will

The Merger of Worlds

Information Releaser



Direct Influencing Aura

Inner circle



I’m not sure if it is Khan talking, I’ve been thinking it because of how I’ve been in the past with other guys that I fell for and I don’t want them to have the same control they had.

I appreciate the custom but I don’t think I’m going to make one of those yet, I think I’m going to up my Libertine usage and see what happens.

I got that idea because I’ve been reading the Libertine thread and Saint suggested 2 loops at some point. We’ll see.

My plans are a test day every third day like suggested too.


I’d also encourage you to check out Manipulus, All Seeing, and Power Can Corrupt.



I’ll check out the ones suggested.

I believe @Azriel suggested using Power Can Corrupt in my Wealth custom but I ended up using EoG 1, EoG 4 and Emperor: HOM in it instead.


Stage 2 and all its questioning is starting to annoy me and so I’ve dropped it. Constantly make my question my worth and how I feel about everything - which is great but gets incredibly frustrating at times.

After having it for longer than 30 days I’ve dropped it in favour of more loops of Stage 3 and Stark.

As well as using Libertine V1 x2 during the day and BLU x1.

Let’s see how this goes.


Guess who sent me a message today? Guy number one.

I’ve purposely set their messages to be on mute so I’m not clingy and replying straight away since I used to do that with all the other guys and it got me hurt so…not doing that. Taking a different approach this time.

Not sure if it’s down to Libertine or Khan or even just life BUT I took a rest night due to feeling constantly tired and getting headaches. I did use Libertine twice on Saturday night and once yesterday however.

Lowering my loops down to 2/3x (maximum x2 for Ultimas) and seeing how that goes, I feel like my sweet point will be 2-3 loops.

I saw @DarkPhilosopher mentioned the unknown stack recommendations may have days where you alternate days of useage. Which is something I was doing anyway due to the PPL gym routine idea. I’m gonna do more research into more effective gym routines since it may translate into working for the subconscious mind too.

In theory, the way I think about it, you get a day of rest between each day since it’s something different working on your subconscious mind.

It’s just like working your upperbody on a Monday and your Lowerbody on a Friday. It just makes sense to me.

Let’s see how this works.

@WhiteTiger I thought I’d tag you in mind too, we can see each others journeys.


The way I see it, the muscle you are working on both days is your subconscious. The reason for the split is probably because you’re no longer supposed to listen to your stack for 16 hours a day. So keep your stacks small per day in order to get enough exposure. If you want to listen to too many programs, it is better to split them up into multiple days rather than create a big stack that you can only do a single loop of per day.


Won’t have time to read tonight, I’ll have to do it tomorrow :see_no_evil:

I think Khan is helping you take action to make it easier for you to not reply super fast. You got to adapt and find new strategies. You will see that after a certain amount of time, you won’t really need those strategies as their are used as cruches, you will only act naturally attractively and even if you text quickly, the end goal will still be achieved… Or let’s say that other mechanisms, more internally oriented will make sure you don’t get hurt.


@DarkPhilosopher When I first read this I didn’t understand because surely, whilst they have some overlap (at least Stark/Khan), your subconscious is being given different directions - just like an upperbody / Lowerbody day.

But now that I think about my experience recently I’d be doing too many loops a day trying to fit both in on both days.

I used to do:

x4-6 of a stage
repeat of another stage
Stark x1-2

Or more recently

x4 of Khan Stage 3
x4 of Stark

Both in the same night which ultimately would add up to 8 loops - even if they’re two completely different subliminals - which made me think of what you said and why I’d be so exhausted that day.

Last night I did 4 loops of Khan and I woke up feeling better. No Stark until tonight so my subconscious has a bit of a rest from Khan until tomorrow night now.

Finding a workout plan for my subconscious has been frustrating me because I didn’t want to wake up exhausted af but still wanted to use the maximum amount of loops I could.



You don’t gotta read it all man aha.

In summary:

Some of it is from my custom which I dropped for now to focus on Khan and Stark.

Most of it is me complaining about how shit I feel on Khan and how depressed I am. Total reconciliation, right? Now I’m working on stage 3 and seeing how I move forward. Let’s go.

In regards to latter part of your post, that makes complete sense. I can’t wait for that to be the case and for it to be a natural state of being. I’m excited af.


It’s done :wink: