You should also note that these subs will eventually undergo a name-embedding upgrade next year. Given the long-term horizon of a custom sub you can focus on something else and use these name-embedded versions when they are ready. I haven’t included Khan Q ST4 in my sub, but I plan to still see what benefits I can get from it down the line, especially after the coronavirus is over.

I would recommend giving it some time. Set aside in your schedule some time to pick modules, think about what looks good, pick those and put it away. Later, look at the modules again, review & continue to go through more items.


So, I took your advice and had a look at what I was truly interested in.

These are what I came up with.

Now I understand this might be super dense, so I’m planning on giving it more processing time than normal rather than listening 5 times a week, maybe 3 times a week and then having Stark/Khan in a playlist possibly 2 times a week.

After thinking about it, I dropped PCC due to elements being in other subs I already had and my wealth mindset needs an overhaul. Hopefully this can fix everything.

There’s 12 pieces in here, 3 majors and 9 modules.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Looks great,
excited for you and can’t wait to hear how it goes.


Would you look at that! That’s already quite a change from the first version. Imagine if you had already spent money and built the first sub. :slight_smile:
I can see why you would have EoG ST1 + ST4 in there since ST4 doesn’t have any healing aspects. I wonder if this can introduce constant reconciliation…

Have you considered adding more results enhancers?

  • One I would particularly recommend is Pragya because it makes your brain able to assimilate subs more quickly. This is very important for ramping up the loops of your custom, as well as for all future subs in general.
  • There’s also “Overdrive” which is stated to make your subliminal endeavors more successful in general.

There are also other wealth modules that you may consider adding:

Of course, I can understand if there are other reasons for not reaching the max module count. I would still recommend Pragya as a “one more” module, however.


I actually already ended up submitting my order however as I begin to grow to my custom I’m going to start adding more modules and changing majors around etc. So please continue with sending in your thoughts of modules as the list grow!

I’m sure I will get massive reconcilation with this custom since all stages of EoG are in there however I’ll just have to work a way to balance it out.

I’m super excited for this custom now however. Truly cannot wait.


Bold move to do this right before the upcoming module drop on Sunday. Anyways, let’s see how it works out!


I ordered it this morning UK time and didn’t know there was going to be more modules just yet aha, it is what it is though :sob:


You might be surprised, the name embedding seems make it much more digestible.


you can always upgrade at a later date, like you said above :slight_smile:

Pretty smart doing a smaller custom first in a way actually.


I hope so! Really need to get over these limits I have with wealth. It’s my main struggle.

Yeah I didn’t want too many due to the 10 limit I had anyway from my Ultima testing (hella grateful for) but also not too overwhelm too much and just to give me more focus.

I’m excited for the results. Truly excited. One of my jobs at the moment has a lot to do with ‘trades, business deals and relationships’ in a sense so I can’t wait for Medici to kick in and for EoG to get me to the next levels of my wealth building and Khan and Stark to keep me a playboy Alpha exciting!


Waiting for the custom but I’m still excited to see it and try it out.

Taking some time out from my Khan Stage 1/4 Stark Stack for now. I can truly see the change that has given me, I need to keep doing it on the low to maintain and even possibly increase results. I’m becoming more confident and my classes at the studio have sky rocketed in the numbers of people coming (I truly think this is because of Stark). I’m so here for it.

Can’t wait to add this custom to the mix. I’m that excited I just wanted to add a journal entry haha!

I know I’m a little silly for doing before the module drop which I’m excited to see too but it is what it is.




About to listen to the first loop now!
Thank you so much guys!


This stack seems pretty cool, how’s the reconciliation after your first loop? :slight_smile:


Lucky you. I wish I already had my custom!


I didn’t get chance to do it as there was issues with transferring over to my iPhone however I’m listening now.

I actually feel pretty good. However I’m sleepy since it’s 1am and I haven’t slept properly.

When are you making/getting yours?


Oh men, I was so curious, your stack is heavy and I just orderer my custom with Stark+HOM+SS :joy: and my physical enchancement one mixing Spartan+Emperor fitness St4!!

Haven’t made an imput on your choice of modules, but you have pretty great boosters in your subs :wink: you should have fast manifestation!


Yeah it’s gonna be heavy af however I’m following the guide for a singular title right now even though I’ll be stacking (until the stack rotation comes out) and going to take it slow for my subconscious to progress and process properly. Especially considering I’ll still be adding Stark/Khan in a couple times a week. Literally a couple times a week.

I think I’ll run this custom 2-4 times a day like stated and then see how I feel next week, and if any reconcilation I’ll just lower the loops until it gets better.

I’m hoping the name embedding will be helping too, but as of right now I seem okay. But it’ll take some time to process this first loop.

I do hope I have some fast manifestations, I’m here for it haha.


Ordered yesterday early morning. Now let’s see what the queue does. 3-5 days


I’m super excited for you brother!

Gonna be exciting path.


It’s only been a day, less than 24 hours, but I woke up positive and feel really good! I technically made money on that app today thanks to my boyfriend and others.

I feel like this is gonna be an enjoyable ride.

@BLACKICE I read your journal last night and your manifestation story is amazing!