Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: I think so too! lol. I’m still pretty excited about this.

For me, at least, manifestation comes incredibly rapidly when I have a very specific goal in mind. Not the method of how it will happen, but instead the situation of the outcome. Another part of it… we just heard back from our accountant this morning and even though I thought July had been a slow month, with what we invoiced for it will actually end up being our best sales month ever.



The “how” gets in the way :yum:

Seriously thought this is so powerful-letting go of ‘how’ is such a key to rapid manifestation in my experience.
Or rather I believe if you already see how-great -follow that path and things will manifest
If you don’t see how-don’t worry about it-let go of worry about it, still take action when appropriate
but figuring out ‘how’ is not a prerequisite


In my understanding, manifestation practically works to nudge a possibility to a higher probability… but there has to actually be a possibility there to work with. For example manifesting a person might be easier because there’s a higher probability that a suitable person might be in any given place at any given time. Manifesting money as a general concept is easy too, as small amounts of money do often just turn up. But if you want to manifest a huge amount, then you need to line up some sort of situation where it’s actually possible. You’re not guaranteed to win the lottery ever, but you’re definitely guaranteed to never win if you don’t even buy a ticket. :wink:

Anyways, I don’t want to derail @themichaelbrandon 's journal, so we can move this part of the discussion to this manifesting thread if anyone wants to continue. :slight_smile:


Of course man! Keep posting please! I haven’t posted in your thread but I should have to let you know that I’m grateful for your posts - at least I’ve told you now. Thank you for keeping us updated bro. Also, that is incredible my man, I’m super proud and excited.

Yeah the how ruins it for me because i always think of the how and it gets to be something else that happens haha.I love how you’ve wrote this.

Dude, I love your input and it’s actually going to help my journal. Please, if you wish too, derail my journal and post your thoughts! I want to learn as much as possible. Also you can quote whatever you write into the manifestation thread.


Did a couple loops, I feel super good. Feeling quite positive and energised. I made quite a bit of money too. Had a great class. Made some beans on the app I’m with.

GREAT start so far.

Reading and re-reading @BLACKICE’s post about manifestation and setting intentions.

So my goals regarding money:

  • I intend to be making 600-800k OR MORE beans per month with the app I work on.

  • I intend on having 20+ people paying £75 per month for my dance company.

  • I intend on having 20+ paying members coming to my dance classes each and every week.


Keep us updated with your post!

@BLACKICE yeah, your manifestations are crazy! Seems like intent are a key factor to manifestation! Have you read SaintSovereign’s last post about explanation of manifestions? Pretty interesting and in line with the importance of intent.


What I’ve found to be the most effective is doing everything you can to line up the outcome you want. I don’t quite get the app beans bit (sorry if I missed the explanation there!) but as for the other ones, those are great intentions.
If it were me, I’d focus on doing everything I could to help make it happen. In this case it would probably be promoting on social media to people in the area that had an interest to whichever type of dance it is, and otherwise just getting the word out there. That may sound obvious, but I have seen people that set intentions without doing anything to make it even remotely possible, and then wondered why it didn’t work. :wink:

Stack the deck in your favor: Set the intention. Set up the possibility by taking actions. Visualize the desired outcome. Boost the manifestation with subs to help increase the probability of success. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for this, it really makes so much sense. I’m already promoting my classes, not too much on my company yet but I will be making a promotion for it. It needs to be pushed behind slightly for it to work however I’ve got plans in my mind.

In regards to the beans, beans are what you make on the app - someone gifts you and the more beans you make the more money you make. Currently I make 400k beans at most which is 3.6k dollars. I want to make 600-800k as that’s 4.8k-6.4k dollars. I’d love to make more. Hopefully that makes sense?


Let’s just say that Carpe Diem Ascended has most most likely been activated.

Since having the sub I’ve been waking up earlier than normal, feeling motivated to do work and energised - even if I haven’t slept that long. Also that I want to get the work out of the way as soon as possible rather than procrastinating.


I still don’t understand where the money actually fits in, but if you’re making 3.6k real dollars from an app, that’s pretty awesome. :slight_smile:

Perfect! When you set up a situation that could have the outcome you want, but might be a low probability, the manifestation impacts from the subs help to boost the probabilities so it’s much more likely to happen. Subs and manifestation work best as boosters to action, not replacements for action.

I don’t know much about dance or the social aspects of social media (I have accounts, but my team uses them for business… I don’t use them at all) but it makes sense that targeting local people on IG might be a good match, maybe even targeting fans of a particular kind of music that matches whatever style of dance you teach. Just tossing out ideas here, I hope some of it helps!


Do you use Tik Tok?


So basically people pay for gifts, the gifts get sent to you and the gifts you get get converted into ‘beans’. You have targets to hit on the beans, so if I make 600k-800k beans I’ll make 4.8-6.4k dollars. Very confusing but makes sense ultimately.

Regarding the subs, that makes sense and is something I’m working on now.

Thanks for the input regarding socials, that’s what we are currently working on. We’ve been making videos to send out as advertisements and all that stuff. It definitely helps for sure man!


:man_shrugging:t2: Sorry, I still don’t get how that works at all. I need to go listen to some more QL to wrap my head around why people would send gifts through an app that can be turned into real money. That’s ok though, I don’t understand lots of otherwise normal things. :wink: (edit: such as nearly everything on tv… and the very existence of “reality tv” in general)



The gifts aren’t material gifts or anything it’s people paying to send animations which equates to beans which equal to real money. Doesn’t really matter how it works exactly just that I want to hit the higher targets to make more money out of it for sure.


Been listening to my custom more. Haven’t listened to Stark or Khan properly this week. Think I’m going to introduce StarkU as that has a good effect with, or so it seems.

No reconcilation as of yet, seem to be digesting this quite well. I’m been thinking about different ways to make more money and to get stuff going on with the intentions I set above. I’m super excited about it for sure.

Figuring out how to hit that 600k goal now. Got work to do but it’s definitely doable.


I get the mechanism, I just don’t understand the reasoning or motive behind it. :wink: I’ve got a friend that is always playing a casino game on her iPad, and when I asked why she said it is to win “points”, which can be redeemed at a certain casino in Vegas that she likes to go to. I still don’t understand how someone playing a video game for months on end results in a hotel giving away a free 3 night stay in exchange for game points. Well, I suppose it reinforces gambling behavior, which is beneficial to them if the person is in their casino… anyways, I digress!

It’s ok, I’ve never really been too in touch with some stuff, even when I was much younger. Case in point, I had to look up what “yeet” was the other day, because honestly, I’d never heard that word before. lol

I’m glad the app thing is working out for you though. :smiley:


Yeah, it’s pretty much a trading system which runs off animations via a casino basically. It’s a way to make money off a social media app and I love it, I just need to be better/good at it and figure out how to make the highest tier on there which is 24k a month. It’s possible.

I have no idea what yeet is hahaha.


One thing I’m starting to notice is a self worth. An entitlement.

An entitlement for what I’m worth. Something I’ve always struggled with.

My dance company at the moment is £60 a month, I’m upping the price to £75. I feel like I’m worth more however that price jump was a big enough price jump for me. I want to push it forward. Remember, I’ve only had the custom for a week so for it to be pushing this self worth already in a short period of time is incredible to me already. I’m pretty impressed.

I’m feeling like I’m worth more in other things too. I never used to. I always thought I was but never felt it. That’s what I truly feel like now. I feel like I’m worth more money and that what I offer in terms of my services is excellent. Is there room to improve? Fuck yes, and I’m continually moving forward but for once I’m starting to feel like I should charge more and stop giving out for free. Feels great. I’m here for it.

I also feel like E:HoM has me thinking about numbers and money a lot in terms of my trading and stuff on the app, which is a good thing. I’ve always been bad at mathematics however I’m truly trying to absorb all the numbers. I even feel like I’m building great relationships with people and offering some good stuff.

I’m feeling the effects of Khan too, I’ve been way more alpha. I’m also dropping things/people that I’m not here for. I’m cutting people off and/or giving them the tough love I feel like they deserve - this is from not even using Khan this week considering my custom is my main focus.

So, as of right now, my stack will be focused on my Wealth Custom which I need a name for and Stark Ultima, which I personally felt great on a couple times a week.

Will be using that today. Will keep updated on the results.


Ever since using the custom I’ve been having more and more thoughts about leaving the app and focusing on dance. I’m guessing that’s my ‘focus more on what you enjoy and are passionate about than something of less priority’ - with that said, I’ve fallen back in love with dance and whilst I may be injured now, I’m focusing on way more on making money. I’ve made less beans on the app this month, by 86k - I’m currently 314k but my focus has been more on dance. Oh well.

I have made more money physically using this custom. I’ve been contacted for private dance lessons, I had one last week, two on Saturday, with one of them being a with three people which made me £90 total (not including studio hire which is £10) in total for that one session, and now I have another two this Saturday also. Jesus. I’ve only ever had a couple privates months between each other before and now I’m starting to get booked up. I love it.

Also, this is going to be a mixture of Stark/Wealth but my dance classes have been packed. I’ve been making WAY more money than I used to with this too and it’s made such a difference to my life, truly. I’ve managed to pay for things more independently and not have to worry too much about money. That’s what I want out of life. To be rich, and wealthy, without having to worry. To live comfortably.

I’m sure this is down to Khan but I’ve been way more social with people and feeling way more free. Talking about sexual things and sexual pleasures, especially my own, I was super uncomfortable with and now I don’t even care. Mine I have to be more confident about but I really actually don’t give a shit about it now - and you know what? Because I’ve been more straight forward and open with it I’ve had more success with getting guys to do what I’m interested in whilst being completely truthful about it and open. Guess what? This is also straight guys we’re talking about. There just seems to be a willingness to help me out, which I never had before. This is some kind of breakthrough too. Every guy I’ve asked except one has said yes. That’s a huge win in my book.

P.s. Let me clarify, they willing chose to do it for me - no forcing or anything like that. Weird as it is, I’m not normally attracted to gay guys, I know right? So straight guys doing something I’m interested in is a win.

I really need to find a way to stack my custom, Khan and Stark together as I want to use all of them. I know that’s very overwhelming for my subconscious but I love the way I’ve been feeling on all of these subs.


Just minor updates here and there.

I’ve currently got stacked:

My Wealth Custom x3
StarkT x 1
Khan Stage 1 x 3

Monday-Friday (Saturday and Sunday are rest days).

I think what I’m about to mention is more from Khan but I’ve noticed that I want to start dressing nicer. I’ve always tried to dress nicer anyway but I feel like I’m putting more effort into looking good and making sure things fit. I used to wear things that just made me want to be comfortable or that go against the norms of what other people would wear - I used to wear one pink trainer and one blue trainer - and Khan hasn’t taken that away from me but it would need to fit the colour scheme of the outfit I’m wearing and I’m noticing more now when it doesn’t fit.

I’m also WAY less concerned about the way I look, however also feeling more attractive - if that makes sense? I had massive insecurities about the way I looked, how my face was chubby and all this stuff however I’m less concerned with that and whenever I’m looking into a mirror/camera now I feel quite attractive. There’s still that feeling of insecurity but no where near as much.

Also with my dress sense, I’m starting to notice I’m giving off more of a masculine vibe. I don’t want to get into stereotypes or anything like that but being a gay guy, I’ve struggled finding and balancing my feminine and more masculine sides. I consider myself quite masculine and I figure that Khan is bringing more of that out for me, which is amazing, and I feel good with that. Women are telling me that they think I’m attractive - even women that know I’m gay. I’m happy with that.

In regards to my custom, I don’t know how long I’ve been listening but I’ve been having a good amount of money coming in. I’ve been making more money and people have been attending my classes and all kinds where I’ve been making money, which is great. I’ve been manifesting ways to make money, which is fantastic.

I’m currently working on videos for my classes and my company for promotion to bring people in, hopefully manifesting more people coming for both which would be the aim.

It’s probably going to take a while for more things to manifest with the money side, but things seem great right now. I always want more, but I’ve set out my intentions, let make it happen.