A budget dragon reborn hahaha :joy::joy::joy:

I can’t say I’m holding out for it to be honest.
I want to buy it right now and start adding a loop or two…

Healing is important.
Fuck man, if I buy this I better not complain about the healing haha.


I feel like dragon is not going to play around with you there might be times it will ease you depending on what it working on byt when it time to do some serious stuff it wont go easy

Lol dont think any multistage subs are push over you take you time with them they will bring some serious changes


It definitely won’t play around man, but that’s what I need and after using Khan Stage 1 and 2 I can expect that - if not more.

It actually terrifies me to think of how powerful this new sub will be.

My mind is racing between using it or not.


I know some of you guys are massively into Angel Numbers, I know a simple Google search could give me an answer but I’d like any input since most of you have experience and I trust you guys more than Google for this aha.

Google did however have this as the first result which is encouraging since I’ve been experiencing some negativity and depression.


Just found another angel number.
Apparently this one is about manifestation and being aware of what my thoughts are bringing into my reality.

Jheez. Just when I was about write about what I want and why it might stop me/be impossible.


Just wrote this in my private journal and using this to update that. My goals are now written and hopefully the intention is now there.

I’m going to use the E2 Principle @Simon was talking about to put the subs into motion a bit more and get to work.

It’s time to really succeed on these subs. Some great results so far but I can push more.

P.s. I didn’t end up recording videos.
I wouldn’t have made it to the studio with enough time.

I want to get two amazing videos filmed today with my choreography that I can post onto social media.

Let’s go.


Went to bed with a headache and woke up with an even bigger headache. I’m sure I got about 6-7 hours sleep and I’m just not in the mood today. My head is killing and I need to go back to sleep.


After making this post I had a great day. I was tired af but ended up having a nap around 7pm. I had another dream which was quite vivid and again it was about Ghostface.

I was on a bus, no idea why the bus was made the way it was - it was a normal bus but then had black shutters on it and when I got to the end it curved around to make stairs but what doesn’t make sense to me is that it had no windows at the top end and it was higher ground, why would people sit there? Noone would be able to see where the hell their stop is.

Anyway, as I walked down the bus to go sit in one of these seats I walked past bodies with Ghostface masks on, some alive - some what seemed to be dead and others just the robe and mask - this seemed like something I was unphased by? I don’t know.

Anyway, got to my seat in that awkward looking place and people started talking about Ghostface but not calling with by the name and something else so I corrected them and explained why it was called what it was and then for some reason decided it was my time to get off the bus after schooling some kids…

Jumped over the bar but struggled - clearly tried to make it look cool, then as I was walking back off the bus I was stumbling and tripping over and then cut to black and I woke up.

When I woke up I felt so fricken weak. Like I couldn’t, or didn’t want to, move and it took a lot of effort to give myself some energy to wake up and do things.

No idea what was happening but I haven’t felt like that for a while.

Not entirely sure what the dream was about but I love the fact it keeps referencing Ghostface for some reason - maybe I’m just really excited for Scream 5 haha.

On another note, I need to start eating more food that will better me. I don’t eat enough food, hence why I’m always tired, and I struggle to eat healthy food. I’m burning so many calories per day too so me listening to the subs is making me realise I’m probably burning out.

That’s just my thoughts on it but I feel like I’m not giving myself the nutrients I need, I mean…I know I’m not giving myself what I need, so my body and subconscious is struggling.

Also, after talking to people on here and trying to mainly research the information myself - genuinely because I hate asking stuff and for help even though I’ve asked questions on here quite a bit, I’m really struggling to set a stack schedule.

I thought my schedule of doing things was good, and I mean I’ve had some results, but I want to ensure I’m doing everything at the optimal setting.

My current stack is:


DR - x1 loop
STARK - x3 loops

BLU x1 loop


DR - x 1 loop
KHAN STAGE 3 x3 loops

Libertine - x1 loop

Does this seem okay how I’m running it? Are there any issues?

I struggle to listen throughout the day as I get distracted super easily and want to multi-task (I’m on my phone a lot) so out of convience I listen through the night.

It doesn’t distract my sleep as much as it used to but I do end up having a nap throughout the day which isn’t a massive deal.


Looking back at using StarkU instead of StarkQ and alternating it with Libertine and BLU on the days I use them making my stack mainly Khan Stage 3 based along with taking action.

Would LOVE an Ultima version of Khan, and the many other subs we have. What I’d give to have it. Jheezus.

@blackadder and a couple other people inspired me with the Stark U add to stack since I realised the Fame module is actually in it.

I’m excited to use it again.


Your official invitation:


Could you tell I’ve been waiting by subtly liking every post you made for everyone else haha?


Alright, I want opinions.

Is 1-2 loops of Q tech enough? And during the day or during the night?

I’m getting tired and frustrated of how to organise my stack so now I’m reaching out properly. I know I ask a lot of questions, I’m sorry but I’m getting conflicting information from my research :weary:🤷

I’m trying to figure out whether to continue doing my stack during the night where I normally use x3 loops of Stark/Khan or if I should do it during the day.

If I do it during the day I was going to cut down my loops a lot and literally start of with 1 loop of each thing because I’m very easily distracted and use my phone a lot for other things which would cut the audio.

This would be my stack daily or alternated:


These two below would alternate each day

I’m starting to think after reading Simon’s reply about using subs in the day other than night time that I should use them during the day and less loops.

What do we think? I’d love thoughts and opinions.

@Azriel @WhiteTiger @Hermit (using 1-2 loops I got from one of your posts) @RVconsultant @SubliminalUser @raphael @ALMIGHTY


Right now I’m finding 2 loops of DR per day to be enough to start changes.

Another option perhaps to consider is prioritize. What if you did 2 loops of each per day (Stark, Khan, DR) for a total number of 6 loops of subliminals?

If you could only do 5 loops of total subliminals a day, what would you do? 2 loops of Khan, 1 loop of Stark, and 2 loops of DR? Or maybe Khan would be the 1 loop, and Stark and DR would be 2 loops each?

There are advantages to night time listening.

First, you’re probably asleep. So why not listen to subliminals and use the time productively to change your subconscious?

However, sleep time is dream time, which could mean your brain is processing the subliminals more if you are NOT listening to them.

Plus if you are sleeping with someone in the same room, would they hear the subliminals? Are you using speakers or “sleep-phones”?

As for Ultimas, I make sure I listen to them 5 times a week. So if I decide to listen to LU, I do so 5 times each week, at one loop per day of listening. If I do 6 or 7 times a week, then so be it, but a minimum of 5 times per week.

Some ideas to consider.


Personally, this “processing” of subliminal is highly personnal.

I listen to my subs during the day. I started doing that when saint first recommanded it I think it was beginning 2020. Before that I was running my subs at night while I was sleeping. I continued doing it because I could feel the instant mindset (I think I was using emperor at the time, and I remember I felt that “gotta start working” attitude that emperor gives), so i decided to continue using during the day and keep nighttime for processing. I can’t really say what are the advantages of running at nighttime, it is harder to control your playlist maybe? If your phone crash or something. I should maybe try it during christmas time to start again running subs while I sleep.

As far as deciding how much you want to listen, 1-2 loops per day is enough. I’ve done healing with Khan St1 at 1 loop a day. But I think running your max and taking breaks is better.

Start with maybe running 1 loop each or, whatever number of loop you can manage on your own. Then do 1-2 weeks with it. Then if it’s overwealming or something, drop the numbers of loops or take a break. There is no complexe recipe, only time and action will make you grow.


IMO listen when awake

If you havent built up to it previously I guess it’s good to go with 1-2 loops a day and increase slowly up to 4-6 which should be plenty

I’m gonna try 1-2 loops of T strength subs for a while and see where that goes. If I’m getting more noticeable results I’ll probably stick with this.

I’d do 1-2 loops of each of those for now and see how I feel. Then increase by 1 so 3 of each, and see how I feel. If you feel better about it then keep at it, and increase once again in a week. So I’mma actually start doing this myself now because I was excited with my new custom and listened many times. Maybe I’ll try with 2 loops of the terminus and see how that goes. Although I don’t buy into this “less is more” thing so much, it’s just you gotta not overwhelm yourself and give enough rest time. So as long as one feels comfortable, should be fine. But let me try, maybe without realizing it I can use more rest time than I’ve been getting so far eh? And there’s a lot of other things I’m looking into checking out so that will be fine.

Also I told the story of a time I got high and it all clicked. So I think most importantly it’ about completely letting go and being free and disinhibited. That’s when you really see all the results.

I also left my bike somewhere, walked away, and then found it although I’m normally one to think I’m not so good at finding the way etc consciously. I killed it. So yeah, anyways, just listen to your gut and make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Edit: I do believe less can be more after some sleep and further reflection, and remembering memories of some psychedelic substances :smiley:



I would have only chosen 1 loop for DR. The warning still scares me even if I went for the subliminal. I don’t think I would want to risk it and do anymore than 1 loop for now. Unless my gut tells me to do more.

I definitely think I want to prioritise Khan over all three, Stark is my second priority out of the three until I’m on Stage 4 for Khan which is when I’d like them to start equalling out.

I’d probably do 2-3 of Khan, 1-2 of Stark and 1 of DR for 5 loops. However, I’d also have either Libertine or BLU to add to that so it’d be even less.

I actually prefer to listen at night out of convenience but like your next bit says, I want my brain to be processing the sub during this time if it’s optimal.

In regards to someone sleeping in the same room, I only sleep with my boyfriend so he’d hear it but he’s consented to it. He barely hears it when its out loud anyway. I only use my phone speaker for subs unless it’s Ultima of course.

I’d do Ultima 5 days a week for BLU/Libertine but I don’t want to add too much to the majors I have now.

Thanks for the ideas too!



Yeah I’ve been reading the thread where Saint recommends it and that’s where I’ve been getting confused af.

Yeah the main reason I listen at night is just to save time and get it done whilst I’m sleeping. Interesting that you said you could feel the instant mindset, I’ll give day time listening a go and see how it works for me.

I definitely think I’m going to use 1 loop and build up and possibly alternate whenever I need to. Thanks for the input brother, its truly appreciated. Your experience with all your stuff is inspirational to me.



I used to do day time listening with Emperor v4 but then switched when I did it 24/7 and just got used to night time. I’ll definitely experiment with day time listening.

When I start to get up to 4-6 loops I’ll be alternating days for sure.

I checked your journal earlier but can’t remember, are your customs T strength? I used Stark T and it was definitely only needed once every other day or less for me. Gave me massive reconciliation back then. - Edit: You said about your custom being T strength after I wrote this bit aha.

Lol at me using StarkT for 6 loops during my sleep when I was an utter dumbass. I’ll be keeping an eye on your journal to see how you’re doing with it all. I know you have somewhat of a private journal too right? Hopefully you’ll write about your experience with it.

The overwhelm is what I’m concerned about for sure and I don’t want to stonewall. Definitely starting with one loop.

Yeah, I agree. When you relax and take a breath and stop focusing on everything magic tends to happen.

Thanks for the input and advice. I’ll be taking it for sure (definitely this time :eyes:)


Thanks for the advice guys.

I’ll be doing day time from now on and seeing how the experience goes.
I’ll write about it here and make any adjustments that are necessary.

Only thing I can do is experiment and see how it works out.


We need that stack article,
I understand everyone can have their process,
and of course there is always common sense.
and It can never hurt to err on the side of less,
but given the plethora of what is available, and how powerful it all is,
having some clear guiding structure backed in thorough official understanding
and data will be instrumental in creating more effectiveness in sub use and peace of mind
for people in your situation. I understand the creators are working on new things, and I have great gratitude and excitement about the limits that are being pushed, and likely they need to get the correct data to write something of these magnitude and/or specificity, since custom, terminus, T2, and Ultima are even Q are all relatively new! I do hope it will come soon though. Ensuring the effectiveness or proper/most effective use of what’s available seems as important, ok almost as important :), , as innovation and experimentation.